Pregnancy after laparoscopy: when and by how much possible?


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  • Pregnancy planning after laparoscopy, especially if the operation was performed at the gynecological disease is very important. Some time must pass so the body was recovered after the intervention, and were all consequences of the disease and treatment. Often the causes of infertility are ovarian cysts or uterine polyps. Due to the wide introduction of this method of operation, pregnancy after an exploratory lap of the ovaries becomes possible.

    Laparoscopy: what is it, how is

    This minimally invasive operation that can cure a wide range of diseases, including, and in gynecology. Doctors this area often encounter patients who can’t get pregnant. Often, the causes of this condition are violations of the normal internal structure and the structure of the uterus or its appendages. The chances of getting pregnant after laparoscopy performed under indications, significantly increased.

    Laparoscopy and pregnancy after it, are well and happy. Of course, there will be difficulties, and they will have to overcome. In this issue important to wait the proper amount of time. For example, if you get pregnant before 3 months after treatment of an ovarian cyst, abortion may be in the early stages.

    In women, there are many questions about whether it is possible to get pregnant after surgery and when can I get pregnant after laparoscopy. Experts say that the forecasts are quite favorable, but there are some nuances:

    • The operation itself does not cause the risk of infertility, she got pregnant many women. Of course, the probability of conception will increase only if they were fixed objects to this.
    • In some cases, in the absence of complications and contraindications, which will be discussed later, to plan a pregnancy after a laparoscopy can you have in a month. But first you need to wait until the start of the month, i.e. it will not be a recovery cycle.
    • According to statistics, only 15% of women after laparoscopy and pregnancy does not occur within the first year. It is not that the surgery didn’t work, but rather incomplete treatment. At the same time quickly getting pregnant after laparoscopy, literally in the first month, obtained from 20% of the patients.
    • In the case of endometriosis women need to do all the necessary tests before you try to conceive.
    • The long-awaited conception may not occur in the case of hormonal disorders.
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    Pregnancy after removal of ovarian cyst

    When it comes to pregnancy successful treatment of isolated cysts, or polycystic ovarian syndrome? You need to remember is that the cyst causes one violation of hormonal background, and the syndrome is another.

    In the first case, enough cyst removal. But to wait for the right moment to plan pregnancy, longer than the polycystic. In this case, is performed laparoscopy ovarian cyst after surgery ovarian cyst it is better to wait a while and try to conceive 3 months later. Pregnancy after removal of ovarian cysts may be hard, if you do not follow the recommendations of doctors.

    In some cases, appointed hormonal contraceptives for a short time to normalize the disturbed balance in the body. Besides, they allow the operated ovaries to «rest», it helps to recover faster organs.

    Those who complain that cannot get pregnant, you will need additional measures. The probability of conception is increased if after intercourse to remain in a horizontal position, so that the semen does not escape in the first minute. Intake of vitamins, lack of stress, increases the chances of pregnancy.

    Features of the conception in the polycystic

    Polycystic ovary syndrome requires a different treatment. The volume of transactions, as a rule, much more than normal cysts. Usually removed either directly to the injured part of the body together with the capsule, or are the incisions on the capsule.

    After such an operation is allowed to have children in the first cycle with normal menstruation. The thing is that ovulation will be restored literally for a year, because the body is undergoing serious hormonal disruption. Suggest to the patient upon occurrence of the first normal cycle to start trying to get pregnant. Be sure to visit the doctor, so the doctors allowed to stop sexual rest. It is also recommended to remain calm, if she didn’t get pregnant, to get pregnant you need to try again and again. In this situation, it usually helps the preservation of peace, calm mood and optimism. Many women pregnant as a result of successful treatment, to be confident that this is possible.

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    Pregnancy after surgery on the fallopian tubes

    In this case, the moment when you can get pregnant after laparoscopy is solved individually. The fact that the situation may be different:

    • Adhesions in the pelvis.
    • Ectopic pregnancy.
    • Resection of the fallopian tube.

    Depending on this and decide when you can get pregnant. If it is carried out the removal and separation of adhesions on the fallopian tubes, the time frame was determined 6 months after a laparoscopy of fallopian tubes, laparoscopy the fallopian tubes can also push the possibility of conception up to a year.

    How to get pregnant with one tube, is solved in each case individually. No need to be afraid and say, «I can’t get pregnant now». Of course, it will be harder than in a normal situation, but anything is possible. Categorically to become pregnant for six months after treatment of an ectopic pregnancy occurring, especially with the removal of the fallopian tube. How much time you can get pregnant in this case and why not try early to conceive a child with this disorder? When such adhesion of the fetus is a strong failure in the body. This period is needed in order to restore hormonal balance.

    Pregnancy after treatment of uterine fibroids

    If the fibroid was removed laparoscopically, it will take a long time to in on formed scars, which would be useful. Otherwise, if a woman becomes pregnant after a laparoscopy, the uterus can simply be torn, and before the birth is just not going to happen, doctors will need to save the patient’s life. Besides, it is fraught with the risk of removing an organ. We cannot exclude the possibility of development of such complications of pregnancy as placenta previa after the excision of myomas.

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    So, how soon will I get pregnant? The average minimum term of six months. It is better to wait even longer to be safe. During this period protect the body oral contraceptives, thereby restoring the balance of hormones in the body.

    In the case of uterine fibroids women feel the need to be attentive to his condition that the pregnancy occurred at the right time.

    To control, how fast is the healing process, it is necessary to conduct the ultrasound. And only once managed to fix a wealthy scars on the surgery site, you can try to conceive.


    Laparoscopy – no reason to give birth by caesarean section. It will be conducted only after the operations directly on the uterus, the danger of which was described above. Any complications with the risk of giving birth are not associated with a history of intervention, and with the immediate condition that led to it. Prolonged childbirth, bleeding after them, subinwalucia uterus in no way connected with the operation.

    In conclusion, I must say that the number of women who got pregnant laparoscopy is rather large. Of course, when pregnancy occurs, the woman should carefully monitor their health and have regular visits from specialists. Those women who became pregnant after a laparoscopy can confirm that the efforts are worth it.