Colposcopy is painful or not?


Colposcopy is a known method of examination of the cervix and vagina, which allows to identify disease at the earliest stages of development. A similar procedure is performed in the gynecological exam room by a specially trained doctor. In many countries colposcopy of the cervix is the primary screening method for detecting tumor of this localization, and it continues to be introduced into clinical practice in Russia. However, many women wonder does it hurt to have a colposcopy? Response of gynecologists: «no, the procedure can lead only to a small discomfort, but not pain».

A General description of the method

The use of colposcopy allows small increments to assess the condition of the surface of the cervix and vagina. The main emphasis is on the identification of pathological conditions in the cervix, which is very often formed of a nodule.

Special preparation before manipulation is required. However, it is important to adhere to the following recommendations to reduce the likelihood of false results:

  • The day before the test the woman should renounce the use of tampons, douching and sexual intercourse.
  • Intimate hygiene for 1-2 days before examination should be superficial without the use of various cosmetic products.
  • It is important to consider menstrual cycle as a colposcopy is best carried out or immediately after menstruation or before it. In the days of mid-cycle may be the active formation of the cervical mucus, which impairs the possibility of inspection.

Before the examination the doctor-the gynecologist should spend with a woman explanatory conversation, explaining the purpose and necessity of the examination and the possible risks.

Adherence to these guidelines allows you to increase the information content of the method and reduce the chances of false diagnoses.

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Does it hurt when a colposcopy?

Among women for a long time, it is believed that the cervix is an extremely painful process, associated with significant discomfort during the examination and afterwards. So actually, the colposcopy painful? Gynecologists and women that have passed such examination say that such testing does not result in pain or different sensations from the usual examination in the gynecological chair. The duration of the procedure is also small – only 10-15 minutes.

A survey carried out on a standard gynecological chair using special vaginal mirrors. To zoom the eyepiece of the colposcope supplied to the studied organs. From the cervix it is required to first remove slime and then treated with a weak solution of acetic acid. This manipulation is needed to identify pathological orogovevshi epithelium on the surface of the mucous membrane. In this case the woman may feel a slight burning sensation. As a rule, when such inspection is carried out, the sample Schiller associated with the use of a weak solution of iodine.Such manipulation is completely painless and does not cause discomfort. The survey is completed. In some cases, can be made by biopsy, which is not accompanied by pain syndrome.

While manipulation may be a slight discomfort in the form of a burning sensation, a light tingling or discomfort.

Following the recommendations for preparing women for examination and with proper and careful conduct of the whole examination procedure is completely painless. An important role in this play and psychological preparation of women, which is based on the conversation with the doctor and is an indispensable part of any medical manipulations. In the psychological discomfort is a feeling of fear and impending pain can cause uncomfortable feelings.