Enema before the colonoscopy: how to prepare?


Colonoscopy-examination of the bowel using fibroadenoma that can be performed for both diagnostic and therapeutic purposes.


Indications for colonoscopy in diverticular disease can be:

Preparations of the intestine to the study should begin in a few days, optimally ─ 2-3 days. During this time, we need to free the intestine from feces. At the same time, the better will be spent cleaning, the better is the procedure.

Preparations for the survey consist of several paragraphs.


The cornerstone in the preparation for endoscopic examination of the intestine ─ uncindery diet. Food should not be copious stool, gas formation. At this time, it is recommended to remove from the diet of bread, beans, fresh fruits and vegetables, milk pure and sweet. Allowed to consume dairy products, broth-based low-fat varieties meat, poultry, or fish, to drink still mineral water, juices, tea. Drink plenty of fluids is especially important before the study, as many drugs used for these purposes, can lead to dehydration.

Between the colonoscopy and the last meal the day before should take at least 20 hours.

Traditional cleansing

A day before colonoscopy the bowel is directly a colon cleanse. It can be done in several ways.

The traditional method-with the help of an enema. If you use this method, then in the middle of the day as laxative means you can take a couple of spoons of castor oil. In the evening put the enema using 1.5-2 liters of boiled water. In an hour the procedure is repeated again. The morning of the colonoscopy carried out two cleansing enemas, the water resulting from their use must be clean, that says enough degree of bowel cleansing. Enema is a traditional method of preparation before colonoscopy, but not the simplest possible.

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Drug cleansing

Modern pharmaceutical market is produces many medicines to help clear the intestines without resorting to the above methods.

  • Drug Duphalac. Provides increased volume of intestinal contents due to changes in pH to the acid side and increase osmotic pressure. All of the above stimulates peristalsis of the colon. You need to light a bottle containing 200 ml of the drug in two liters of boiled water. A few hours after the meal, drink the resulting solution in small SIPS until the drink completely. Then for the next three hours will continue to be bowel.

  • The Drug Fortrans. Available in the form of powder for preparation of solution. This is a combined tool that combines the properties of an osmotic laxative, dehydrating effect which prevented part of the isotonic solution of salts. Taken in the evening before the examination, the bowel begins after one of the first two cups and lasts for about 3 hours after the last one. Dose selected individually, depending on body mass, at the rate of 1 sachet per 20 kg of weight. The required amount of drug was diluted in boiled water (each bag takes 1 gallon of water). Next, the resulting solution drink in small SIPS with small breaks, until you drink the whole desired amount. If you drink the entire solution will not work ─ it is possible to divide it into two equal parts, one to drink in the evening, and the second ─ in the morning. If you experience discomfort and nausea while receiving Fortrans can put a bite of that lemon, its sour taste can help to recover quickly. Many doctors agree that it is better if the evacuation will be conducted the day before the study, and directly in front of him. Fortunately, modern medicine allows you to accurately assess the time required. For example, Fortrans first portion of the chair stands out in a couple of hours after the start of treatment, and the latter ─ at least 3 hours after discontinuation of funds. And already 4 hours after last reception of a can to survey.
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  • The Drug Fleet. Its mechanism of action is based on the osmotic fluid retention in the intestinal lumen. Start taking this means the day before your colonoscopy. There are a few instructions to his destination depending on morning or daytime appointment. In the first case the drug start to take from 7 o’clock in the morning, and the second ─ 13 hours. All the receiving means is divided into several stages, which alternate with the obligatory drink of the liquid. Done intestinal cleansing taking another dose of fleet at Breakfast on the day of the study. This tool causes the chair to 6 hours after drug administration.

Special attention

In preparation for the research necessary to drink plenty of fluids to avoid dehydration and electrolyte imbalance which can cause cardiac arrhythmias and even sudden cardiac death.

According to studies, about a quarter of patients are suitable for the preparation of your bowel is irresponsible and poor cleaning. As a result a large part of colonoscopies is likely to be incomplete. Because of this many serious diseases (including cancer) are diagnosed late and there is a need to re-prepare the patient in the second study. Therefore, to obtain good results, it is important to follow all doctor’s recommendations, approach to training responsibly.