How long is laparoscopic gallbladder removal?


Cholecystectomy laparoscopic method is the most safe way to remove the gallbladder or stones from it or its ducts. Surgery accompanied by minimal blood loss and tissue damage, which facilitates the recovery period. The intervention is performed through several small incisions of the anterior abdominal wall, so scars are left. In the qualitative preliminary diagnosis of complications is almost not observed, and after 8-10 days the patient is discharged from hospital.

In some cases, preferable laparoscopic access?

How to carry out the operation, the doctor decides the patient is taken into consideration, but always take into account possible risks that may prevent the completion of the operation laparoscopically. The main evidence for the purpose of laparoscopic surgery are:

How long the operation can only say approx. The minimum duration of laparoscopy gallbladder is about half an hour. As required the surgeon to remove the bladder in perfect conditions which are rare. The first, which increases the total time of intervention – introduction of patient to anesthesia. In many patients, it may take 15-30 minutes.

If the patient is obese, the operation time will be longer to get to the operated area in this case is not so easy. The presence of even small adhesions also impede the access, and the surgeon may need to do additional puncture of the abdominal wall, to provide a complete and comfortable access is also takes extra time. But it will allow you to finish the transaction selected by the method and to avoid damaging internal organs.

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If during the operation it is noted the threat of the expiration of bile, the duration of the procedure increases, and can be up to 1.5 hours excluding the time of anesthesia. Any complications that were diagnosed during the operation, increase its duration. In some cases, to finish the intervention by laparoscopy is not possible. If there is a possibility of dangerous complications that cannot be resolved through torasco, the decision on laparotomy. In the end, the question how long is the surgery laparoscopic gallbladder removal can only be answered after.

How long is the recovery period?

If the operation is completed without complications, the recovery period takes place easily, and within a week the patient is discharged from hospital. Within 5-6 hours after transfer from the operating person is required to comply with bed rest, and then allowed to sit up in bed, and then to get out of bed. Eating the day of surgery is excluded. Allowed a small amount of still water.

To move after surgery so active as the status.

The best is to walk. This will allow the gas introduced during the operation, faster to leave the body. Additionally, early movement will restore normal peristalsis.

On the second day allowed to eat, preferring easy food. Be sure to drink plenty of water – at least 1.5-2 liters. After laparoscopic gallbladder removal requires life-long diet. It is based on a medical table # 5. Pain syndrome after laparoscopy unexpressed – required analgesics for 1-2 days and 4-5 days discomfort almost cease to bother.

If rehabilitation is not complicated, in two weeks the patient returns to normal life, but given new dietary restrictions. Allowed light physical work and sports. To lift weights over 5 kg, it is recommended not sooner than six months after the surgery if there are complications this period may be longer. During recovery it is important to listen to your feelings, especially in the early days. The appearance of non-specific symptoms should alert, and they must be reported to your doctor, as some complications may develop after discharge from the hospital.