Portable (handheld) x-ray unit for dentistry


Radiography is a method of research that allows dentists to diagnose many pathologies of zubochelyustny system, which can not be seen with a simple visual inspection. With the development of medical technology devices for x-ray scanning improved, varied technology to record the received images. Portable x-ray unit provided an opportunity for professionals to take pictures right in the dental chair installation.

The advantages and disadvantages of portable devices

Portable x-ray easy to use in private dental offices do not always have the opportunity to install a full x-ray machine, so a portable film or digital x-rays in this case are the perfect solution. The main convenience of such a device – ability to capture images in patient comfort conditions, in addition, it is possible to take with them when leaving a patient at home. Compact portable x-ray machine and no need to equip a special room for its accommodation, make it preferable for private offices.

Dental x-ray portable x-ray has two main objectives – diagnosis of existing pathologies of zubochelyustny system and assessment of the quality of the treatment. It allows you to identify the following diseases:

  • The carious process, including hidden.
  • Pulpitis.
  • Periodontitis.
  • Cysts and other tumors.
  • Pathology, accompanied by bone resorption of the alveolar process.

In addition, dental x-ray allows you to evaluate the quality of root canal filling, to identify the localization of broken tools and to test the effectiveness of earlier treatment.

Research methods portable x-ray device

The process of obtaining images of the portable x-ray unit is simple. Special training before dental x-rays conduct is not required. The patient sits on a chair or in the chair, dental unit, x-ray technician moves the tube device in place of the projection of the desired tooth. Is exposed the exposure time, and click the button on the machine. Some models have the option to start the scanning process remotely using the console, this portable x-ray machine is mounted on a tripod or using a special attachment.

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The process of scanning takes only a few seconds, then the doctor is removed to produce and evaluate the quality of the images. Depending on the characteristics of the image can be displayed on the screen or on x-ray film.

Feature popular models

PORT-X II portable machine company GENORAY (Korea)

This device outperforms a stationary apparatus for x-ray according to the following parameters:

  • Convenient control panel design that allows the camera to quickly adjust and optimize the x-ray radiation. The scan process is initiated only by pressing one button.
  • The battery has a large capacity, thereby providing a long-term operation of the device in standalone mode (up to 300 shots).
  • The device has a small size and low weight – about 2.5 kg.
  • The exposure time is 0.01 to 2 seconds.
  • A special monitoring system allows to reduce the percentage of ineffective dispersion of radiation.
  • Low doses of radiation allow more than 250 studies per week in the offices adjacent to residential premises.
  • Inside the housing there is a protective sheath made of lead.

Rextar X manufacturer POSDION (South Korea)

This portable dental x-ray machine is the lightest of all available portable devices for dental x-rays – it weighs only 1.6 kg, so you can take pictures with one hand without effort. You have the option of automatic and manual settings of exposure time. Built-in intelligent system remembers the settings you want, thereby providing the optimal balance of contrast and brightness of images.

The quality of the obtained images is influenced by such characteristics as the dispersion angle and the focal spot size – the smaller it is, the sharper the image. The angle of the unit is only 12 degrees, and the focal spot size is 0.4 mm, while most other devices, these parameters equal to 20 and 0.8 respectively.

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While using portable devices Rextar X is not necessary to use individual means of protection from radiation, since the housing of the device inside is covered with a double lead plates. Radiation burden on rentgenkabinet when setting the exposure 0.2 sec 2500 images per year (approximately 10 photos per day) for 1 year will be 0.04 mSv. For comparison, the maximum permissible load on the population is 1 mSv per year.

PORT-X II NEW – the portable device GENORAY (Korea)

Portable device for dental x-ray PORT-X II has a NEW multifunctional control panel, allowing setting with a single push of a button. Large capacity battery ensures long working period in offline mode. The dimensions of the device — 197х147х145,5 mm, weight of 2.35 kg. a system of controlling exposure limiting large percentage of inefficient x-rays.

ADX-4000 — high frequency portable device, ray and computer from Dexcowin company (South Korea)

X-ray camera 3 in 1 ADX-4000 is different 5-inch LCD display with «Touch Screen» and a USB connector in the front of the machine that allows you to connect to the device in intraoral radiology. In addition, there is the ability to detach the sensor from the body of the device for separate use and connect to computer or tablet.

X-ray ADX-4000 works with minimal radiation exposure, which makes the process of taking pictures safe for the doctor and the patient. One full battery charge lasts for 200 shots. Included with the unit is a stylish and convenient carrying case, two detachable batteries and battery charger.

MINIX-S — portable machine company DigiMed (South Korea)

Portable digital x-ray machine allows working with x-ray film, and various digital radio sighting devices. The main advantage of the device – small size and weight (no more than 1.7 kg). The device is equipped with a LCD display with bright backlight and high capacity rechargeable battery, whereby it is possible to conduct a greater number of studies at no additional charge. A special protection system helps narrow the focus of the rays, whereby there is no need to use individual protection measures, both patient and doctor. An additional advantage is installed programs for patients of different ages (including children) and teeth of different groups.

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The choice of a portable x-ray machine for dentistry – an important step in the equipment of the clinic. The cost of such devices varies depending on the characteristics and appearance.