Colonoscopy hemorrhoids: when you can do?


According to doctors, a colonoscopy with hemorrhoids is the best informative study of the colon, and testimonials – the most easily portable, and painless. It can be like in private clinics, and in state gastroenterology clinics. Be treated by a proctologist or a diagnostician – coloproctologist.

Colonoscopy is performed using a flexible endoscopic probe with GPU – colonoscope, which is connected with the special computer system. The procedure allows the technician to carefully examine the extent of hemorrhoidal inflammatory process, to carry out the screening of tumor masses, immediately remove identified polyps or foreign objects, to carry out the sampling of biological material for subsequent analysis, to take pictures of the problem areas.

The world statistics. Suffer from hemorrhoids every 5 women and 7 men aged 45 years and older along with the indicators are approaching 80%. It is because of screening colonoscopy of the colon is recommended to place 1 every 5 years for everyone over the age of 50 years.

Tune to the passage of this diagnostic procedure in the following cases:

  • persistent abdominal pain, bloating, constant alternating constipation and diarrhea without normalization of stool, detection in fecal occult blood;
  • when the pursuing sensation of itching in the anus;
  • if there is a pain syndrome during a bowel movement;
  • if, during or without a bowel movement from the anus stands out blood, bleeding and/or mucus;
  • before or after the proctological surgery;
  • early detected but not removed polyps and other growths;
  • if a family history of a colon cancer.

Can I do a colonoscopy with hemorrhoids in 100% of cases? No, for this procedure there are the following contraindications:

  • acute thrombosis of hemorrhoids, complicated by abscess, anal fissure;
  • hemophilia and other pathologies of blood clotting;
  • adhesions, inflammatory or ulcerative processes in the gastrointestinal tract;
  • cardio-pulmonary insufficiency;
  • peritonitis.

Today there is an alternative to endoscopic colonoscopy – virtual colonoscopy hemorrhoids using the tomographic apparatus. However, this procedure also requires advance preparation, involves the introduction of a catheter for inflating the colon. Compared with «normal» colonoscopy, a virtual examination is more expensive, less informative, does not allow you to perform operations and, in the opinion of patients, often causing soreness.

Quite often ask the question – «Do a colonoscopy with hemorrhoids pregnant?» No, kolonoskopiceski any manipulation during pregnancy is strictly prohibited.

Mandatory preparation for colonoscopy study

Regardless of the future of anaesthesia, sedation and special colonoscopy laxative, all patients need to spend in advance intestinal cleansing for 3-4 days before the test to take the special uncindery diet.



Hard cheese, curd

Vegetables, herbs, fruits, berries, nuts

Mashed not red boiled vegetables

Cereal whole grain

Clear soups

All kinds of beans in any treatment

Boiled or steam meat, fish, poultry

Mushrooms, smoked products, marinades, compotes

Fresh white bread, crackers, biscuits

Yeast bread, especially black, chocolate

Milk drinks, tea

Carbonated drinks, fruit drinks

With the 4th on the 2nd day you should drink usual laxative. One day before the study, the lunch should be the last meal to consist of soup and a biscuit. After 1-2 hours, begin to drink the laxative colonoscopy preparation. Further, until the study can’t be eaten, you can drink unsweetened weak tea or plain water.

It is not recommended to clean the bowel using enemas. Setting high cleansing enema hemorrhoids are often painful and requires certain skills to carry out.

How is manipulation?

A colonoscopy performed in the morning. The study may take 10-60 minutes. Technique introduction of the colonoscope, the same as when setting a high enema, with the only difference that the probe promote smooth movements across all sections of the colon. To facilitate advancement of the tube through the holes dissipate the air. This is done in order not to injure the intestinal wall.

On the recommendation of the diagnostician, and with the consent of the patient, discovered small polyps (0.5 cm) can be immediately removed. It doesn’t hurt that occurred the wound bleed a little and tightened very quickly. After the survey, the probe is removed the same slow and smooth movements, and using a special valve probe, air is gradually removed.

Results and transcript studies colonoscopy with hemorrhoids

If the survey was taken as biological material for analysis or histological examination, in most hospitals the results will be ready within 1-3 days. Your observations and the performed surgical procedures, coloproctologist must record in your medical card or glue in the completed letterhead.

If the proctologist will make the conclusion about necessity of surgical intervention, do not panic. Surgery to remove the hemorrhoids «bumps» is less traumatic and does not require hospitalization. The best solution for surgical treatment running hemorrhoids, including patients with problems of blood clotting, will be the choice of the technique THD – transanal hemorrhoidal dearterialization.

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