MSCT and CT — what is the difference, what are the differences?


Methods of examination based on the physical effect of x-rays on human tissue, widely used in clinical practice for the diagnosis of many pathologies. With the advancement of technology comes the improvement of existing methods of diagnosis – inspection becomes more comfortable and safe for the patient and more informative for the doctor. The most popular methods of radiological diagnostics at the moment are considered to be CT and CT – studies are very similar in scanning principle, however, there is a significant difference in the structure of the apparatus.

Multislice computed tomography (MSCT) is a type of CT scan. The scanning is carried out on improved equipment and has many advantages over conventional computed tomography by the extended list of settings – specialist has the possibility to adjust the scan settings, adapting to each specific clinical case. This allows to obtain high-precision image on the right that shows the smallest features of the structure.

In most cases CT is assigned to diagnose the condition of bone structures of the skull, spine and extremities. X-rays are well absorbed by the bone tissue, whereby the result is a clear three-dimensional image that can be viewed from all sides. SKT appointed for the diagnosis of traumatic injuries – fractures, micro-cracks, in the framework of cancer screening for the detection of tumors and metastasis. In addition, the method allows to diagnose diseases of hollow organs – stomach, intestines, lungs. In many cases, CT-scan performed for the differential diagnosis in cases where other methods of examination did not show the exact result. Sometimes CT is assigned after CT to Refine the localization, the size and structure of the identified tumors.

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In comparison with conventional CT, the conduct of CT allows better visualization:

  • Tumors of small sizes up to 1 mm.
  • Brain hemorrhage, hematomas in the soft tissues.
  • Diseases of the pancreas, liver, gallbladder.
  • Pathology of the aorta and its branches.

Which is better – a CT or MSCT?

Which is better – SCT or standard CT scan? Therefore, multidetector CT has a greater diagnostic capabilities, enabling the simultaneous study of bone and soft tissue. If the patient has the opportunity to spend spiral CT instead of conventional CT, but do not forget about the difference in price – multislice computed tomography will cost a couple of thousand more.