Is it possible to have sex before and after a colposcopy?


Colposcopy is a diagnostic method in gynecology, with a help of a special device – colposcope. This device looks like a binocular microscope with a light source. The advantage of this examination is that the colposcope is able to zoom up to 40 times. It is possible to qualitatively assess the condition of the mucous membranes of the vagina and cervix. Colposcopy is an important study, so you need to adhere to certain rules, to prepare for and to follow the doctor’s recommendations after the meeting. So the question «Can I have sex after a colposcopy?» is very justified.

When the survey is conducted?

Obligatorily colposcopic study for suspected:

It is noted that if during the colposcopy they hold any medical event, the doctor gives recommendations for future lifestyle. In this case, the woman should refrain from sexual activity for several days.

Often after colposcopy in women discharge starts. They can go different amounts of time. In this case, you have to wait until they pass. Because it all depends on the individual organism.

Discharge after colposcopy is normal.

As during the procedure of the fabric treated with different chemicals. The cervix is first cleaned of slime, and then is treated with a solution of acetic acid and iodine. This helps the doctor to identify abnormal areas of the cervix. The amount of discharge also depends on the amount of material taken for biopsy.

Even after discharge to have sex only with the barrier means of contraception. And it is also forbidden to use tampons, douching and suppositories.

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Sex life before the procedure

It is important to know whether you can have sex before a colposcopy. To obtain reliable results during the examination the doctors recommend to abstain from sex before the study. This period should be 1-2 days.

If sexual intercourse prior to colposcopy was, the woman must warn the doctor.

To refrain from sexual activity for 1-2 days is necessary to the doctor had the opportunity to evaluate the color and surface of the mucosa, vascular pattern, whether there are altered areas of the epithelium, open or closed glands.

Besides sexual intercourse is not recommended douching, use of tampons, suppositories, and other vaginal means if the doctor has not appointed them.

Sex life after the procedure

All time individual. If no therapeutic manipulation during the procedure was not carried out, to resume sex can be in the day of the survey. But if the doctor took the material for a biopsy, to abstain from sex have 10-14 days as a result of sexual intercourse may disrupt the integrity of the tissue healing. In any case, the timing will need to check with a physician.

Special attention to abstinence should be given, if the colposcopy was carried out cauterization of cervical erosion. In this case, to refrain from sex is recommended for 1 month. Namely, to resume sexual activity will be possible after the next menstruation.

It is necessary that the fabric could fully recover.

And women after cauterization of erosion over 2-3 months is recommended to have sex only by using barrier contraception (condom), even if one sexual partner for a long time. It is important to prevent breaches is not yet fully recovered microflora.

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It should be noted that failure to comply with the doctor’s recommendations regarding timing can be fraught with complications. Namely, if the sexual act took place before the cessation of discharges, that may be a manifestation of characteristic symptoms:

  • Chills.
  • Pain in the abdomen.
  • The increase in body temperature.

If such symptoms happen, a woman should seek medical help.

Some time after the procedure, with biopsies a woman has no desire to live a sexual life, because after that there are unpleasant symptoms. For example, brown or pink discharge, burning sensation in vagina, pain or discomfort in the abdomen. After such a manipulation, these symptoms for 2-3 days is considered normal.