After laparoscopy hospital: how long is the law?


By laparoscopy spend more and more interventions on the pathologies of the abdomen and pelvis. Especially popular such operations in gynecologic practice.

This article about how long can the hospital after a laparoscopy, as well as some features of its issuance after such operations as laparoscopic ovarian cysts, tubal ligation, hysterectomy and other interventions on the pelvis. Namely, about how many days on average are calculated finding of the patient in the hospital, how long before she can be discharged after the many varieties of operations.

Legal aspects

Documents governing the issuance of sick leave in Russia:

  • Federal law No. 323.
  • Orders of the health Ministry of Russia, including the order number 624н «On approval of the procedure for issuing sick leaves».

Sick leave is issued by the attending physician from the date of admission, duration in time of breaches of disability. It determines how much should last the hospital after a laparoscopy this patient. Sometimes a piece of temporary disability may be issued a medical clinic, referring the patient to the hospital for further treatment.

If the patient goes for a consultation or medical care (the medical Commission) to the medical organization which is located in another village, she is given sick leave with a duration sufficient to include the days that you will need in order to get to the place of counseling.

It is very important to be on the day specified by the doctor for the examination and closure of sick leave. Otherwise, the health worker will put in the document a note on violation of the regime, and this can allow the employer to pay monetary compensation for sick days in full.

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Sick leave must be given to the accounting Department, the personnel Department or immediate supervisor, depending on the size of the organization. If a patient has multiple jobs, the number of instances must match the number of jobs.

Term disability

Time, how long after laparoscopy hospital is issued, in each case determined by the treating physician.

In General, laparoscopic intervention is less traumatic in comparison with the operation performed open access, and suggests early activation. The patient there is no need to be on bed rest, it can even hurt. A few hours after surgery you can usually sit up in bed, and the following day the woman needs to get out of bed, to move. Moderate physical activity (not through the pain) will only contribute to a speedy recovery.

There is no clear framework of how many days give the hospital. Recovery time depends on which surgery was performed, how difficult it is tolerated by the body. So, a woman can leave the hospital within hours after laparoscopic surgery, if it was not heavy, thus falling under the supervision of the gynecologist clinic. But it is better after any operation (whether resection of ovarian cysts or removal of the uterus), the first day to stay under the supervision of experts. Next, the patient is discharged from hospital. If the woman’s condition does not allow employment or work involves physical labor, the attending doctor is handed a sheet of temporary disability.

The doctor has the right to issue sick leave for a period not exceeding 15 days, in order to extend it, the need of a special medical Commission. Most often, the recovery after laparoscopy ovarian cyst, surgery on the fallopian tubes takes about 4-5 days, while this operation, like the removal of the uterus may require up to 45 days in the hospital.

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On average, recovery after laparoscopic procedures is 15 days. The first 5 days the patient spends in the hospital under the supervision of physicians. Then she is discharged and is recovering at home.

The basis for the extension of the hospital have the appearance of a complication or, if necessary, repeated surgical intervention (e.g. removal of the uterus).

The factors relevant

Thus, there is no clearly specified time during which the patient needs to be on sick leave after laparoscopic surgery for female reproductive system. In every clinical case is individual. Much depends on the severity of the operation, e.g. removal of the uterus, will require more time for rehabilitation than less traumatic intervention.

Principles, compliance with which affects the recovery of data of laparoscopic operations:

  • You must stick to easily digestible diet during the first few days after surgery, but after a week you can return to your usual diet.
  • During the first weeks you need to limit exercise, not to lift weights.
  • Sufficient physical activity has beneficial effects on the recovery of the body.
  • After many operations on the female genital organs for 1-2 weeks you want to limit sex.

If the patient follows the doctor’s instructions and listen to your body’s signals, the rehabilitation period she is likely to pass smoothly. When complications arise, it was necessary to consult the doctor that he was able to quickly correct the condition.