MRI without a doctor’s referral


Pass tomography magnetic resonance now is not a problem. In any private clinic has the necessary equipment. However, the cost of this procedure is rather big and not affordable for ordinary patients, so you can get the appropriate direction free of charge.

Is it possible to undergo the procedure without medical direction

Go imaging of internal organs (e.g., spine) without paper, which gives the doctor, you will not succeed (both free and paid). Before you go for the procedure, you need to know what area of the body in need of assessment, and this can be determined only specialist. Even paid the organization will require from the client a document in which the following particulars:

Get directions to free procedure possible. Imaging mantine resonance of the type included in the list of free services of compulsory health insurance. However, this high-tech procedure that is not carried out on a budgetary basis for all patients.

Therefore, on MRI, the government allocates quotas. If you were given this quota, so you don’t have to pay money. The number of allowances is limited, so those who were given a document, can wait their turn for a long time.

Who to contact

Who to get a referral for a free procedure? The patient is required to contact the medical organization. Order patient records the following:

  • All patients are directed to the treatment volume quotas, which are allocated by the Ministry of health of a particular region.
  • The document can be obtained only after additional examinations and tests.
  • Representatives of the medical Commission examine the patient and make the appropriate decision.
  • In the MRI room appointed date of research those who do have the basis to conduct imaging.
  • Head of the physician should assure the direction.
  • The patient should arrive on the specified day in the office.

Please note! You need to have direction and results (conclusions) of the previous examinations, hospital discharge or medical records.

Thus, those who have grounds for MRI, you can count on.

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Anyone can undergo the examination on a budgetary basis

Please note: the free referral services are offered to patients who are in dire need of urgent diagnosis and moved (or have) the following diseases:

  • stroke;
  • heart disease;
  • head injury;
  • heart attacks;
  • hemorrhage;
  • suspicion of a neoplasm of malignant nature.
  • lesions of the heart valves;
  • pancreatitis in an acute form;
  • injuries after emergency situations.

In these cases, you are required to provide a free direction, however, the procedure still takes place in the order queue.

If you don’t know where are such procedures sufficient to refer to your doctor. If he does not provide you with the necessary information to contact directly to the head physician of polyclinic. In any case, accurate information you will learn from representatives of your insurance company.

Thus, to do an MRI at the expense of the state budget is possible. However, you should be prepared to long queues and prolonged waiting, and often the treatment of certain diseases is urgent. In this case it is better to pay a few thousand rubles and provide timely and quality diagnosis, by results of which the doctor will prescribe treatment.