How to prepare for abdominal ultrasound


Diagnostic ultrasound is the safest method of examination of the human body. Thanks to the ultrasound, the doctor looks at the internal organs, blood vessels, fetus. The main advantage of this method is its security. Radiation exposure is absent during the ultrasound examination. It is permitted for pregnant women and for children. Correct patient preparation for ultrasound guarantee a successful survey. Her and the focus of this article.

Why a necessary preparation for abdominal ultrasound

During the ultrasound diagnostics of the abdominal cavity, the doctor evaluates the size of the internal organs, their texture, condition of the walls, a relief. The objectivity and correctness of results depends on these factors:

Diet before abdominal ultrasound is expected to begin three days before the study. You should eat frequently and in small portions. Break between meals should not exceed three hours. In parallel with the diet, three days before the test, you must start drinking plenty of fluids.

Learn more about Tom. How to prepare for an abdominal ultrasound, see the table below:

Three days The evening before the examination On the day of the study
Eating small meals. Doctors advise to eat no more food than the size of your own fist. After the table there is a list of allowed foods during this period. There can be up to eight o’clock in the evening. Food the last day before diagnosis should be moderate. You need the day light products. It can be boiled vegetables, dairy products. From baked goods, legumes, milk, fatty meat should be abandoned. But does not starve. Ultrasound examination is carried out on an empty stomach. Any food is forbidden on this day. Although some doctors say that if the ultrasound is scheduled for the second half of the day, you can eat early in the morning.
On this day you can’t smoke the smoke from cigarettes can prevent.
Need to drink at least three liters of water daily. Drinking regime is the same as in the previous three days of training. In the morning you can drink only if you plan ultrasound of the bladder. If such examination will be conducted, the water should be removed.
From this day on, you need to start drinking enzymes. Much of a difference which drug you choose no. It can be Mezim, CREON, Festal, Pancreatin. Right to drink while eating. At 16.00 to drink a laxative. Two hours before the ultrasound diagnostics it is necessary to drink on an empty stomach sorbents. Can be coal, or a spoon of Enterosgel.
If you suffer from increased flatulence, right will start to drink sorbents. You can take coal, Smectite, Enterosgel, White coal. With increased flatulence need to drink a simethicone. The drugs with him: Espumizan, Meteospazmil. If no gas – you can do without these medicines. If the flatulence is in the morning, it would be correct to do a cleansing enema.
In the case when you plan to study the gallbladder, your doctor may prescribe you to eat in the morning on an empty stomach the sour cream, or drink a few tablespoons of vegetable oil.
You can’t take alcohol, even in moderate doses. It will distort the results of the study, no matter how much you didn’t drink it. Before bed to do a cleansing enema. Right to do it 12 hours before the procedure. This can’t drink antispasmodic drugs.
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The foods that you can eat for three days before the test

In this period it is necessary to refuse from fried, smoked, spicy. In the preparation of the diet, you should consider your diseases of the internal organs.

Here is a list of foods that can be consumed during this period:

  • Porridge. This can be buckwheat or oatmeal. Cooking them need water, and instead of butter, add the vegetable. How to eat them – you decide, but consider the volume of food that is specified in the table.
  • Boiled egg soft-boiled. You can have no more than one a day.
  • Boiled chicken, Turkey or chicken.
  • Dairy products is permitted if you have no bloating.

Rules of drinking regime in preparation for the study

Approximately need to drink not less than one and a half liters of water a day. How much of it you need it – you can count. To do this, multiply your weight by 30 ml. for Example, if you weigh 75 pounds, for proper operation of the internal organs before the examination, you need to drink at least 2250 ml of water.

It is better to drink non-carbonated water. But from coffee and tea right to refuse for this period.

In the morning, on an empty stomach, drink a glass of water. Drink warm water with frequent constipation, and cool – a tendency to diarrhea. During normal operation of the intestine – drink water at room temperature. How much to drink in the morning you decide.

Features of preparation for ultrasound in children

Children differ from adults not only in size but also by features in the internal organs. In the preparation of the child takes into account his age.

  1. Children under the age of one are allowed to feed for two hours, and water for an hour. If we are talking about a baby up to six months, fed breast milk and not drinking water — no need to give her to prepare to study.
  2. If the child is from one to four years, then he is prohibited to eat for four hours and water for one hour.
  3. In older children the preparation is almost the same as in adults – you can not eat 8 hours before the diagnosis.
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The list of drugs recommended for adults, such as adsorbents, laxatives may be different in children. All the medicines and their dosage must be selected by the attending physician pediatrician. The need for and amount of a cleansing enema is solved by the doctor.