How to clean the bowel before colonoscopy: remedies and medicines


To any hardware examination of the colon should be prepared in advance. To clean the intestines before a colonoscopy is necessary not only to coloproctologist saw a clear picture of what is happening and prevent the production of erroneous diagnosis. Clean the walls of the colon are keys to this procedure. Agree, the difference between 10-20 minutes or the hour spent on an uncomfortable study significant. So how to conduct a bowel cleanse?

Full bowel cleansing for colonoscopy takes 3-4 days. It is held along two parallel paths. The first is the observance of a special diet. Diet to cleanse the bowel before a colonoscopy is called uncindery. It is necessary to refuse from vegetables, berries and fruits, and foods dishes and drinks that cause fermentation processes. You can drink tea, yogurt, and clear broth that is boiled beef, lean steam fish, cheese, biscuits, crackers. Portions should be small. They should have 5-6 receptions.

When the liquid from the mug will go away completely, you must close the tap and carefully remove the tip and lie down for 7-10 minutes. You can then empty the bowel. It should be remembered that after the act of defecation is necessary half hour to lie down, and only then proceed to the disinfection equipment.

To enema well-cleaned colon is recommended to consider the following nuances:

  • The amount of fluid for an adult is 2-2. 2 L.
  • The temperature of boiled water for the tendency to spastic constipation: +37 °C. the Rest of the recommended cold enema from +12 to +18 °C. So the bowel is cleaned better because cool water does not dissolve the fecal mass and is poorly absorbed by the walls.
  • To the colon was cleaned better, and the action of the enema was less annoying and stopped the fermentation processes, it is possible to use natural mineral alkaline water type soda – Borjomi, Essentuki, Luzhanska. To release the gas enough to heat it up to +42 °C and allow to cool to the desired temperature. You can prepare soda water: 2 liters of filtered water to dissolve 1 tsp of baking soda and 1 tsp. of rock salt, heated to + 40 °C, filtered and cooled.
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A cleansing enema should be put daily before bedtime. A good result is achieved if after the first evening of an enema, the procedure was repeated in the early morning.

Most of the doctors during the colonoscopy preparation is recommended to take Panangin. If there are no contraindications, the drug should be drunk daily – 1 tablet a day, after first meal.

Cleaning bowel enemas before colonoscopy is prohibited within 5 days after gastrointestinal operations, inflammation or cracks in any part of the colon, bleeding of unknown etiology or bleeding hemorrhoids. And how to cleanse the bowels prior to colonoscopy in such cases?

Clean the intestines with laxatives

As has been described above, in preparation for a colonoscopy, together with the beginning of the diet you should take your usual laxative medicines, or tools. But if the enema can not be set, ordinary laxatives do not. Need to guarantee complete cleaning of the walls of the intestine.

Today the most popular special laxatives drugs used prior to examination of the colon using the colonoscope, are drugs fleet Phoso Soda, Fortrans, Endophilic and Lowell.

If the selected fleet, the day before the procedure should be carried out at home and have to starve:

  • Breakfast – 200 ml of cool boiled water + 1 bottle (45 ml), dissolved in 100-120 ml of water + 200-400 ml of water;
  • lunch – 200 ml nenavisti beef broth + 200 ml and weak unsweetened tea + tablet panangina and 200 ml of water;
  • in the evening – totally «repeat Breakfast»;
  • optionally water can be drunk during the day and to 24-00.
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The effect of the drug occurs individually. Someone reaction will occur in 30 minutes, some breaks will need up to 6 hours.

In applying the Fortrans, the day before the colonoscopy shall describe the following:

  • lunch – slimy soup made of oatmeal or barley, or pure beef broth;
  • after 2 hours – 1 pack of the drug to dissolve in 1 liter of still water and drink 200 ml every quarter of an hour;
  • dinner (around 19:00) – 2 pack (if your weight меньше80 kg) or 3 packets (if mass greater than 80 kg) of Fortrans dissolved in 3 liters of water, and drink until midnight.

As a rule, defecation starts after 60 to 120 minutes after taking the first glass of the drug solution and ends after 3-4 hours after eating last.

In the case of using the means of Endophallic, the day before the test swipe under the scheme:

  • Breakfast – 100 g of cottage cheese, unsweetened tea, 1 tablet of Panangin, 200 ml of water;
  • before dinner – to prepare a drug solution, and then put it in the fridge in 3 liters of dissolving 6 bags of Antofalla, but if there is a tendency to chronic constipation, then 4 liters of water should take 8 doses of packets;
  • lunch 13:30 – oat slime soup;
  • from 16:00 to 20:00 (approx) you need to drink a solution of Antofalla every 15 minutes at 150-220 ml.

Expected approximate bowel movement will be from 18:00 to 23:00.

To clean the bowel using Loukola will need 1 standard packing of 15 doses-sachets. After a lightweight Breakfast, don’t forget Panangin at 14:00 meat or chicken broth. Starting from 16:00 fractional drink 4 cups of the drug solution every hour. Around 20:00 this procedure must end. The first defecation will be somewhere around 17:00-18:00 and go to bed after 23:00. If your weight exceeds 80 kg, you need to buy extra dosage bags in 1 package for every 5 kg of «extra» body weight.

Laxatives fleet Fosfo Soda, Fortrans,Endophilic and Lovacol frees surveyed from setting evening enema.

And finally, recall that on the day of the colonoscopy to eat and not drink. However, to support the body directly before the test you can drink a small amount of warm weak tea with a small amount of sugar or honey.