How much is a laparoscopy?


Laparoscopy – surgery in the abdominal cavity, characterized by a low invasiveness. The operation is performed using special equipment – a laparoscope with optical equipment. Surgical intervention is performed with diagnostic and therapeutic purposes. The method is widely applied in urology, General surgery and gynecology. Laparoscopy is used in both public and private clinics. The cost of surgery depends on the purpose of the meeting, the location and other features. This article will examine the use of the cost method in gynecology. For example, how much is a laparoscopy of fallopian tubes and what are the characteristics? Or, how the method is used to remove ovarian cysts?

Now, laparoscopic surgery in gynecology are performed urgently or in a planned manner. Currently, a large part of gynecological interventions performed by laparoscopy.

Indications for diagnostic emergency nature are as follows:

  • Suspected perforation of the uterine wall in the conduct of medical or abortion diagnostic dilatation and curettage.
  • Diagnosis of apoplexy (rupture) of the ovary, progressive ectopic pregnancy, tumor ovary, acute inflammation of the uterus, ovaries with lesions of the peritoneum, the torsion legs cysts, necrosis of myoma node.
  • Increasing pain in the lower abdomen.

In public hospitals, the operation by this method is carried out, as a rule, in the framework of the provision of free medical care.

However, in some cases, laparoscopy may be offered to the patient on a fee basis. In the commercial clinics, this service will cost much more.

Laparoscopy ovaries and fallopian tubes

The example of laparoskopii when polycystic ovarian syndrome and surgery on the fallopian tubes consider in more detail the procedure for the provision of services and price range.

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After the diagnosis of ovarian cysts doctor individually decides on the tactics of treatment of the patient. If the disease is impractical to treat it with medication way is assigned to laparoscopy ovarian cyst or fallopian tubes.

The patient prior to surgery, you need to prepare:

  1. To perform a series of laboratory tests of blood and urine tests, including tumor markers.
  2. To conduct a colon cleanse before surgery, all the rules of surgical training.
  3. To arrange elastic bandaging of the lower extremities to prevent thromboembolic events.
  4. To warn the patient of not receiving food and water the day of surgery. Because laparoscopy is performed under General anesthesia, the requirement is an empty stomach to prevent aspiration of vomit.

What is the advantage of laparoscopic surgery over conventional abdominal surgery?

  • the risk of adhesions is much lower;
  • there are no complications in abdominal wall hernias;
  • fast recovery time after surgery;
  • the use of lower doses of anesthetic drugs.

However, it is not always possible to carry out a laparoscopy. The procedure has contraindications:

  1. Serious infectious diseases with impairment of the General condition.
  2. Diseases of the heart and blood vessels in the stage of decompensation.
  3. Acute disorders of cerebral circulation.
  4. Adhesions in the abdominal cavity.
  5. Condition, accompanied by a blow-up of the intestinal loops.
  6. Purulent process in the abdominal cavity, covering most of abdomen.
  7. Shock associated with severe blood loss.
  8. Cancerous processes in tissues of the ovary.
  9. Intra-abdominal bleeding.
  10. Tumor in the ovary or fallopian tube.
  11. Surgery abdominal of the type conducted less than six months ago.
  12. Violation of the blood coagulation system.
  13. Obesity severe.
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Part of contraindications is relative. In each individual case the decision on carrying out the operation decided by the doctor based on the ratio of benefit and possible complications.

The price for the service in the territory of the Russian Federation

How much is a laparoscopy of the ovaries and fallopian tubes? The cost of surgery in different treatment settings may differ significantly.

For example, the average cost of services in commercial organizations is derived from the price of anesthesia, the procedure itself, to stay in the hospital (to pay the cost of the house for a day), meals and additional services.

The average in Moscow and Moscow region this service is from 23 to 120 thousand rubles. In the regions the prices can be somewhat lower. For example, in Novosibirsk, this service can cost from 12 thousand rubles, in Arkhangelsk – from 22 thousand rubles, in Krasnodar – from 15 thousand rubles.

The cost of the service in foreign clinics

The cost of gynecological laparoscopy abroad differs depending on the country, duration of stay of the patient in the clinic and the complexity of the operation. It is believed that the most expensive gynecologic laparoscopy in the United States. In second place – Israel and EU countries. Asian clinics offer the lowest price for service among foreign. The cost of the procedure depends on the status of the medical institution, the comfort of the chamber of qualification of a consultant and the surgeon. The highest prices for medical services are recorded in the clinics at universities and research centers. Most likely, this is due to the fact that medical staff in such institutions is highly qualified and academic ranks.

As a rule, service of foreign hospitals includes diagnostic procedures preparing the patient for surgery, the surgery, recovery in the early postoperative period and rehabilitation.

Approximately how many can build a laparoscopy ovarian or fallopian tube abroad?

According to the online resursov, the value of laparoscopic diagnosis in the United States in excess of$ 2000, current$ 10,000 or more. In Germany, diagnostic procedure costs about 1000-1500$, operational up to 8000$, in Israel, a diagnostics – to$ 1500, surgery and laparoscopy – the more than 4500$. In Asian countries this service is an average of 2 times cheaper than in Germany.

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As can be seen from the review of the cost of laparoscopic procedures is the lowest price offered by Russian clinics. Furthermore, choosing a treatment in Russia, the patient saves on transport costs. Flight to USA and back will cost almost a third of the cost of the treatment in the clinic.