Breast ultrasound: when to do?


Pathology in the mammary glands in women, including cancer, recently revealed more often. In order to detect the disease, it is necessary to conduct diagnostic testing in which ultrasound is leading the way. It is very important to determine when to do a breast ultrasound.

To obtain the most informative sonographic data necessary to correctly determine when it is better to do a survey. That is, should decide the question, on what day of cycle to perform an ultrasound scan of the breast.

The definition of the term examination of the breast

The fact that the picture you can see the ultrasound of the breast depends on the hormonal background of women. And the level of hormones, as is known, is determined by the day of menstrual cycle. It is best to do ultrasound once the level of estrogen in the woman’s body will be minimal. Otherwise you may get distorted results. That’s why there is a dependence of execution of the ultrasound from the day of the monthly cycle. Another preparation for a diagnostic procedure is not required.

Women in the reproductive age, it is recommended to perform ultrasonography on the seventh to ninth day of the cycle (start of menstruation) in the event that it lasts for up to 28 days. If the duration of the menstrual cycle more than 28 days, the study is on the ninth–eleventh day respectively. It was at this time, as shown, ultrasound is the most accurate.

Women in menopause, pregnant and lactating ULTRASONIC examination of the breast can occur any day (has no significance in what period of a cycle to execute).

If lactating women sore Breasts, increased body temperature, the skin is red, it is noted from the nipple discharge of a purulent character, the examination should be done immediately (the same day). There is all suspicion on the development of mastitis. Training is not required.

Experts recommend to see a doctor (gynecologist, mammologist) on the same day, after performing an ultrasound.

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Indications for ultrasound scanning of the breast

  • palpated a lump in her breast;
  • nagging pain in it;

  • burning and bursting;
  • lymph nodes in the armpit are enlarged;
  • breast asymmetrical;
  • during menstruation the breast swells and enlarges, becomes painful;
  • the skin of the breast scaly;
  • marked discharge from the nipple (no lactating women);
  • one or both nipples hardened and drawn;
  • sunken nipples or, on the contrary, swollen.

ULTRASONIC examination of the breast is not only performed in case of suspicion or presence of pathologies, but also before and after the planned installation of silicone implants in the breast. As shown, the survey rarely need to men with suspected pathological changes in the breast.

The method of performing ULTRASONIC examination of the breast

The woman should lie on her back, Breasts need to handle a special gel. The study is conducted according to the standard technique. When the sensor is mounted in such a way that it is possible to inspect all parts of the breast. Thus it is necessary to pay attention to the areas where it hurts or there are other some changes.

It is necessary to examine the regional lymph nodes (axillary, infraclavicular, supraclavicular). Ultrasound scan shows where the thoracic duct how much fatty tissue in the gland as far as its structure is changed and so on.

The duration of the ultrasound examination an average of less than fifteen minutes.

Diseases that can be diagnosed by ultrasound scanning

  • inflammation (mastitis, abscess);
  • the tumor (cyst of the breast, fibroadenoma, malignant tumors);
  • the breast (local and diffuse).
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If sonography shows presence of tumor in the gland, then you need to pay attention to what size and contours it has, on the localization of the pathological focus, and the status of lymph nodes. Often then a biopsy to verify the diagnosis.

The frequency of performing the ultrasound examination of the breast

Given the use of non-ionizing ultrasonic waves with this method, the study can be conducted quite often, if necessary.

Doctors recommend that during scanning of the breast once a year for women after twenty-five to thirty years, even if she has no suspected pathology. After fifty echography of the breast need to perform several times a year (at least twice), even in the absence of complaints.

In conclusion, I want to emphasize the role of preparation of the patient to the study. It is important to determine when to do an ultrasound of the mammary (breast) glands, that is, on what day of the cycle should undertake a study to obtain accurate data. This is due to the dependence of the breast from the influence of female hormones, changing during the menstrual cycle.