If you can see it on ultrasound ectopic pregnancy?


Pregnancy – the long-awaited joyous event for many couples who are preparing for the baby’s arrival. But the first of the week and the coveted «two strips» can overshadow the medical diagnosis of ectopic pregnancy. How it happened and what to do to make the situation ended with possibly the least tragic?

The diagnosis of «ectopic pregnancy» can be heard before a woman even learns that she is pregnant. Implicit signs of doing it as a threat to the patient’s life – it sometimes requires emergency surgical intervention.

As it happens, an ectopic pregnancy, at what stage failed?

In normal healthy women monthly Matures 1 egg. On the day of ovulation it leaves the follicle and some time is in the space of the abdominal cavity between the ovary and the mouth of the fallopian tubes. Fallopian tube is not fixed «jajtsekletkoj». She makes a special contractile movement, not just «luring» the female sexual cell in its lumen, but also promoting it to the uterus.

When the time of ovulation (it is possible to define special test) will be unprotected intercourse in the reproductive system of women gets sperm in every way they will seek to merge with the egg. Nature has provided a lot of tricks to their meetings – and a small opening of the cervix, and a special slime in it, and the capacity of healthy male germ cells to move quickly due to the movable flagella.

The sperm and egg usually meet in the fallopian tube, merge, and formed a zygote – the first cell of a future human. It begins to divide, gradually turning into the embryo moves into the uterus and attaches there for further growth and development. Approximately a period of 4 weeks the embryo is well seen on ultrasound, and in the period of 6 weeks the doctor can identify the signs of fetal heart rate. Paid centers the doctor will usually show the expectant mother her baby.

However, the sex cells of men and women can meet and the ovary, and is free floating in the abdominal cavity and in the uterus. When a fallopian tube is badly reduced and not capable of moving the embryo into the uterus or have a connective tissue adhesions, preventing the passage of the embryo, the pregnancy may gain a foothold in another place in the tube itself (in 70% of cases), on the surface of the ovary or elsewhere in the abdominal cavity.

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No body is fit for pregnancy, except the cervix. She just has enough stretch to provide the fetus adequate blood supply. Even if the attachment of the embryo has occurred and the fetus is alive, he still eventually will die and kill the mother. The history of medicine there are several unique cases, when ectopic pregnancy women wore up to the time of viability of the fetus, but this is a serious threat to the life of the patient.

Signs of ectopic pregnancy

The difficulty lies in the fact that in the early period the woman is unable to determine that something was wrong. As with physiological pregnancy, the patient will delay menstruation, engorgement and breast enlargement will change your taste preferences and relevant to smells, you may encounter unstable mood, nausea and vomiting. All these symptoms are caused by an increase in the blood level of the hormone progesterone, and it happens regardless of the point of attachment of the embryo.

There are several symptoms that should alert pregnant and get immediately consult a doctor:

  • pulling or cramping pain in the lower abdomen;
  • pain in the rectal area;
  • admixture of blood in the vaginal secretions;
  • increased pain during physical activity;
  • malaise and weakness.

There is another suspicious sign: pharmacy test for home use may be negative even with a large delay menstruation – the second strip is barely visible or it is not visible. This is due to the insufficient level of HCG – human chorionic gonadotropin – hormone secreted by implantation of the embryo in the uterine wall.

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How to determine ectopic pregnancy in a small time?

To rule out or confirm this condition, it is necessary to do 2 treatments:

  1. Ultrasound of the pelvic organs;
  2. dynamic monitoring of the level of HCG in the blood.

Ultrasound can be done in two ways – transvaginal (when the sensor is inserted into the vagina) and transabdominal (viewing through the surface of the abdomen). The first method is most reliable, as the closer the sensor to inspect the tissues and organs, the better you can see the signs of trouble.

With transvaginal ultrasound it is possible to see an ectopic pregnancy on a period of 4-6 weeks, depending on the resolution of the instrument and experience of the doctor. If the result is doubtful, repeat the procedure in 1-2 weeks: the larger the embryo, the better it shows the sensor.

That the survey is as accurate as possible and signs of disease was clearly visible, a woman should be prepared for ultrasound:

  • not to eat before the examination, cabbage, black bread, legumes and take Espumizan or other carminative, otherwise the gases of the intestine can «not show» symptoms of a disease
  • to come to a diagnostic ultrasound with a full bladder.

Under normal location of the embryo the level of HCG increases daily blood 2 times, and ectopic pregnancy such regularities may not be observed, and the level of interest significantly lower hormone.

Further tactics

If the ultrasound shows an ectopic pregnancy, a woman is referred to the gynaecology hospital for her interruption.

To bring the fetus to birth a healthy child is impossible, and procrastination one day threaten the life of the mother. The gestational age determined by medical tactics.

Abortion can be done in several ways:

  • Medical abortion is a procedure when special drugs artificially cause the woman has a miscarriage. The application can be only in the early period of pregnancy, allows you to save a fallopian tube.
  • Laparoscopic intervention is performed multiple punctures of the abdominal wall in the pelvic cavity are special tools with which a fallopian tube incision, the embryo is removed and the tube is sutured and stored. Both of these methods do not affect a woman’s ability to later conceive and carry a pregnancy.
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  • Laparotomies operation has to do when an ectopic pregnancy cannot determine after the rupture of the fallopian tube, the onset of bleeding and the risk of peritonitis. Extra, the incision is performed, and the damaged pipe is removed along with the embryo. The probability of conception in subsequent decreases in 2 times in comparison with healthy women.

When you can at least a bit of hope that the ovum will descend from the fallopian tube to the uterus, the physician will take a wait and will control the symptoms with the help of ultrasound procedures.

Causes of ectopic pregnancy

There is a list of circumstances that increase the probability of such a diagnosis:

  • moved STIs;
  • acute and chronic inflammatory diseases of the ovaries and fallopian tubes;
  • endocrine diseases;
  • anomalous structure of the organs of the reproductive system (too long or convoluted fallopian tube);
  • chronic stress;
  • unhealthy lifestyle, especially can negatively impact maternal Smoking;
  • the disease of the abdominal cavity, causing adhesions (appendicitis, peritonitis, etc.).

How to protect yourself from the terrible diagnosis?

To eliminate the possibility of ectopic pregnancy, plan to conceive together with your partner in advance. Complete a detailed examination, cure the hidden disease. A woman should take a course of vitamin therapy and give up bad habits. Be healthy with the baby!