MRI of the liver: which shows, training,


Magnetic resonance imaging relates to modern non-invasive methods, allowing precisely to diagnose disease, which can not be diagnosed by other methods of diagnostics (x-ray, CT, etc.). Advantages of surveys are that it can be used for scanning a particular organ, including the liver. Before you plan a study, you should take into account the fact that preparations for MRI of the liver does not take more than three days.

Diagnostics allows not only to assess the condition of the liver, but also to make an analysis of functional status, determine the velocity of blood flow. Image MRI is more precise than similar types of surveys that allows to detect even the smallest signs of the disease in the early stages. Despite the fact that the survey refers to the most safe methods, before the vote is necessary to consult a doctor.

To magnetic resonance imaging was most effective and showed signs of disease at an early stage, patients will be advised to prepare. For three days it is advisable to follow no carb diet. Before the study, exclude from the diet foods rich in fiber, dairy products, sodas and all that can cause flatulence.

Before MRI per day, you can take activated charcoal or other treatment that reduces flatulence.

Experience shows that if the last meal was no less than 6 hours before the MRI, the scan result is more informative. In extreme situations, the test can be done without preparation.

What you need to know about MRI of the liver?

Magnetic resonance imaging is a special camera that can give clear images (unlike CT) and slices in various planes by the operator. In order to make an informative examination, patients must meet the following requirements:

  • remove all things with metallic inclusions (belt, watch, jewelry, etc.);
  • take out of the pockets of keys, coins, Bank cards and other things that can distort the magnetic waves;
  • to lie still.
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The test lasts no more than an hour. It is not dangerous and goes without side effects. If the patient clearly fulfills the «team» doctor, the scan accurately shows signs of disease (cancer, degenerative, inflammatory processes, portal hypertension). In this case, the doctor is easier to define the tactics of treatment.

If you do not follow all rules that require at the time of MRI examination, can distort the magnetic waves. This is the reason that signs of disease are identified and the doctor can make a mistake with the diagnosis.

This is dangerous to do an MRI?

Despite the fact that the survey can be assigned repeatedly and is not required from the patient, additional clinical studies, in some cases, doctors recommend to do a CT scan to determine abnormalities of the liver and portal hypertension. The survey is not carried out in such cases:

  • the presence of a pacemaker;

  • the presence of implants made of Nickel, iron, titanium, cobalt;
  • claustrophobia;
  • acute renal failure;
  • the first trimester of pregnancy;
  • obesity (more than 120 kg);
  • mental illness.

Children under 4 years do not appoint an examination without prior sedation. Application of preparations of tranquilizers requires the presence of the team of anesthesiologists. After the test for several hours, yet will last the medical dream, it is necessary to control the child’s condition.

After the examination, the patient receives information recorded on electronic media (disk, flash card) and a description of the pictures. Why doctors prefer to confirm the diagnosis, it MRI and not CT? Computer tomography – an ideal option when damage to bone structures, fresh bleeding. On the MRI you can see even minor pathological changes in the liver tissues.