How to scan x-ray: is it possible in the scanner?


  • About the equipment
  • What to choose?
  • After conducting x-ray studies may need to be digital, for example, in order to send the consultation to a doctor in another city. In addition, storing data electronically is convenient to many clinics and patients, having a copy of their medical records on the computer-never worry about accidental loss.

    This article will talk about what are the ways to zifrovaya x-rays, and which one to choose-to solve to the reader.

    Several ways to digitize

    X-ray, you can try to take a picture. It is better to use a good camera and take pictures directly from the densitometer ─ then there is a chance that the image will appear quite sharp and clear.

    The next option ─ to scan the radiograph.

    Is it possible to make efficiently at home, using a conventional scanner? You can try.

    Scanning at home

    A little advice for those thinking about how to scan x-ray at home, in the scanner:

    • X-ray is placed on the working surface of the scanner.
    • Top x-ray photograph covered with a transparent glass.
    • Zone over the need to illuminate a lamp may be suitable as a lamp for General lighting and table, as long as it possessed considerable power.
    • The scan should be in grayscale mode.
    • If the radiograph of large size, may need to scan his parts and then join using the graphical editor.

    Describes how even with all the above conditions may not produce a quality image, which would be enough to ensure that the physician was able to interpret. Most likely, the doctor will require the original of his hand, because for an accurate diagnosis you need the appropriate materials.

    For assistance ─ to the professionals

    To scan your x-rays is successful, it is best to contact a qualified copy center. There, for a small fee, will process x-ray film with the help of special equipment (scanner, x-ray images), using intended for this purpose, the mode. Scanned thus x-ray will be saved in the dicom format needed for the creation, storage, transmission and reproduction of medical documents and images.

    About the equipment

    Modern scanners x-rays work very quickly and digitized radiographs for a few seconds.

    Due to the different sizes of the devices they deal with x-ray films of different format.

    Optical resolution of the device allows to obtain clear and sharp images, transferring to the electronic form of the document the smallest details of the picture, because any little thing can have diagnostic value.

    I should say that this equipment is costly and before you go to the nearest copy center, you should make sure that they have it.

    What to choose?

    In modern conditions, almost all hospitals and medical centers together with the images on the tape after the study is handed to the patient and the digital version. So, for further consultation, absolutely no need to carry a large film enough digital media.

    If after radiography digital version has been received and you wondered how to scan x-ray, subject to availability, use the services of the copy center. In this case, you are guaranteed to receive a quality result that will not provoke the appearance of extra questions at the doctor, and thus help them correctly diagnose the disease or to monitor the success of the treatment.

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