Gastroscopy of the stomach without swallowing probe: indications, preparation


Gastroscopy is a highly informative study of the gastric mucosa and 12 duodenal ulcer. Currently, it has become possible gastroscopy of the stomach without swallowing the probe is a promising research method, which is gaining popularity. Unlike other methods gastroscopy can be detected in tiny foci of erosions or other minor defects that cannot be detected in other ways. Standard fibrogastroduodenoscopy (EGD) is an unpleasant procedure, and in some cases it is performed under General anesthesia, but most use local anesthesia. It does not eliminate the occurrence of the gag reflex with the passage of the probe through the oropharynx.

Study, without probe

Since 2000 was used gastroscopy without swallowing the probe. Method is called capsule endoscopy, and allows you to diagnose the condition of the mucous membrane not only of the stomach but also intestine over its entire length. Quality preparation is possible to obtain excellent results, which are impossible in the framework of a standard survey according to the traditional technology.

Study of the gastrointestinal tract (GIT) «from the inside» is shown in many of the States, and among the main indications are:

  • prolonged pain syndrome with an unclear doctor cause;
  • persistent dyspepsia;
  • the reduction of hemoglobin in blood, iron-deficiency;
  • malabsorption of nutrients and micronutrients in the intestine;
  • suspicion on the tumor process;
  • Crohn’s disease and other diseases of an inflammatory nature in the intestine;
  • peptic ulcer disease;
  • suspected polyps, parasitic diseases and occult blood.

Despite the convenience for the patient and informative for the doctor, such a survey could not be conducted in a number of situations. Capsule endoscopy will not assign in severe violation of swallowing function in patients with intestinal obstruction, gastrointestinal strictures or fistulae, bleeding obvious. No people with a pacemaker.

After the capsule is swallowed, the patient must comply with certain restrictions – it can be a diagnostic MRI, it is undesirable to be near the x-ray sources, or strong electromagnetic fields.

This can bring the electronics of the capsule of the system, and the study will have to be repeated again. Such restrictions are not more days until the capsule is in the body, but to respect them a must – experience electronics capsule «strength» should not.

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Before you check the stomach without the patients disliked the «tube», requires careful preparation. It begins 5-7 days before the date of the study, and to designate a fairly strict diet. In compliance with the performance of treatments will be drastically reduced, which is a pity for the patient, given the high cost of such a survey. During the preparatory weeks excludes all the heavy food – thick soups, fatty meats, fried foods. Anything that contains large amount of starch is also banned, as well as soft drinks.

About all medicines prescribed by other specialists, it is necessary to notify the doctor prescribing gastroscopy. May have to change frequency, go to another form or to temporarily abandon the use of certain medications. This primarily refers to preparations of iron, and others, is able to paint the stool. With the increased flatulence the day before procedures are prescribed special medication that reduces flatulence. The day of the survey to take food prohibited, allowed green tea or non-carbonated mineral water. Your doctor may prescribe laxatives or an enema.

The course of the capsule endoscopy

The study using special capsules done on an empty stomach, so always assigned to the morning hours. Small-sized capsule with a camera inside and led light is swallowed by the patient quite easily. Allowed her zapivanie a small amount of water. After this, the patient wears a special vest or cummerbund, which is a receiver that records the signal from the camera.

Then, it is necessary to check with your doctor whether you can eat certain foods, exercise and meds. Generally, no restrictions, and the patient leads a familiar way of life. At this time, the capsule «examines» the mucous membranes of the gastrointestinal tract, and can do 80 to 120 thousand pictures. All information is stored in the recording device, and at the end of the study for physicians. Capsule as a one-time leaves the body naturally.

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Informativeness depends entirely on how responsible the patient reacted to the preparatory stage. Any violations in the course of preparation will inevitably lead to lower efficiency of survey, and the need for repeated studies using other methods.

Independently review the scope of information collected capsule, is not possible, so all the data is loaded into a computer and processed by special software. As a result, the doctor gets full information about the state of the digestive tract. Shortcomings in technique are almost there. Some restrictions on the prevalence imposes high cost of research, which pays off excellent informative and timely – all data are available during the day. Complications practically does not occur – very rarely, the capsule gets stuck in the intestines, and requires its extraction by means of a flexible endoscope.