After the ultrasound: discharge, blood, pain


Gynecologists prefer the transvaginal ultrasound, which gives a clear picture of the condition of the pelvic organs. It can be administered to pregnant women as it helps to trace the development of the fetus, to detect even minor anomalies and to determine the cause of the high tone of the stomach. Why this diagnosis, it is preferable in each case decided by the doctor.

After the procedure, allowed a scant brown discharge, sore abdomen and head, possible tone. Worrying should be, if you had a profuse bloody discharge, and overall health deteriorated. This diagnosis in pregnant women should not be reason for permanent increase of tone, a rich brown or bloody discharge, contractions (pain and pulls the lower abdomen and lower back). Otherwise, you need the supervision of a specialist.

Fetal ultrasound transvaginal method, you can do women in early pregnancy, but not later than 12 weeks.

The advantage of vaginal ultrasound is that it allows you to see even small ovarian cysts, inflammation, fibroids. In pregnant women tests (a swab) and this examination is able to give an accurate assessment of the development of the fetus. If hypertonicity is present, the diagnosis determines the cause of its increase, and helps to take measures to eliminate the threat. This procedure is the only option informative examination of patients with obesity.

It should be remembered that for all its benefits, transvaginal ultrasound has a number of disadvantages. The procedure many women as unpleasant, and after that sometimes appear brown discharge, stomach held in tension (tone) and can start to hurt the lower back. Normal all these symptoms are mild and soon pass.

Before ultrasound is recommended to pass a swab for infection. Often take a swab from the urethra, cervix and vagina. This helps to determine the presence of inflammation or STDs.

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In combination with ultrasound, smear helps to quickly identify the cause of inflammation, increasing of the ovary and pain in the abdomen.

Features ultrasound

Subject to the recommendations, the likelihood of irritation of the walls of the vagina with ultrasound is reduced significantly. However, the sensor may cause microtemperature tissues, therefore, after examination of a possible brown discharge and lower abdomen may hurt. In rare cases, there are headaches, the tone of the stomach or the throbbing pain in region of ovaries.

If discomfort gain a aggressive dynamics, in the form of amplification of pain symptoms, reduction of appetite, increase of body temperature, a brown discharge is replaced by blood, you must immediately contact the doctor. If after the procedure early went monthly, do not be afraid, but to tell a specialist should. To determine that it is menstruation and not dangerous bleeding, need a doctor.

During the examination, a special sensor is inserted into the vagina. The patient should relax the pelvic floor muscles and follow your breath. When the doctor holds the device on the bottom wall of the vagina, presence of discomfort but not sharp pain. In most cases, the irritation caused by examination, accompanied by intermittent brown discharge, so we should not panic.

Depending on the purpose of the examination the doctor selects the appropriate phase of the cycle of the patient. For example, to understand how the ovarian ultrasound carried out on 5, 9, 11-15 cycle days. Before you do an ultrasound, it is possible to pass a swab for infection and other tests.

Why is there pain after the ultrasound?

Transvaginal ultrasound often is prescribed, as this procedure is informative and safe for the patient and, if a woman is pregnant, to the fetus. Those who have complaints about health, for example, prior to the procedure hurts the ovary so much that it is sometimes difficult to step on any toes, it should be understood that after the research is disturbed by the ultrasound body will be restless. This can manifest as pain in the abdomen as a whole or as a ripple in the area where there is inflammation of the ovary.

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In patients with hypertension due to excitement and fear, after the test can be a headache and even go nose bleed. Those who suffer from hypertension must inform the doctor. Such women before and after transvaginal ultrasound always check blood pressure.

In the study there is a risk of infection, which increases in case of biopsy. The doctor should be reported, if after the ultrasound you have a fever, stomach ache and stressed (tone), does not cease to hurt the ovary. Attention demands the appearance not only bloody, but brown discharge in pregnant women. Don’t pregnant women need to contact the doctor if the fever and went painful periods, there is a tone, pulls the lower abdomen or the ovary, without stopping, a headache. To exclude infection will help taken to study the smear.

What to do after the test?

If after the ultrasound began a brown discharge which then turned to blood and overall state of health has deteriorated, you need to see a specialist. To exclude infection it is advisable to urgently pass a swab. It is possible that it just went menstruation, sometimes accompanied by a tone (tense abdomen) and pain (inflammation of the ovary). However, if the critical days, or complication should be resolved by the gynecologist.

To the question about why the following procedure may be discharge, doctors often say that there is a big role playing suspiciousness patients. However, in the following cases, the necessary consultation of experts:

  • the stomach in good shape (during pregnancy);

  • rich brown discharge (during pregnancy);
  • bottom of stomach hurts and pulls;
  • went blood clots or red blood;
  • immediately after the procedure I got my period;
  • has elevated body temperature;
  • concerned about the ovary, especially when walking;
  • a bad headache;
  • increased arterial pressure.
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In the presence of these symptoms, your doctor may conduct some research, including to take a swab. Therefore, if there is blood, do not guess. Only gynecologist will determine whether it went menstruation or a woman requires emergency hospitalization.

Pregnant women should remember that if the stomach is in good shape, and the bottom is drawn, it indicates the beginning of premature labor. During pregnancy, the threat of any selection, even brown and poor, and especially if they are bloody. To exclude infection will help taken on a study of smear and full examination. From women require vigilant and obedient to the recommendation of a doctor.