How to get the radiation out of the body after the x-rays?


Certainly in the world there is not one person who at least once were not subjected to x-ray irradiation. Well even if during life comes only once a year chest x-ray examination. But what about those who have to repeatedly take on the radiation? Because x-rays are used in diagnosing the condition of the teeth, internal organs, musculoskeletal system, blood vessels, and so on. Is it possible somehow to resist the radiation, and whether you need it to do – try to understand.

What are x-rays?

Roughly speaking, the x-ray radiation is a stream of electromagnetic waves. It can be compared with a ray of light, but only penetrating through the body. The difference in density of the structures gives an image on picture or screen. The resulting x-ray information is important and in some cases a decisive, moment in the diagnosis of many serious diseases.

Many people wonder «How to get the radiation after the conducted x-ray examination? What you can drink or take to keep the body from breaking?». In social practice there is a fairly methods that reduce tissue and body after the procedure.

  • Mandatory it is recommended to drink red wine. It is believed that it displays a good radiation and restores the immune system. It should be added that under irradiation, more likely to suffer red blood cells, and this drink, like wine, helps to normalize the process of hematopoiesis. Only it is, of course, must be natural.
  • In addition to wine suggest drinking milk. The belief that it promotes the excretion of toxins and radiation, there is a very long time, and proven by scientific studies. Milk can be drunk directly after the radiology procedure, and in the next few days.
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  • More radiation is useful to use freshly squeezed juices. You can use pomegranates and grapes, which have strong antioxidant properties (and it should in this case). These fruits contribute to the restoration of the integrity of the molecules and neutralize free radicals that are formed under the action of x-rays. The grapes for this purpose it is best to take red.
  • It is believed that iodine may help excrete the radiation, obtained after x-ray examination. Of course, it does not need. Just add in diet products, in sufficient quantity containing this element. This could be kelp, some marine animals, iodinated bakery products and so on.
  • Of medicinal plants that can help to get the radiation, has excellent reviews, the birch fungus chaga. To restore the body after an x-ray, you need to cut about 50 grams of dry mushroom, fill it with water (liter) and keep on the «bath» of about half an hour. This volume is necessary to drink during the day. The course is 2 weeks.
  • In addition, to bring the radiation can be applied Polifepan. In the preparation includes wood-lignin which has the ability to bind radionuclides and ions and remove them from the body.

How else can you reduce the harm of x-rays?

What else you need to do to protect yourself from the consequences? To minimize the risk of radiation, it is necessary that the survey was conducted on modern equipment. New x-ray machines give a lower radiation dose than older samples. This is achieved through a smaller amount of time which is required in order to take a picture.

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In addition, some foods are able to keep the radiation inside the body. These include, for example, eggs, bone broth, jelly and other cooked meat and bone meals. So, before you go in for x-rays should refrain from their use.

A fairly common recommendation is fasting. It really is able to restore damaged x-ray irradiation of cells. In the process of the lack of food in the body aktiviziruyutsya internal resources, cells and tissues get rid of any ballast, including from damaged structures, and then updated. However, despite the practical benefits, this method of getting rid of radiation and the recovery of the body is used not all.

You need to keep in mind that by themselves, x-rays do not accumulate in tissues and cells. They only cause damage at the molecular level.

When the machine is turned off, the effect stops. And in this case we can speak about the need to restore cells and not removing anything. Recovery time is individual and also depends on the dose and duration of exposure.

If used radionuclide method, with the introduction of contrast agents containing radioisotopes, it is necessary to ask your doctor about, how long this substance will decay. Also, he can learn that it is better to take to speed up the process of removing isotopes from the body.