First ultrasound after embryo transfer (IVF)


  • The first trimester of pregnancy
  • Second trimester
  • Third trimester
  • Birth
  • The desire giving birth to the awaited baby, many couples are willing to do. Today most of them prefer ECO, but, unfortunately, this procedure is not always successful. We must not forget that during the procedure, a woman’s body is exposed to strong hormonal effects. Of course, it was unsafe for her body.

    For many couples, IVF is the last chance to have a baby. Important specifics of the procedure lies in the fact that the result of conception will depend on healthy parents or not. To increase the chances of a successful replanting of the embryo is necessary for a complete examination.


    1. To conceive need to prepare as if it will be a normal pregnancy. Lead the correct lifestyle. Be sure to refrain from alcohol, cigarettes. Eat right, get plenty of vitamins and other useful products. Do not drink medication, only those that are assigned to you by your doctor. The weight of the expectant mother should be the norm, as it affects the process of conception.
    2. Before entering into the IVF process, wife and mother needs to pass a series of tests. Doctors watch them and decide if you can move on to the next stage.
    3. If the problems after the tests still revealed, will have to fix them. This will greatly increase the chances of a successful replanting. After all done successful procedures, you can finally become happy parents.

    The main stages of IVF

    • Implementation of medical requirements and examination

    As has been described above, at the first appointment the doctor will prescribe hormone therapy, prescribe the directions for tests, then you can proceed to the next stage.

    • Stimulation of superovulation

    This means that will be ovarian stimulation for them to work correctly using hormones.

    • Assessment of ovarian stimulation with ultrasound

    In order for the experts were able to assess their condition a woman goes for an ultrasound. According to his results, the doctor podkorrektirovatj hormone therapy.

    • Retrieval of eggs

    If after all the procedures, all is well, you can start to receive eggs. This surgery, which lasts up to 30 minutes. After the operation the woman needs some time is in the house to ensure that the doctors could monitor her. Then she’ll let you know how it went and how many eggs they managed to get. After returning home, the first being the need to refrain from all exertion. On the day when a woman undergoes this procedure, a man must donate the sperm.

    • The embryological stage
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    The entire fate of the unborn child is now in the hands of the embryologist. Cells derived from the parents, will be transferred to a special laboratory. There, they will be placed in an environment with a special structure, where fertilization will occur. Within 5 days the doctor will evaluate their condition.

    • Embryo transfer into the uterus

    5-7 days after ovulation under ultrasound guidance, the embryo will be introduced into the uterus. As soon as the procedure ends, already pregnant woman should lie down in the ward a few hours.

    • The period after embryo transfer

    At this stage of the IVF Protocol is coming to an end. For the maintenance of transferred embryos, the doctor will prescribe a special course of hormonal therapy. On day 15, a woman should take a pregnancy test, which will show the success of the process of conception. A woman will look forward to this day. Because then it will become clear whether all passed.

    When this is all over, you need to be attentive to your body. And even if after some time will start allocating at the first sight reminiscent of the period, it is not necessary to make some preliminary conclusions. As a positive result will be just a test, not a selection.

    Signs of pregnancy after IVF

    If the conception is successful will appear the first signs of pregnancy:

    • The toxicosis. This is the first symptom after successful fertilization.
    • The increase in temperature. Usually, this is because the body gradually begins to adapt to the emergence of new life. But too high temperature may indicate a threatened miscarriage.
    • Chills. This cycle of pregnancy this means that hormonal changes.
    • Drowsiness, irritability, mood swings.

    Analysis of HCG in IVF

    Confirming the pregnancy after IVF can only test for HCG or ultrasound.

    HCG is a hormone which can be released only at the time of pregnancy. The greater the term, the higher the level of HCG. It can be done only when it took 7-10 days after conception. Through it you find out how much of the embryo is in the uterus, and also it will prevent various complications, such as:

    • The death of the embryo.
    • Ectopic pregnancy.
    • Developmental delay.
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    First ultrasound after IVF

    After the test for HCG you have to do the first ultrasound. This happens 21 days after the infusion. Ultrasound does not make the fetus any harm. Under the practice in this series of pregnancy holding the tap you need.

    After the first ultrasound the doctor will be able to determine the exact period of pregnancy, the fetus, the presence of pathologies. But the main stage after the infusion is considered to be finding out on the ultrasound, the number of embryos.

    Ultrasound is a regular procedure, after which there remains discomfort. Spend it at least 3 times. On the first cycle of pregnancy it is done to detect abnormalities.

    Types of ultrasound

    • Vnutrivlagalischnogo it can be used for the first cycle of pregnancy. Carried out exclusively by the physician.
    • The sensor is located on the front wall of the abdomen. Before the procedure do not need any special prep. It is simple and requires no special training.
    • 3D ULTRASOUND. This new research in modern medicine. Means, a three — dimensional study of the fetus. After fertilization, it allows doctors to find out where the embryo is in the uterus. Before the parents will monitor and they will be able to see your tiny baby and also make a photo of him.

    The first trimester of pregnancy

    During this period, the woman must listen to your body. Symptoms such as abdominal pain, discharge should alert the woman. After their elimination in front of a woman is a difficult task, to try to protect yourself from anything that may cause miscarriage. On ultrasound the doctor sees the slightest deviation, and take measures to eliminate them. Women after IVF must not only undergo ultrasound examination, but also to pass tests for protein content. It is especially important in the first cycle of pregnancy.

    Second trimester

    The screening of the second trimester is an important part of pregnancy. Thanks to it you can identify all chromosomal abnormalities of the unborn child. Dangerous disease will also be identified. Before ultrasound is recommended to eat sweet, so the baby will be more active.

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    Ultrasound after IVF is a bit more often. For each cycle, so pregnancy has its own peculiarities and deviations that it is important to identify at an early stage. When the pregnancy in this way, women are more susceptible to complications. One of them is the pathology of the placenta.

    Because after IVF miscarriages happen often. When observing himself of the slightest deviation is an urgent need to go to the doctor.

    Third trimester

    For this cycle of pregnancy a woman is given much time. With the onset of 34 weeks you can carry out a CT scan to check the status of the fetus. When the first signs of premature birth you should immediately call an ambulance. When there are constant threats of miscarriage, better to spend my pregnancy in hospital on preservation. No matter when it is in the first stage of pregnancy or before birth. There is nothing wrong, but for the child’s condition can not survive.


    It is important to emotionally prepare the mother for childbirth. Based on how he feels the baby and the mother, the doctor chooses the method of delivery. But as practice shows, cesarean section in this case is carried out frequently. But will recover after normal childbirth, of course, easier. Even if this is not the first pregnancy.

    At each cycle of pregnancy it is important to establish a relationship with your doctor. A trusting relationship will help in childbirth and also in front of them in preparation.

    Pregnancy is beautiful phase in the life of parents. Thanks to IVF all failed to get pregnant ride step aside, but mom and dad will be able to see your baby.