At what period of pregnancy see twins on the ultrasound?


  • How are birth?
  • Every woman dreams of becoming a mother. And as practice shows, dreams almost always come true. And those whom God rewards with twins, become happy parents twice. But the process of pregnancy, at which period it is evident that you will have twins?

    To educate and to spoil their children happiness. Mom’s dream that children grew up healthy. And they said, is more important than anything else. It will have to provide a lot in advance:

    The resemblance of twins is different from regular kids. But the nature of identical twins and individual children. One child from twins can be just like your dad, another for mom. For twins is the norm. But still, the first signs of similarity, you’ll see when they get a little older.

    Gemini or twins?

    Not every twins you can call the twins and Vice versa. The fact that is divided into identical twins with fraternal and. The second occurs when two sperm fertilize only one egg. This factor is affected by heredity. While in the mother’s womb 9 months, kids don’t always like each other.

    For many years scientists are studying the birth of twins, and as practice shows they have the same disease. Harder to bear twins. Such pregnancy can be terminated at any time. There are certain signs that tell about the threat of miscarriage. Even if loved ones are said not to fear, it is better to go to the hospital to avoid a hazard.

    If the ultrasound is wrong?

    Moms ask the question, can the ultrasound be wrong. 99% out of 100, the ultrasound gives the correct result. The doctors are doing it and not just sex, but the number of fruits. This can be done at the first ultrasound. Error can be only when a doctor is inexperienced.

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    What term shows up twice.

    The doctor determines twins ultrasound at 5 week. To conduct a study early when the uterus is greatly increased. In twin pregnancies, doctors prescribe an ultrasound once a month. So they can see how the kids develop. 5 week can’t determine the gender or number of embryos. This can occur because of the quality of the ultrasound.

    Sex determination of twins

    To determine the sex of the kids at the same time, as in singletons. You said that as long as the floor is not visible? No need to worry. To hide their sex organs the twins much easier than one kid. Therefore, in the first study the doctor may make a mistake and incorrectly identify the sex of the fetus. Doctor can correctly determine the sex of the fetus, and the second not to see. Even subsequent studies have not always seen the floor.

    Any couple coming on the ultrasound and wants to determine who they will be. But really the gender of the children is not so important. Even if you wait girls, you are born boys, happiness will be less.

    The first signs of multiple pregnancy

    There are a number of signs which the woman can identify multiple pregnancy:

    1. Heredity. These are the main signs of a multiple pregnancy. If mom or dad in the family is Gemini, then the probability of the birth of their you have high.
    2. To determine megaplanet possible for a pregnancy test. If the strip is fatty, hormone levels are high. This is a direct indicator of this pregnancy.
    3. Stir in the early stages. The twins crowded in the womb and feeding the first signs of stirring before they start.
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    How doctors determine a multiple pregnancy

    Only with the full examination of the pregnant woman doctors define multiple pregnancy:

    • The height of the uterine fundus.
    • The AFP blood test shows a result higher than normal.
    • Using Doppler, the doctor hears a heart rate of more than one fetus

    Experienced physicians are not wrong in determining the sex and number of fetuses. It so happens that the period of 6 weeks telling you about the twins, and later about a normal pregnancy with one child. This happens often. The fruit dissolves and its further development at 6 weeks stop.

    How are birth?

    28 weeks the new mother should visit the doctor once a week. They are closely monitoring her condition and weight. Having twins, increase in it should be 15 kg. the Signs of excess weight will be «there», they are invalid. With 37 weeks at any moment can begin labors. Therefore it is best if women go to the hospital. Consensus about the delivery not. It is influenced by many signs:

    • the status of women
    • the development of children
    • how was the pregnancy
    • placenta previa

    Birthing naturally is not always going well. Children can get stuck heads, which will lead to their death. Statistics show that two percent of the one hundred end.

    During oxygen starvation the mother goes to a cesarean. When multiple pregnancy childbirth begins before 2-3 weeks. No harm for kids if this is not provided. And if the relatives told you that it’s dangerous, don’t believe them.

    Labors starts as well as during normal pregnancy. Water breaks and contractions begin. In order to avoid complications doctors are doing the epidural. We need this in order to be able to carry out an emergency caesarean. Find out what procedures will happen additionally, you can have the doctor.

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    As you can see, this pregnancy is not unusual. Almost everything is the same as with one baby. Moms can safely wait for their children! After all, how many tortures did not have to move, the appearance of kids a real miracle, which is worth it.