As for the ultrasound to determine the weight and growth of the child?


  • Hypoxia baby
  • Pregnancy is a joyous and important event in the lives of many women and girls. Even ancient people were worried about the diagnosis during pregnancy. For example, in ancient Egypt for its diagnosis used the grass bududa on. Women were given a drink made of herbs and milk recently gave birth to girls. If it caused vomiting, so pregnancy really is.

    Every year diagnostic methods become better and more accurate. I can definitely see the situation the girl or not according to the tests and ultrasound. Medicine has improved so that now it is possible to calculate the height and weight of the fetus before birth. The first months of the child’s expectations are always filled with excitement for the safety of his life. This is especially true of those who had had a miscarriage. This leads to constant feelings if everything is normal. To answer these questions, use ultrasound.

    Measurements carried out with the help of ultrasound, allow to determine with accuracy the height and weight of the child, and also to understand whether they correspond to the parameters. In the early stages of pregnancy they may not coincide with the norms, as there are errors in the determination of gestational age. Then the child will gain weight depending on these factors:

    1. Heredity.
    2. The condition of the placenta.

    Before birth is considered normal weight 2500-4500 g.

    What determines the height and weight of the fetus?

    The kids in the mother’s tummy always have different parameters. Someone bigger, someone a little less. But what does it depend?

    • The health of the mother.
    • Are there bad habits.
    • Food.
    • The number of fruits.
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    For example, if twins, toddlers begin to lag behind in weight from about 20 weeks. At birth, he is also less than one born baby.

    To calculate the growth of the fetus can be using special formulas and tables.

    How to determine the weight of the fruit?

    • The Method Of Lebedev. You need to know the parameters of the belly girth and height of standing of bottom of uterus. All these figures should be multiplied among themselves, the result will indicate the approximate weight of the child.
    • Many mothers believe that the size of their toddler depends on the size of the abdomen. If the woman weighs a lot, and the baby will be born large.
    • If it is 38 weeks, then you can do this at home. Take the inch and make measurements of the abdomen. And multiply the result by 6.

    Often, by calculations of physicians the baby should be born large, in this case, the issue of caesarean section. Improper location of the child in the stomach, to calculate its parameters is impossible.

    Can the ultrasound be wrong?

    Errors, of course, can be, and how precisely determined parameters it is difficult to say until the birth of the baby. They arise due to inaccurate equipment, but rather his age. Doctor experience is important. Often the same results experts decode differently. So of course to talk about 100% accuracy is not necessary. But basically their calculations are still close to reality. After all, to determine the PMP (estimated fetal weight) is not so easy, even for an experienced specialist.

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    What you need to know about the fetal presentation?

    In the last trimester of pregnancy every mother hears the word «presentation». It is determined by the part that lies closer to the uterus. This is usually the buttocks or head. It determines how it will move the baby to give birth.

    Causes of incorrect presentation

    The main reason for the incorrect position of the baby is his excessive activity in late pregnancy.

    • Polyhydramnios.
    • Prematurity.
    • Perhaps this is due to malovodie. As the baby simply won’t be able to turn to the normal position.
    • Finally, obstacles to the normal position of the fetus may be abnormalities in the structure of the uterus, narrow pelvis, hypoxia.

    Birth in the wrong presentation

    When transverse or oblique arrangement, doctors perform a cesarean section. If at 38 weeks and he is breech, the experts assess General condition of baby and mother. According to their results, determined by the available method of delivery. The decision in favor of independent delivery will be made if:

    • The mother and the baby is completely healthy.
    • It’s a girl.
    • The position of the gluteus.

    • PMP is normal.

    Regarding head predlejanii is difficult to judge. After the diagnosis is made in the process of childbirth during the inspection of the vagina. But we must not forget that it is possible to obtain a birth injury.

    Hypoxia baby

    Many will ask what it is. Hypoxia is lack of oxygen, which is provided with tissues and organs. The baby in the womb not breathing on her own, so she comes to his aid.

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    If a woman’s body needs in the elements, the baby is also experiencing a shortage of them. After all, how many he’ll get it, depends on it. At risk is the nervous system. Born, he will be whiny, muscle tone is increased or Vice versa is greatly reduced. But despair is still not worth it, because his mind does not suffer.

    Despite the fact that hypoxia is a serious diagnosis to put it will be possible only with the constant supervision of specialists. Remember that the earlier it’s detected, the less the consequences will be in the end.

    Mom protects her kid in the belly all 9 months. How he develops, what his height and weight, depends on it. So first of all need to be mindful of yourself and your body. No matter how many difficulties for such small crumbs they can be overcome.