Is it possible to do x-rays and ultrasound in one day?


Despite the diversity of methods of hardware diagnostics, diseases that exist today, radiography and ultrasound remain the most popular. Their frequent use and application for diagnosis can explain the simplicity, ability to quickly get results, informativity and low cost. There are times that in one day the doctor prescribes an x-ray and ultrasound examination (or simply the need arises). Many people thus there is a question: «is it possible one day to do x-rays and ultrasound?».

Why there is such a fear? If you peruse posts on different forums where people ask this question, you will notice that both procedures are considered (in most cases) irradiation. As well as simultaneous irradiation of radiation is not recommended even in small doses, respectively, of the patient feel fear for their health. Therefore, before to answer this question, we need to take a closer look, what are these two diagnostic methods.

X-ray there are certain limitations, that is the year a person can do such a procedure only a certain number of times.

It is possible to calculate, based on each received doses of radiation. Despite the fact that a single survey does not lead to the development of pathologies in the body, more important is the cumulative dose for the year.

What is ultrasound examination?

In the diagnosis by ultrasound, ultrasonic waves are used, that do not relate to ionizing. They are considered safe for humans, so the procedure is allowed to pass an unlimited number of times. Once inside the body, ultrasound reflect the state of those tissues that are not visible on x-ray. This gives the ability to deliver more accurate diagnosis in cases of dispute.

In some cases, the doctor may prescribe ultrasound, and x-rays?

Conduct both diagnostic procedures may be required for many reasons. You can find, for example, a situation where it is urgent to establish an accurate diagnosis, and conducted (or something or other) the study provides insufficient information. In another case, for example, requires an examination. One day in a private clinic and you will pass the ultrasound, and x-ray study and an electrocardiogram, and other examinations.

Another option of having to undergo both diagnostic procedures in one day may be, for example, trauma. If the person in the morning did an ultrasound, and later (in the day) sprained his leg, of course, in the emergency room he will do x-rays.

In some medical centers now even offer services to a comprehensive diagnosis (as a preventive measure or as indicated), and in which ultrasonic procedure, x-ray and conducting simultaneously the same doctor. It is believed that this approach gives more effective results.

Features simultaneous ultrasound and x-rays

If you have to pass both examinations on a single organ or region of the body, there are some nuances. For example, women older than 40 years are not recommended to undergo ultrasound breast examination after mammography, as in this case, x-ray examination is the most informative.

Another point, it is believed that the ultrasound after x-rays were carried out with the use of contrast agents, it is impractical.

So, after done x-ray examination of the kidneys, which used the contrast entered the drug can coat the image on the monitor during the ultrasound. Between these procedures will take some time. Usually, not more than 3 days, but it is better to check with the attending physician.

Thus, it appears that to do an x-ray and ultrasound in a single day is possible, if they use contrast dye. Safety is the simultaneous application of both diagnostic methods is confirmed by the responses of doctors in many medical forums and medical reference sites. Based on the fact that the procedures are different mechanisms (in this case ultrasound is considered harmless), holding them at the same time is not dangerous for health.

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