MRI of abdomen what does it indicate?


Magnetic resonance imaging of the abdomen gives an idea of the condition of the internal organs, blood vessels, nerves and lymph nodes of this region, as well as tissue and organs of retroperitoneal space. Using magnetic resonance to diagnose diseases that cannot be uniquely determined by other methods of imaging. The use of contrast agents or magnetic resonance spectrography makes scanning more informative and avoids the use of invasive methods of diagnosis such as biopsy and diagnostic laparoscopy, which can cause the body harm.

Who prescribed an MRI of the abdomen?

MRI of abdomen is often prescribed after a preliminary examination to confirm the diagnosis or clarify. Upon detection of a pathology in one of the organs make an aimed scan of the affected area. Often the pathological process is located at the stage of preliminary survey, in this case, it is advisable to appoint an MRI examination of the affected organ and not all the internal structures of the abdomen.

In the Protocol, MRI of abdomen is also included scans of the retroperitoneal space, which are at the same level. With this examination you can obtain information about the status of the following bodies:

  • Of the liver shows size and changes in the internal structure of the body, the presence of cavity and liquid formations, as the gallbladder and ducts, the presence of abnormal fluid in the subhepatic space.
  • Pancreas — makes it possible to see inflammation (both acute and chronic), tumors and cysts in the pancreas, and malignant neoplasm. Often magnetic scanning showing asymptomatic pancreatic cancer.
  • Spleen – to diagnose traumatic injuries of tumors of this organ, many of which are asymptomatic. Examination of the spleen is included in MRI of the abdominal cavity;
  • The kidneys and adrenal glands – diagnosis shows the internal structure of the kidneys and their departments, the urinary tract, tumor, or cyst. In the result of MRI of the abdomen is often diagnosed asymptomatic adrenal tumors.
  • The stomach, intestines, for their meaningful visualization requires special training, during MRI abdominal scan of these bodies do in a screening mode.
  • Lymph nodes of abdominal cavity and retroperitoneal space, blood vessels and nerves.
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In some cases, MRI uninformative?

If you want to explore the stomach to identify ulcers or tumors of the glandular layer to detect the concrements in the gall bladder or a tumor of the bowel, MRI of abdomen, in this case, less informative than an ultrasound or x-ray with contrast. Harm from such surveys will not, but good too.

This is why patients are advised to contact the doctor, not to appoint a research yourself. On the basis of clinical symptoms, the doctor will be able to determine the indications and contraindications, will prescribe the best method of diagnosis, which will allow you to see changes.

Not all diseases of the organs of the abdomen conveniently diagnosed by MRI, there are instances when the use of ultrasound or contrast radiography is preferable.

What can be seen on magnetic scan of the abdomen?

Using abdominal MRI to diagnose such diseases:

  • cirrhosis and fatty degeneration of the liver;
  • hydatid and amoebic liver cysts, abscesses;
  • benign and malignant tumors of the parenchymatous organs;
  • cystic lesion of the parenchymatous organs;
  • developmental abnormalities and degenerative processes in the kidneys and the ureters;
  • collections of blood or serous effusion within the peritoneum and retroperitoneal tissue space;
  • traumatic rupture of the liver or spleen;
  • violation of patency of abdominal vessels, including mesenteric thrombosis.

The preparation of the study and possible contraindications

To MRI of abdomen were as informative as possible, you need to reduce the lightness of the intestinal loops and eliminate their movement. Magnetic scanning requires absolute immobility of the organ being examined, so any misalignment can cause interference that will make the image inaccurate. In this case, doing the MRI will have to reconnect.

MRI of abdomen do on an empty stomach, before the study avoid foods that stimulate intestinal motility. Often the doctor prescribes a medication scheme for the preparation.

Contraindications to the study connected with the inside of the body of metal inclusions or electronic implantable devices. In addition, abdominal MRI with contrast is contraindicated in early-stage pregnancy, the second and third trimester you can do research, but with caution, provided that the potential benefits of research are greater than the possible harm.