Can you do a colonoscopy during menses?


Modern endoscopic methods allow to diagnose pathologies of the intestine from the inside. This type of manipulation is called colonoscopy. It is prescribed for rectal bleeding, diarrhea, constipation, pain in the lower abdomen. Some patients who have this procedure are concerned, and whether any colonoscopy during the period? The answer to this question is a definite Yes. However, doctors recommend, if possible, to postpone the manipulation and carry it across the week since the onset of menstruation or in front of her.

The purpose of a colonoscopy

Wondering whether to do a colonoscopy when menstruation, necessarily raises many other questions.

Preparing for your colonoscopy starts three days prior to an upcoming procedure:

  • The patient is advised to refrain from taking alcohol, fatty foods for three to diagnostics.
  • The day before the procedure, you must refrain from eating. At this time you may drink only water, juices, teas without sugar.
  • If training is held in the hospital, the nurse produces the purgation by setting cleansing enemas with laxatives solutions. If the patient is at home, then this procedure he performs alone.

  • Before the examination, the doctor warns about the unpleasant sensations. The patient is then connected to the IV sedative drugs. Colonoscopy is sometimes done under General anesthesia. Usually under anesthesia a survey of children and patients with increased pain sensitivity.
  • For easy insertion of the apparatus into the anus, the endoscope is lubricated with a special solution.

After the introduction of the colonoscope into the anus, patients may experience the urge to defecate. If the survey is conducted during the menstrual days, the introduction device may cause a small increased emissions. We should not worry, as this process does not affect the functioning of the reproductive system.

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Screening and rehabilitation

Usually my period are not a contraindication to the use of colonoscopy. However, in rare cases, the doctor may move the diagnosis to a different time, after the end of menstruation.

If diagnosis is possible, the patient is prepared to conduct a colonoscopy. The person is asked to lie on your left side, pulling your knees to your stomach. During the procedure is determined not only by the condition of the intestine, but is the physiological maintenance of an organism in norm. In the presence of pathology of the cardiovascular system, during the procedure the electrocardiogram. To prevent respiratory arrest, pulse oximetry is used.

During insertion of the colonoscope into the anus, the patient should lie without moving and breathing. If this is not possible for any reason, you are allowed anesthesia.

As soon as the colonoscope is inserted into the anus, its further promotion is done by visual inspection of the condition of the intestine. To the intestinal wall does not interfere with the promotion and inspection, cavity pokachivaetsya the air. As soon as the device reaches a certain area, the patient should lie on her back. This must be done in order for the colonoscope can be easily moved forward through the intestines.

If during the examination the doctor will face a considerable quantity of blood, mucus, the content sucked.

When he reached the place of pathology, the doctor may take a piece of tissue for biopsy. The doctor can see any polyps. They should be removed immediately with a loop.

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At the end of the examination procedure, the device is carefully removed from the intestine with simultaneous pumping of air. However, it should be remembered that not all air can be evacuated. Remaining air will be released from the intestine in a natural way in the first few hours after a diagnostic procedure.

Colonoscopy during menstrual period

Knowing, is it possible to do a colonoscopy with menstruation, women with confidence go for this procedure. However, they remain some issues and the main of them – in some cases, this examination is performed during menstruation?

Colonoscopy during pregnancy is carried out only in emergency situations. In other cases, the doctor together with the patient, selects the optimal date of examination so that it does not impinge on period of the discharge from the genital organs.

A contraindication to the use of colonoscopy is pregnancy, recent surgical intervention on the organs of abdominal cavity and small pelvis, a heart attack. Also this method of diagnosis has other contraindications.

Endoscopic examination method allows to obtain exact information about pathological processes, and to take the analysis of fabric, see the location of pathological site, to determine visually the degree of damage, hold treatment and collect material for laboratory examination.