How long can the EGD procedure?


Fibrogastroscopy (EGD) is the method of instrumental diagnostics, which is carried out with the help of endoscopic equipment. While surveying the esophagus, stomach and duodenum. This procedure is called a gastroscopy.

The probe is inserted through the mouth. As it is equipped with a video camera and light source, the doctor can assess the condition of the mucous membranes of these organs. Through injected through the instrument channel of tools he can do some surgery.


The duration of EGD may be different. How long the procedure depends on its type and goals. If gastroscopy is performed only for diagnostic purposes, its duration does not exceed 15 minutes. If this examination is performed with therapeutic and diagnostic purposes, the procedure time increases to 40 minutes.

Quite often the doctor can’t say exactly how long it will take by the time of this study, as it is in the process of conducting he assesses the defeat and decides which scale medical intervention required.

The duration of the procedure depends more on how people will be psychologically positive. If the patient is relaxed, the probe will pass through the esophagus easily. But if the patient is tense, the tube may stop in the esophagus, and even to injure its wall. The procedure will be delayed significantly, because you need to repeat it again.

In the stomach the endoscope already moves easier. Therefore, the examination of the stomach and duodenum is much faster.

EGD diagnosis

Most often the gastroscopy was performed to determine the presence of inflammation of the gastric walls. That is, in acute and chronic gastritis. Also, with this study, you can make a diagnosis of duodenal ulcer. When it is determined by inflammation which arose for different reasons. And additionally you can diagnose:

  • Esophagitis and reflux esophagitis.
  • Peptic ulcer disease localized in the stomach and duodenum.
  • Neoplastic processes.
  • Duodenitis.
  • Gastroezofagealny reflux disease.
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The standard diagnosis of the above cases, the probe is gradually carried through the esophagus, stomach to the duodenum. How long is the procedure EGD in different situations? To assess the condition of the mucous membranes need no more than 15 minutes.

With regard to varicose veins, obstruction of the esophagus and stomach, for the diagnosis will require no more than 5 minutes.

Do not take a long time for the EGD of the stomach in such cases, as the definition of acidity in the stomach, cauterizing the vessel that is bleeding, sampling of biological material for determining the presence of H. pylori, taking material for biopsy. Thus, important data for the diagnosis of serious diseases you can get in just a few minutes.

Due to the different nozzles during the study, you can quickly take biological material for analysis, to remove polyps or foreign body, to cauterize the vessel for a few minutes.

The duration of training

A gastroscopy is a medical procedure that is necessary to carefully prepare. The timing is also important, as do a gastroscopy on an empty stomach. 24 hours before the procedure you need to eat only a light meal. And dinner prior to the gastroscopy to be held not later than at 19.00, it should not include a large amount of food. Morning is already prohibited. Water allowed to drink in small SIPS not later than 2 hours prior to the FGS. Consequently often routine gastroscopy of the stomach, is assigned on the morning. 3 hours before the procedure, the person is forbidden to smoke. These terms are very important to observe.

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Sometimes the patient is administered drugs to speed up the process of digestion, namely, enzymes It is justified if it is a short time from the last meal. For example, if a gastroscopy is assigned on an emergency basis.

If the procedure is performed without anesthesia, local anesthesia is used. This can be a special spray, which irrigate the throat, or the patient will need to rinse the throat analgesic solution. After 5 minutes it is already possible to introduce the probe. But if the gastroscopy will be carried out with remedial measures, that is, the duration will be more than 20 minutes, the local anesthetic will not be effective. As with any surgical operations using the endoscope, the patient will feel pain.

If you want anesthesia or sedation (medication sleep) that training increases by 10-30 minutes, as the anesthesia is administered intravenously. After artificial sleep and General anaesthesia, and after 1-2 hours after awakening, the person can go home. Only doctors do not recommend to drive a vehicle for 24 hours after this procedure.

After gastroscopy a person can feel temporary discomfort. Usually for 30 minutes can still be retching.


The time of the gastroscopy depends on the quality of gastroscopic equipment. In many modern hospitals already have the machine, which is equipped with advanced ultrasonic sensor. This makes it possible to determine parameters such as the thickness of the gastric walls and to determine whether there are seal. Lasts gastroscopy with such modern equipment as much as the standard study, but it is much more expensive.

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Rarely diagnostic study lasted more than 10 minutes. Usually this is done in 7-8 minutes. Many patients notice that they feel only discomfort.