Can you do an MRI with braces?


Braces today is one of the few available safe methods of correction of misaligned teeth and malocclusion. Put them to terms ranging from eight months to three years. Three years is a long time, which can happen anything. Moreover, patients who have finished wearing braces and have achieved successful results, install the retainers, which support the dentition in the correct position. Over time wearing those, and other, patients do not have time to consult a doctor about emerging diseases or their aggravation. Sometimes diagnosis requires MRI to be performed. Here are lost and patients who want to cure the disease, and often doctors themselves, who want to put the correct diagnosis. Almost all of us have read articles or watched movies where before the MRI examination braces removed, which is quite expensive. So is it possible to combine MRI with braces?

Hurt whether magnetic resonance therapy teeth if they are metal elements?

It is a myth. The braces have a small diameter, so they could move and injure the tissues of the mouth or become very hot. Dangerous heat only large articles made of ferromagnetic materials, with a diameter of over 20 centimeters. In addition, modern braces are made from paramagnetic materials (titanium, etc.), which are generally poorly responsive to a magnetic field generated by an MRI machine. If you do not know what made your system, ask the dentist that you have set.

As mentioned above: the magnetic field of the MRI heats the braces to the dangerous, unbearable temperature. If the braces made of ceramic or titanium – they will not heat up at all. Discomfort you feel. In addition, before the study the medical staff of the MRI study will give you a signal pear, a button which you can press when you are prompted pain, discomfort state.

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Justify whether the results obtained in this way or should I choose another method?

The fact that braces are not a contraindication to MRI. But they can light the image areas where they are installed. In the case of braces is the area of the skull. On the image of the trunk and limbs, braces with magnetic resonance imaging does not affect. Some experts refuse to do MRI and CT, because the braces do not affect the quality of computed tomography. But it is worth remembering that no method can not be compared with MRI in the diagnosis of diseases of the brain. This is the «gold standard». CT scan showed only large defects of the brain and in the initial stages difficult to distinguish the disease. Sometimes, for the diagnosis of missing fields, which have been obtained in MRI is not marred.

If you have braces, talk with your doctor and MRI diagnostician of whether you can and whether to conduct such a study.