MRI in pregnancy: the effects of


With the advent of MRI has a unique opportunity to see any, even minor deviations in fetal development. Pregnant women are wary of the MRI and believe that there will be negative consequences from this procedure. Let’s find out, true if this assertion and is there a threat to pregnant MRI.

What you can learn with the help of MRI during pregnancy

All expectant mothers are very worried about the health of your child, which is still in the stomach. Not always with the help of ultrasound, you can see the status of the fetus, for example, if not his position on late-term or for obesity of the mother.

If using ultrasound it is impossible to see the development of some organs of the child, or diagnosed with any malformations of the fetus, to obtain more accurate information pregnant are sent to a CT scan, after which you can assign an effective treatment.

MRI often do, if there is a fetal malformation that is incompatible with its further development. In this case, consider the possibility of abortion.

Imaging allows you to see the following:

  • disruption of the Central nervous system;
  • abnormal development of the gastrointestinal tract, the heart;
  • of the tumor with determination of their exact size, location and intensity of growth.

Also, imaging is often prescribed for the diagnosis of the pregnant, because of its well-being depends on the development of pregnancy. If a woman has no contraindications, she can do an MRI of your back or brain.

Prerequisites for the scanner:

  • Pathology of the fetus detected by means of tests or an ultrasound.
  • Malfunction of the organs of the unborn child or mother.
  • Confirmation of the diagnosis if the indications for termination of pregnancy.
  • The confirmation or refutation of the presence of entities with size specifications and localization.
  • The inability of the ultrasound for some reason (maternal obesity).
  • Incorrect positioning of the fetus in the last trimester.

MRI in the first trimester of pregnancy

Pregnant scanner is harmless, there are no consequences after the study. On the contrary, this method of diagnosis may be of great benefit, since in time it is possible to identify malformations of the fetus and to cure them, which will allow to give birth to a healthy baby without any abnormalities.

But there are some caveats diagnosis in the first trimester, because at this time there is a fixation of the fetus in the uterus, the formation of its organs and systems, this period will be very hard to see in the picture. Moreover, the noise of the camera and bright light may affect the fetus. During this period, the main is complete peace of mind and stress situation.

Indications for MRI in the later stages safely. But some women did the MRI, not knowing his position in the early stages.

If the ultrasound diagnosed abnormalities of the brain at the initial stages of pregnancy, then imaging is required.

When planning pregnancy, and the presence of health complaints, doctors suggest that women do diagnosis of the organism, after it is possible to avoid serious illnesses that cannot be treated in pregnant women. It is worth to remember that pregnancy is a test of the woman’s body, a heavy load falls on the back, the pelvis, stomach and heart, therefore, to conceive a child should be treated with responsibility, giving him a healthy body.Pregnant women often need to scan the back.

Contraindications to diagnostic imaging

Can’t do scans if there are contraindications:

  • claustrophobia if you have claustrophobia, this type of research is invalid;
  • the presence of metal objects in the body (pacemaker, artificial limbs, electronic implants);
  • epilepsy;
  • weight more than 200 kg;
  • the state of alcoholic or narcotic intoxication.

Who ever did the diagnostics, did you know that before research is necessary to shoot metal objects (earrings, rings). If you have contraindications should alert the doctor.

The major myths about the MRI

Pregnant women, knowing about their situation, are afraid of magnetic resonance imaging, I think that will hurt the baby. Those who did the MRI say about the lack of consequences. Let’s try to answer the question exhilarating expectant mothers.

The principle diagnosis on the MRI is the magnetic field, patients who took the picture has not received any harmful radiation or bad effects.

Conclude, one woman who did the MRI, the health of an unborn child is not hurt. If there are no contraindications to this diagnosis.

The lack of air in the apparatus is a false fact. The procedure lasts half an hour, the patient is placed on the table and covered with a dome on the top only, there is a sufficient air permeability, it is possible to breathe freely. During the procedure, sitting still.

In the early stages tomography only be done for emergency indications, but in General it is safe for pregnant.

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