Diet after surgery laparoscopy gallbladder removal


Operations cholecystectomy laparoscopic method, unfortunately, does not release patients from long phase of rehabilitation. In the complex of rehabilitation measures included diet for gallbladder removal by laparoscopy and active motor mode, you need to follow the same as with traditional gallbladder removal.

Modern nutrition has made a huge step forward. In addition to the suction opening of new types of digestion – abdominal, vesicular, molecular, lysosome, membrane. In addition, discovered and explored previously unknown mechanisms involved in the process of digestion: several varieties of transport of nutrients, intestinal hormonal (endogenous and exogenous) effects of the digestive system. All this led to critically rethink classical theory of a balanced diet and to create new postulates, combined in a system called Adequate nutrition.

However, the diet (table) number 5 after removal of the gallbladder, despite his 100 years of age, is the basic and only underwent a little change. Rather, gradually created its modification – 5-a, 5-u and 5-l/W.

Table No. 5 – a classic of the genre

In most cases, diet after gallbladder removal by laparoscopic surgery lasts from 2 to 4 months. During this time the body has time to adapt to changed functioning of the biliary system, and after 4-6 months after laparoscopic surgery the patient can return to eating without restrictions. However, if the primary pathology that led to operations that have evolved for too long, compliance with rehabilitation Diets 5 can last up to 3 years.

In the postoperative period for 2-4 months, not required, but possible frequent breaks stool and bowel movements to 3 times a day.

Before to discuss in detail the power supply circuit after laparoscopy gallbladder, and list out what products you can make a daily menu, and about what food and drinks have to forget.



Juices, weak tea, non-acidic fruit drinks, jellies

Alcoholic and carbonated drinks
Coffee with milk, broth hips

Black coffee, chocolate products, cocoa

Butter. Unrefined: olive, sunflower, corn

Refractory fat mutton, pork, beef, Margarines
Lean beef (including tongue, ham), chicken, fish

Pork, lamb, fatty fish, liver, meats, duck, goose

Milk, yogurt, cottage cheese, mild hard cheese

Nuts, seeds



Boiled eggs, omelettes on a couple

Dishes with lots of egg yolks
Vegetables, dairy and fruit soups

The nourishing broths

Porridge on the water, with milk

Millet, beans, spinach, sorrel, redisi

Stale bread, crackers, biscuits, dry biscuits

Fresh bread, butter products
Vegetables and non-acidic fruits, bran, pectin

Pickles, preserves, and sour fruits

Jam, candy, marshmallows, honey, dried fruit

Oil creams, ice cream

Cloves, cinnamon, vanilla, Bay Laurel, dill, parsley, sour cream – like sauce

Green onions, garlic, hot spices and vinegars, marinades, mustard, horseradish, wasabi

The rules of the diet Table 5 by Pevzner

Diet after laparoscopy – surgery to remove the gallbladder, as standard No. 5 requires to use food or food cooked in the steamer, steamed or boiled-baked. In this fray only vegetables that contain a lot of fiber (beet, carrot, cabbage) and sinewy pieces of meat, and well cooked meat and fish can be eaten with a piece.

During the implementation of the standard Diet 5 you must follow these rules:

  • the amount of daily calories, and the ratio of protein, carbohydrates, vegetable and animal fats determined by the treating physician on the basis of the Constitution, body mass index and features of metabolic;
  • limit the consumption of salt, and nitrogenous extractives formed during the roasting of meat (in the crust) and present in large numbers in rich broth;
  • erratic power is unacceptable, you need to eat at the same time it contributes to the regulation of activities of digestive glands and digestion;
  • to prevent stagnation of bile diet should be a fraction – 2 Breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner;
  • individual daily caloric intake should be distributed as follows: on Breakfast – 15%, lunch – 40%, in the afternoon – about 15% and dinner – 25% maximum;
  • the morning should start with a glass of water, and before bedtime drink a glass of kefir;
  • the temperature of the food and drinks should be in the range from +20 to +60°C and cold drinks and ice cream can cause spasm of the sphincter of Oddi and acute biliary colic.

Before laparoscopic cholecystomy should prepare the body for the inevitable diet that follows after this operation.

In advance, from 10 to 20 days before the date of the laparoscopy gallbladder removal, significantly reduce the bulk amount of food taken at one time, and be sure to shift to a fractional power.

Despite the fact that laparoscopy is not a dissection of the abdominal wall, immediately after her Diet 5 by Pevsner impossible. You will need to withstand a specific sequence of diets.

Medical foods for the first week

In contrast to dieting, which follow after the traditional gall bladder removal, 3 laparoscopic puncture allow to slightly reduce (several hours) the need for tough limits on drinking and allowed to eat a little earlier.

