First ultrasound during pregnancy: showing, training, the passage of


During pregnancy, the most informative survey is considered to be ULTRASONIC inspection. All pregnant women after standard gynecological examination, the doctor offers to take the first ultrasound. It is absolutely safe for women and children. It is prescribed even for the diagnosis of fetal development. There is nothing wrong if an ultrasound examination is recommended to go more standard three times.

During the first ultrasound screening of the fetus

Normal first ultrasound pregnant women are at 12-14 week. After a positive test, a woman is recorded to the gynecologist. The doctor interrogates the patient, recording the medical history. Then makes a standard inspection on the chair. Based on these results, the gynecologist sets forth the estimated date of conception. If during the examination the doctor notices some abnormalities and cannot determine the approximate date of conception, then he recommends to pass ultrasonic diagnostics in 5 weeks of pregnancy.

If the gynecologist recommends to have an ultrasound examination at an earlier date then it is for a good reason. Do not ignore the instructions of the doctor, as any pathological deviations from the norm easier to solve, just a little.

Ultrasound scanning in early pregnancy

Some women mistakenly believe that in 5-6 weeks nothing is seen. But when you consider that the menstrual cycle is regular, then the gynecologist will easily define the date of conception. Ultrasound can not only see how many embryos are developing, but also to hear the heartbeat. The doctor-the ultrasound in this term will make only two measurements — SVD and CTE. They will help with accuracy up to ±3 days to set the period of pregnancy. Irregular menstruation this survey will clarify the presence of a fertilized egg, and will allow you to put more accurate term.

Starting from 6-7 weeks, the embryo has formed arms and legs and it is now possible to observe the first movements of the fetus. A 7-8 week some internal organs have already been laid and continue to build. Can be seen using ultrasound rudiments of the eyes, nose, upper lip. Handle is bent and unbent.

When SVD is more than 14 mm, and the body of the embryo cannot be seen by the doctor-ultrasound notes in the report that is missing the dynamics of the development of the embryo. This medical condition is called a frozen pregnancy.

Ultrasound examination in early pregnancy is carried out with the aim of eliminating the frozen, false and ectopic pregnancy. Do not neglect the recommendations gynecologist, as it was in this period, you can avoid serious consequences in pathological deviations.

When to go to the first scheduled ULTRASOUND diagnosis in pregnancy

Normal first ultrasound gynecologist recommends for a period of 12-13 weeks. This period is more informative in pathological abnormalities at the chromosomal level in the fetus.

What pathology of the fetus eliminate an ultrasound at 10-14 weeks:

  • Deviations in formation of neural tube.
  • Patau Syndrome. Based in the presence of bone deformities in the fetus.
  • Omphalocele. This diagnosis is the presence of internal organs outside the abdominal cavity. They are located in the hernial SAC.
  • Down Syndrome. The normal set of chromosomes composed of 23, and when this syndrome is present, one extra.
  • Edwards Syndrome. In this disease in children exhibit multiple defects of internal organs, and also noted the profound mental underdevelopment.
  • Syndrome de Lange. The presence of multiple malformations of the skeleton, the internal organs of the fetus.
  • Triploidy. When the cells of the fetus instead of a single set of chromosomes have three.
  • Syndrome Smith-Opitz. Is conditioned by the insufficient quantity of one of the enzyme involved in cholesterol synthesis. Children are born with very little body mass, with a slight increase and various malformations of the parts of the body.

The doctor holds the ultrasound screening, which checks the symmetry of the hemispheres of the brain. Exploring its structure, which must meet certain standards in pregnancy. Examines the location and condition of internal organs. The screening physician provides measurements of head, abdomen, distance from head to coccyx as well as the length of the bones of the arms and legs of the baby. The doctor said the ultrasound how many fetuses developing in the uterus.

Certain standards for each week of fetal development at the gynecologist-uzist listed in the table of programs, which is installed on the ultrasound scanner. It shows the differences in the dynamics of fetal development. Throughout the procedure, the doctor-uzist rotates the monitor image of the unborn child’s parents repeatedly. You can take a snapshot or record of the baby flash card.

The most informative screening for abnormalities at the chromosomal level is performed at 10-14 weeks. During the first ultrasound the doctor conducting the ultrasound measurements of the fetus, which writes to the log. In case of detection of any abnormalities, the doctor advises to address to the gynecologist soon.

How to prepare for ULTRASOUND examination

Before you go on ultrasound examination need to prepare.

  1. Three days before the examination it is necessary to abandon the use of products that cause flatulence. For example, sweet drinks, beans, butter cakes, stewed cabbage, and so on.
  2. Transabdominal ULTRASOUND scan. Three hours before the beginning of the diagnosis it is not recommended to empty the bladder. A full bladder displaces the bowel loops out of sight of the uterus, which allows more accurate examination and better visualization of the embryo and the uterus.
  3. If the doctor one day with an UZI appointed to undergo colono — or gastroscopy, then ULTRASOUND screening need to go through first. Other procedures can be carried out through injection of air into the intestine.
  4. Transvaginal us scan. For the procedure to bring a condom to the ULTRASONIC sensor of the scanner.

To take do not need anything, all you need (Shoe covers, disposable towel, disposable wipes) for the procedure is in office at the doctor-diagnostician.


5 week GYN recommended to do an ultrasound examination to exclude any pathological course of pregnancy or set to the correct date of conception. If during the examination no abnormalities were found, then the doctor will prescribe routine ULTRASOUND diagnostics in a period of 12-13 weeks. The first ultrasound to see how many fertilized eggs present in the uterus, where is implanted the embryo and hear the heartbeat, measure heart rate, head size, tummy, handles, legs. All data is recorded in the Protocol that after the procedure, is handed pregnant.

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