Colonoscopy under anesthesia or without – which is better?


  • Why proctologists vs colonoscopy under anesthesia?
  • Rules of preparing for a colonoscopy under anesthesia
  • Colonoscopy is the most informative and, in most cases, the obligatory instrumental endoscopic examination of the large intestine. According to doctors, this procedure is painless but uncomfortable, and according to statistics, about 95% of patients cope with this procedure without anesthesia. However, in the web you can find quite a lot of reviews describing the procedure itself, and early preparation for her special laxative means, as the passage of the circles of hell. Is there a way out for such people? Is it possible to do a colonoscopy under anesthesia?

    People who don’t control their behavior during instrumental examinations, it is possible to do a colonoscopy under the influence of special anesthetics that will immerse them in a medicated sleep partially or completely. However, how to perform a colonoscopy under General anesthesia or without, what is best for each individual patient, the doctor will decide. Let us consider in more details all the arguments for and contraindications to this procedure under General anesthesia.

    What kind of anesthesia required and will suit a particular patient should be decided by the anaesthetist. To this end, he conducts an interview and met with a map of the patient. On this basis select one of the following types of anesthesia used in colonoscopy.


    The introduction of drugs is intravenously. The patient sinks into a condition of superficial sleep. Emerging mental relaxation allows you to perform the procedure without injuring the psyche of consequences and without pain. Sedation is the most commonly prescribed type of anesthesia, if colonoscopie, since the patient is in condition to respond to the commands of the doctor-diagnostician. If surveys of this anesthesia will not be sufficient, the anesthesiologist may increase the dose and translate the subject in General anesthesia.

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    Intravenous anesthesia

    The examinee is immediately plunged into a state of deep sleep using intravenous administration, for example, propofol or Diprivan. But still, General anesthesia during a colonoscopy is not encouraged – the risk of complications are greater than the benefits from its use.

    Inhalation anesthesia

    Mask anesthesia with inhalation of volatile liquids or gas is the best choice for immersion in the dream of children, age of patients, and patients with certain types of pathologies of the respiratory and cardiovascular systems. Important in the choice of this type of anesthesia is that modern inhalation anesthetics almost no harmful effects and is rapidly excreted by the lungs and liver.

    For everybody who will undergo a colonoscopy, the night before you should drink the usual sleeping pills or sedatives.

    For patients, who can expect any type of anesthesia, or prescribe seduksen Relanium. Pills to start drinking for 36-24 hours before the exam.

    If subjects recorded a low pain threshold, or there is an indication proctologist on individual testimony, then 40 minutes before the colonoscopy, the anesthesiologist will make an anesthetic injection of 0.5 ml atropine (0,1%).

    Why proctologists vs colonoscopy under anesthesia?

    Today, for anesthesia there are no age restrictions. There are also no contraindications for anesthesia in the presence of systemic pathologies. An experienced anesthesiologist will choose the appropriate for patient technique. So why is domestic psychiatrists prefer to conduct a colonoscopy without anesthesia and pain relief? They are right or not?

    First, pain during colonoscopy really are very few. Most of the surveyed describe their sensations as unpleasant or uncomfortable. This is due to flow into the intestine is air that virtually eliminates the risk breakthrough the intestinal wall and allows you to clearly visually examine.

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    Secondly, during anesthesia, possible vomiting, getting stomach contents into the Airways, drop in blood pressure, disruption of vascular-motor center, rhythm disturbance or cardiac arrest. Agree that it is really disproportionate fee for an uncomfortable and morally unpleasant, but the 10-20 minute procedure.

    But the main argument against colonoscopy under General anesthesia remains the complexity of the manipulations and the risk of perforation of the intestinal wall. The doctor is really necessary to maintain verbal control of the subject, to hear and see his reaction. All the more so for advancement of the colonoscope in the distant divisions of the large intestine – the colon and the cecum with its vermiform Appendix, a proctologist will be asked to turn the patient on the left side, which began the survey on the back.

    To simplify the start procedure and the introduction of the colonoscope into the anus, at the request of the patient, performed local anesthetic ointment or spray.

    Rules of preparing for a colonoscopy under anesthesia

    Are there any special rules for the preparation of a survey if it is conducted under anesthesia? No additional cleaning procedures are not necessary to carry out. It will be sufficient to follow the usual instructions of the proctologist:

    • 3-4 days prior to the survey to sit on uncindery diet, which is based on: nenavistyu clear broth, steam beef and low-fat fish, buckwheat and oatmeal, dairy products;

    • to reduce the amount of food compared to the usual norm in 2 times and make it fractional, 5-6 throughout the day;
    • every day, take a usual laxative;
    • if there are no contraindications, then in the evening to put high cleansing enema;
    • on the day prior to your colonoscopy, even if you are not using a special laxative, lunch should be the last meal, and contain only small portions of the mucous soup or broth and you can drink the water till 23-00.
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    The fulfillment of these conditions is prepare the body to any kind of anesthesia. However, it should be clarified. If the colonoscopy will be performed under anesthesia, in day of its carrying out to drink small amounts of water is possible, but not later than 2 hours before the procedure. If the colonoscopy will be done «traditionally», in order to maintain the body’s doctor may allow you to drink 100 ml of weak tea, sweetened with a small amount of honey, just before the beginning of the survey.