MRI of the pelvis in men: which shows, training


MRI of the external genitalia in men in just two decades has become a leader in the field of diagnosis difficult to identify men’s diseases. In particular, the disease later manifested symptoms, when to treat is difficult.

MRI of the external genitalia in men, and pelvis is generally effective diagnostic test in the following cases:

It should be remembered that after the biopsy, a prostate MRI can be done only after a month!

Areas of hemorrhage remaining after biopsy, were kept for months and hamper the visualization of the tissues of the body.

Why MRI is the method of choice in the pathology of the genitourinary system in men?

The study scrotum on Mr-imaging is unique. The advantage of MRI in this case is that it allows to visualize the smallest structural formation of organs, harmless to the patient and before the examination requires no preparation.

MRI of the external genitalia in men is specific for the diagnosis of the following pathologies:

  • Change lymph nodes groin area: pain, change of structure, cohesion with the surrounding tissues
  • Tumors of the scrotum. Testicular tumors are often malignant, they threaten the life of the patient if not timely to identify and avoid treatment.
  • Hernia groin and scrotum.
  • Congenital anomalies of the testis: abnormal location, atrophy.
  • Injuries of the scrotum. Damage to the testicular tissue, bleeding into the scrotum.
  • Varicose veins of the spermatic cord or varicocele, of the spermatic cord twisting and infarction of the testicle, that is vascular pathology.

As mentioned above, the preparation is not required. You should only take the results of previous surveys, hospital discharge and other documents relating to the course of your disease, if you have already been diagnosed previously.

Cancer – a death sentence of late diagnosis

MRI is a method of choice in imaging in prostate cancer. According to MRI studies, it is not always possible to unambiguously speak out about the nosological belonging of changes characteristic for prostate cancer; however, in some cases, MRI shows reviewsome other ways of manifestation of this disease, to carry out dynamic monitoring of the course of the disease.

MRI is the «gold standard» in the staging of prostate cancer, and recently is increasingly used in primary diagnosis.

Due to the possibility of a clear differentiation of the soft tissues of the study shows the zonal anatomy of the pancreas, the size and location of the tumor, violation of the integrity of the capsule and germination in extrapolations structure, to assess the status of regional lymph nodes. These data are crucial to determine the scope of surgical treatment for cancer.

Final provisions on the preparation, conducting and contraindications to the study

  • If you are assigned to MRI transrectal probe (inserted into the rectum), then for 12 hours before the examination you should stick to a diet: to exclude junk food, fat. The night before the examination to make a cleansing enema. Two hours before the MRI not to drink or eat.
  • The earlier biopsy of the tissue anatomical structures of the pelvis is a contraindication in the following month. On biopsy there is bleeding in the tissue, which impairs or even renders impossible the visualization.
  • Time-study of small pelvis lasts ten to forty minutes. All this time you lie on your back motionless. Patients with claustrophobia and those who find it difficult to lie still, should take a sedative.

  • Contraindications to its implementation are: insulin pumps, pacemakers, implants with the exception of titanium, dental implants of metal (if they can not be removed), Allergy to contrast (if scheduled an MRI with contrast). The biopsy procedure in the preceding 30 days. Tell your new doctor about the biopsy, so he assigned you the investigation to another date after the end of the month.

MRI of the external genitalia in men — a unique method of diagnosis, and despite its high cost, required to detect the above abnormalities. Later the disease is detected may no longer be cured. Remember about your health!

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