Colposcopy in pregnancy: is it possible to do, on what terms?


Future mom expecting a baby in the light, worried about his health. Therefore, any study that is assigned during this period is a concern. Patients who were assigned colposcopy of the cervix during pregnancy, there are many questions related to the safety of this study for kid.

The indications for performing colposcopy in pregnant are no different from those in which to study the direct women not bearing a child:

Types of research:

  • Simple colposcopy.
  • Extended. During the procedure done a few tests needed to fully assess the condition of the mucous membrane of the cervix:
    • Always run the sample using 3% acetic acid. She narrows those vessels that have not been changed.
    • Schiller’s test is the application of Lugol’s iodine. Iodine, part of this solution reveals the presence of glycogen in the epithelial cells.
    • To identify such a marker for cancer, as LDH (lactate dehydrogenase), is applied trichloranisole.
    • Vascular sample with the use of adrenaline.

Colposcopy allows us to identify the lesion, to evaluate the status of mucosa for differential diagnosis of malignant tumors, to produce a biopsy of the suspicious area. That’s why examinations are prescribed in pregnant women.

As to increasing chances of conceiving a baby, the survey does not affect this. Pregnancy after colposcopy occurs if during the procedure were eliminated a cause of infertility.

Colposcopy in pregnant women

To inspect proper preparation. It is to eliminate effects on the vaginal mucosa. This requires pelvic rest, and you cannot use the plugs and use synthetic means to care for the intimate area.

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The duration of the study for about 20 minutes. It is conducted as a regular examination in the gynecological chair. A gynecologist by means of the device performs a manipulation, if necessary conducting samples listed above. The patient may feel a slight burning sensation when you perform a vinegar test.

At this stage you can decide what colposcopy in pregnancy does not carry any negative feelings. If you performed a biopsy, the doctor will use a local anaesthetic action to relieve the patient from pain.

Is it possible to do a colposcopy during pregnancy? Yes, but it is prescribed only for those women who have gynecological diseases, require constant monitoring. For example, erosion of the cervix. This disease may progress in connection with change of a hormonal background at the pregnant.

Doing a colposcopy pregnant even for the treatment of erosion. Some types of disease can be treated most successfully in the period of carrying a child, as this contributes to the changed hormonal balance.

Features of the colposcopy at different stages of pregnancy

At what time the procedure safe? Most often colposcopic examination in women in the position is carried out before 12 weeks of pregnancy. Sometimes it is prescribed, even immediately after placing the patient on the account in female consultation. At a later timing colposcopy during pregnancy is necessary if the results of previous studies raise concerns.

The examination is safe for the health of the baby and the expectant mother!

Colposcopy during pregnancy in the first trimester differs little from how I perform the procedure to women who are not in position. Any difficulties in the early stages of pregnancy usually does not occur.

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In the last stages need to take a slightly different position from the one which usually takes the woman in the gynecological chair. The right foot will need to stretch to prevent pressure reduction.

With increasing duration of pregnancy increases the number of blood vessels in the cervix. Therefore, even minor injuries can lead to bleeding. This is not a reason for concern. To work with such a serious machine allowed professionals trained. They are able to cope with any situations that arise during research.

Possible complications

Need to say that colposcopy has no effect on the health and status no mother, no fetus. This study is considered to be safe, so it can be done in the early stages of pregnancy.

Strictly speaking, women need to undergo such procedure to pregnancy. The fact that some gynecological diseases alter the hormones and can result in miscarriage or inability to conceive. Another group of diseases affects its flow during pregnancy because of blood dramatically increases the amount of estrogen and progesterone. If the same procedure could not pass before conception, then do not worry. In rare cases there may be some bleeding, which the doctor immediately stops. After biopsy also, there was a slight discharge, indicating normal response of the body.

The procedure is safe for expectant mothers. As already mentioned, it performs well-educated professionals who have received special training and are able to cope with different situations.

Security is a main rule in medicine, especially when it comes to obstetrics and gynecology!

In conclusion, I must say that the studies confirm the safety of colposcopy. This is given attention because the preservation of the health of the expectant mother and baby is extremely important. From the survey can not refuse, because it allows to diagnose, and most importantly, to cure various gynecological diseases including cancer. Thanks to the possibilities of colposcopy therapy can be performed here and now, not postponing it to after the birth. Women need to understand that the rejection of research may entail serious consequences.