MRI of the chest and mediastinum: what shows?


MRI of the chest, including the mediastinum – a research to examine the spine, ribs, diaphragm, lungs, heart and large vessels. Usually a CT scan is used for suspected cancer in the thorax, metastases to the mediastinum. These are cancerous tumors like myxoma and thymoma, which in clinical practice do not occur very often, so MRI of the chest and mediastinum – a rare appointment of clinicians.

The superiority of MRI over other methods and what is still inferior to

The study is not burdensome for the patient, is absolutely harmless, does not cause complications. Method allows you to see the body to make pictures of structures in any plane: straight line, horizontal or lateral.

As mentioned above, most Mr imaging of the chest and mediastinum prescribed for suspected cancer process and metastasis. Moreover, research is necessary to determine the degree of tumor invasion. This is done in order to determine whether there are enough conservative therapy whether surgical treatment is possible, what is its volume.

On the second place among the indications for the purpose of MRI of the thorax are congenital heart defects. It shows the tetralogy of Fallot or patent foramen ovale, as well as a defect in the septum between the ventricles of the heart.

A little less MRI is prescribed for the determination of atherosclerotic plaques of blood vessels, their stage and General pathology of the blood vessels. Inflammatory diseases of blood vessels, aneurysms and vices such as coarctation of the aorta or outdoor Botallov duct.

At the request of the doctor it is prescribed for the diagnosis of pericarditis, muscular dystrophy, as well as to determine the size of the heart and its functional capacity with other diseases of the body. To clarify the localization of thrombi in the cavities of the heart, aneurysms in vessels.

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In addition to the diagnosis of tumors of the heart and thymus gland, magnetic resonance imaging is also involved in cases of suspected esophageal cancer and other diseases, such as esophagitis.

In conclusion, it should be said that the MRI GC and mediastinum is more often used to clarify or confirm other studies and not as an independent method. It is effective in finding complex and rare pathology, and the diagnosis of cancers, and it is difficult to find a replacement for MRI. In standard cases, the diagnosis of «simple» diseases of the mediastinum, it is customary to use other methods.

The reasons for which MRI may be difficult or impossible

Conducting magnetic resonance imaging was not possible if the body of the patient have any metal parts that cannot be dismantled. Such as an insulin pump, surgical metal braces, artificial pacemaker. This poses a threat to human life: under EMF exposure disrupted heart pacemakers, and fixed elements-ferromagnetic materials may shift in the body of the patient due to the heating by the field.

Pregnancy and lactation are contraindications for contrast-enhanced MRI, as the contrast can have a harmful effect on the fetus and newborn.

Renal pathology is also a reason to abandon the procedure from the list as impaired excretion of contrast agent from the body.

As a rule, before the first MRI procedure with the use of contrast is an allergic test, because in some people the drug may cause allergic reaction.

Is it possible to conduct magnetic resonance imaging in childhood? Yes, it is safe. But a conditional limitation is the age of seven years, as all the research you need to lie still.

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Mysterious MRI procedure: how to behave in order to get accurate results

  • Get rid of all items containing metal. Whether it be piercing or other jewelry, watches.
  • Lie still. Avoid sudden inhalations, exhalations. Hold back a cough.
  • MRI with contrast take on an empty stomach, but otherwise no special preparation is required.
  • Follow the instructions that will give you the specialist who is conducting the study.

The diagnostic method with a great future

Despite the high cost, the duration of the study, possible inconveniences in connection with his conducting, magnetic resonance is the method by which to resolve the difficulties of diagnosis, to dispel the doubts of the doctor it is correct. Do not refuse the test, if necessary. Magnetic resonance imaging safe for health, it helps to quickly diagnose and begin treatment!