Period after laparoscopy

What you can eat and drink

For 4-6 hours

Full dry hunger – you can’t eat or drink.

After 6 hours and

until the morning of the next day

It is necessary to drink 500 ml of water without gas. You need to drink every 15-20 minutes, making one or two small SIPS.

After 24 hours,

2nd knock after surgery

1 liter of yogurt, liquid porridge, pureed vegetable soup, unsweetened jelly and compote of dried fruits. Drinks you should drink every 3 hours at 110-150 ml.
3-4 day – diet 1A

Displaying: dairy products with low % fat, ground oats and buckwheat cereal with water, mashed potatoes, a souffle of chicken, beef, lean fish, vegetable soup, baked apples, bananas, jelly from the fruit.


after a dream – 100 ml of carbonated water;

Breakfast-1 – 180 ml ground oatmeal on the water, scrambled eggs, 2 x chicken protein, tea without sugar, but with lemon;

Breakfast-2 -80 g 0-1%cottage cheese and 100 ml dog rose drink;

lunch – 200 ml mucous soup from wheat semolina, 50 g parfait beef, 100 ml sour compote;

afternoon tea, -70 g of liquid meat paste, 75 ml milk souffle, 150 ml of beverage;

dinner – 50 g low-fat parfait fish, 200 g buckwheat mashed and 5 g of CL. oil, tea without sugar, but with lemon;

before bed – 100 ml of milk jelly or fruit,125-150 ml of yogurt.

Day limit sugar – 20 g, salt – 3 g. you Must eat 20 g of CL. oil. Free liquid – 2 l

5-7 day – diet 1-b


after a dream – 150 ml non-carbonated water;

Breakfast-1 egg fruit 2 protein and 1 egg yolk, 200 ml of liquid milk rice cereal with 5 g of CL. oil, tea + sugar + lemon;

Breakfast-2 – 125 g 1% grated soft cheese with low-fat cream, 150 g of pulp of baked apples, 150-170 ml dog rose drink;

lunch – 300 ml brendirovannogo vegetable soup, 2 steamed meatballs of beef, 160 g of grated potato, 190 ml of fruit Sambuca;

afternoon snack – 180 g parfait of chicken, 150 ml of juice;

dinner – 90 g fish parfait, 200 g of ground oatmeal, milk (+5 g SL. oil), 100 ml of tea in 50 ml of milk;

before bed – half a banana, 200 ml of kefir.

The restrictions imposed by salt up to 5 g of the Required dose of CL. oil – 20 g.

In the first week after surgery is strictly prohibited:

  • alcohol, any coffee, strong tea, liquid sugar, milk (especially raw);
  • chocolate products, ice cream, sweets;
  • fatty and fried foods.

Diet after a week

8-10 days after laparoscopic gall bladder removal, and for the next 2 months prescribed for the patients options Diet 5 – a 5-s or 5-a. For overweight patients the first month, sometimes two, should follow a gentle variation of diet (5-y) as in their case, to sit down immediately at 5-and fraught with the development of flatulence, bloating and abdominal pain, transient diarrhea.

Characteristic differences of the diet 5-a and 5-Sch.


5-Sch 5-a

Daily caloric

2 000 – 2 100 2 150 – 2 500


105-110 g 80-85 g
Fats animals 55-60 g

40-44 g

Fats of vegetable excluded

30-44 g


270 g 400-450 g

Limit salt

3-6 g 6-8 g
Limit sugar 30 g

30 — 45 g

The norm of free fluid from 1 up to 1,5 l

1.5 to 2 l

Heat treatment

decoction or steamed + quenching and times passage


grinding, blending fine crushing
Bakery products 200 g only «dry» and white

250 g dried + cookies

Regardless of the time after surgery, and diet, the fluid retention in the body and the development of edema daily intake of salt should be reduced to 3 g.

The transition to standard Diet 5 recommended only after 45-65 days, 1-2,5 months after laparoscopic cholecystectomy. If in the future there are problems with digestion, it is necessary to consult a doctor, and for some time to get on a more strict diet 5-Ni or 5-a, but there is also another option.

In most cases, stagnation of bile, you need 2-3 weeks to observe lipotropic-fat diet (5-l/W). Its peculiarity is the enrichment of protein lipotropiki of: lean meats, mainly beef, lean fish, 1% cottage cheese, egg whites, refined vegetable oils, as well as the saturation of the diet of bran and pectin. Energy value of 5-l/W – 2500-2600 kcal, of which 55 g is necessary on creamy and vegetable oil, 100 g protein, 270 g of complex carbohydrates and 30 g of simple carbohydrates (sugar, honey). Heat processing of food is boiling or baking, while it is not necessary to grind.

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