It shows an ultrasound of the thyroid gland?


During the last appointment, the doctor will prescribe to undergo thyroid ultrasound. Question to do or not is not even worth it! But immediately there is a lot more – why, why, soreness of the procedure and what should be the norm.

Thyroid ultrasound is a painless minimally invasive procedure. This informative study allows to identify the pathology of the organ and soft tissues of the neck.

Indications for ultrasound

The indications for this procedure are as follows:

  • the enlarged prostate;
  • the condition of hypothyroidism or thyrotoxicosis confirmed by laboratory tests;
  • menstrual irregularities in women not related to pathological processes in the ovaries, adrenal cortex, pituitary gland;
  • infertility of unclear Genesis;
  • miscarriage of unknown etiology;
  • attacks of breathlessness, heaviness in the trachea;
  • visual increase in the glands and soft tissues of the neck;
  • endocrine diseases of any character in history;
  • cases of cancer pathology of the thyroid, especially medullary cancer – a family history;
  • frequent contact with sources of ionizing radiation, ultraviolet radiation;
  • preventive measures.

Periodicity studies

How often have to undergo a thyroid ultrasound? It all depends on the patient’s diagnosis:

  1. Preventive measures – 1 per year.
  2. A comprehensive examination no disease symptoms – lump sum.
  3. Status after thyroidectomy (total or partial removal of a body regardless of diagnosis) – 2 times per year. During the treatment procedure have to do often, but not more than 3 times a week.
  4. Diagnosed nodes of any origin and grade – 2 times a year.

It shows an ultrasound of the thyroid gland? During the studies the doctor evaluates:

  • the size and volume fraction of body in General and in particular;
  • the condition and volume of the isthmus connecting the proportion of the gland;
  • the blood flow in the body and surrounding soft tissues of the neck;
  • the size and status of regional lymph nodes cervical, submandibular, axillary;
  • the presence and condition of the circuits nodes, cysts, calcification;
  • to assess the presence and size of metastases;
  • the correct operation of the swallowing apparatus, trachea.
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The procedure lasts no more than 10 minutes. Special preparation for the ultrasound of the soft tissues of the neck is not required. Research can be done in the position lying on back and sitting.

The results of the study

For proper interpretation of results in the world adopted the special reports of examination of the thyroid gland. In this procedure, the doctor writes the conclusion and the provisional diagnosis.

That should be reflected in the examination report:

  • Thyroid volume

Indicators such as thickness, length, width not bear the informative load. The doctor according to the received data to calculate the total amount of glands, each lobe separately, and as the volume of the isthmus.

Indicators of the isthmus and the shares are not cumulative. The area between the parts of the gland not involved in the production of thyroid hormones.

The doctor, on request, can compute the percentage deviation of the volume of the organ. But informative load this information does not carry.

  • The echogenicity of tissues

The decline of conductive ability of the thyroid gland is a symptom of the pathological process. It can be cystic masses, cancer pathology, calcification. As reference is used as an unmodified soft tissues of the neck.

In conclusion, the doctor must specify the number and amount of nodes, their location.

  • Echostructure of the gland

This figure indicates how well the tissue reflects the sound waves. Reduction echostructure also indicates the foci of disease in the body.

  • The condition and size of the surrounding modified and unmodified lymph nodes. The doctor may make assumptions about causes of changes in the lymph nodes.
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When to start worrying?

The norm parameters of the thyroid glands depend on the age and sex of the patient. These indicators recommended by the world Health Organization.

  1. In women, the normal volume of the organ is from 4.4 ml. of 18 maternity at any time – not more than 20 ml.
  2. For males, the norm is between 7.7 to 25 ml.
  3. In children, the parameters are dependent on height and weight.
The sex of the baby Age The volume of the breast, ml. (normal)
Boy 6 years 5,4
8 years 6,1
10 years 7,8
12 years 10,4
14 years 13,9
15 years 16,0
Girl 6 years 4,9
8 years 6,7
10 years 9,3
12 years 11,7
14 years 14,9
15 years 15,9

Echostructure considered normal fabric with a fine granular structure with the size less than 1 mm. If in the gland or soft tissues of the neck discovered the tumor, it is necessary to do additional tests.

Doctor of ULTRASONIC-diagnostics does not give an answer to the question about the grade or purity of a node.

Conclusion ultrasound is not the final verdict! The diagnosis can only endocrinologist on the results of a comprehensive survey. And even in the presence of pathological process is often to do an ultrasound is not necessary. Enough to adhere to the who recommended guidelines.