Colposcopy with cervical erosion: the purpose, conduct, results


Colposcopy with cervical erosion is a gynecological medical manipulation of the profile, which is designed for inspection of the vagina and cervix. The method is carried out using a special apparatus colposcope. Under the control of the colposcope can be availed biopsy and bacterial culture for detection of infection. Today, colposcopy is widely used in gynecological practice. Diagnostic examination is required for all women’s informed consent.

The procedure is done to inspect the condition of the wall structures of the vagina, the OS cervix and cervical canal.

The procedure has no adverse effects on women’s health. It applies to all without exception, when preventive examinations by a gynecologist. Specific contraindications for a diagnostic procedure. It is not only recommended in the first days after surgery and in case of hypersensitivity to iodine and acetic acid, which are used in the research.

As needed to prepare for a colposcopy?

In order to obtain more informative and correct result of the procedure, the woman must be ready. Preparation for colposcopy should:

  • a few days of the procedure to avoid sexual relations;
  • not to use vaginal medications;
  • not to use means of intimate hygiene, synthetic, manufacturing.

The methodology of the

The procedure itself lasts approximately 15 minutes, the woman must be located on the gynecological chair.

Originally introduced into the vagina obstetric mirrors made of metal or plastic material. The colposcope is mounted as close as possible to the gynecological chair. To date, many diagnostic gynecological offices are screens which broadcast all the stages of the procedure. A women she can watch over the implementation of the procedures and abandon the broadcast.

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In order to visually assess the degree and localization of pathologically changed tissues mucous membranes is treated with a solution of acetic acid or Lugol’s iodine solution, while a woman may feel a slight burning sensation. Pathologically modified cells are staining, but remain intact. To date, the technique of colposcopy is considered the most informative, the reliability of the results of almost 98%.

How women feel after the procedure?

If colposcopy with cervical erosion were conducted without taking tissue material for biopsy, the condition of the woman after the procedure is absolutely not changed. If the cervical erosion occurred on a large scale, and was promoted biopsy for several days, the woman may feel some discomfort in the lower abdomen with spotting discharge.

Failure to comply with the rules of personal hygiene wound surface after a biopsy may become infected with the development of serious bacterial complications.

To avoid bacterial contamination of the genital tract is recommended:

  • do not use tampons for menstrual bleeding;
  • to unsubscribe from sex for seven days or more;

  • do not use douching and other methods of self-treatment without the approval of the gynecologist.

The reason for immediate treatment to the doctor after conducting colposcopy in combination with biopsy are symptoms such as:

  • intense pain in the lower abdomen and external genitalia;
  • fever;
  • the initial symptoms of intoxication.

Results issledovaniya

There are two varieties of colposcopy:

  1. surface
  2. extended.

Extended colposcopy is performed using processing of the cervix and vagina with a special solution.

In order to evaluate the results of diagnostic procedures, reviewed such indicators:

  • changes on the surface of epithelial tissues of the mucous membranes;
  • subject whether change vascular plexus in the vaginal part of the cervix;
  • the condition of the glandular cells and the presence of hypertrophic changes;
  • evaluation of the borders of localization of the pathological process.
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The diagnostic pattern is considered normal if:

  • the cervix Procrit healthy epithelial cells, arranged in a multilayer type;
  • when handling Lugol mucosa is pink in color;
  • glandular cells not subjected to hypertrophy.

Pathological diagnostic picture

Pathologic changes in colposcopy is manifested in the form of damaged areas of epithelial tissue and disorders of the vascular plexus configurations. After treatment diagnostic solutions on the cervix are recorded foci of erosive changes. When using acetic acid lesions of erosion will be painted in a whitish color, in the processing of Lugol – dark brown.

If colposcopy revealed erosive surface with the elements additional fabric, there is an assumption about the development of oncological process in the cervix.

Colposcopy and correct explanation of the results depends entirely on the skill of the gynecologist who conducts the procedure. The doctor must have the appropriate skills to be able to estimate the external condition of the genital organs, the right to make the fence diagnostic material.

The opinion of doctors about the colposcopy

In the opinion of qualified professionals in obstetric-gynecologic practice, colposcopy is the most informative method of diagnosis of cervical erosion and other gynecological diseases.