Pregnancy after roentgen: is it possible to plan and when?


When the family decide that it is time to have offspring, it is natural that the parents imagine a healthy baby. Because pregnancy planning is based on a serious approach to the health of a future child. As a rule, takes into account a variety of factors that can affect conception, the formation of the fetus and gestation. For example, such as: whether sunbathing, eating habits, sleeping and other. Of course, when planning the child’s parents undergo a full medical examination, which can sometimes include x-rays. The question of how soon you can get pregnant after this procedure for many is a problem.

Should I be afraid of x-rays?

When it comes to x-ray examination, the expectant mother is afraid that after her exposure a child may be born with abnormalities of development.

X-ray examination carried out during the period of pregnancy planning may be necessary in different cases. For example, in the absence of fluoroscopy. It may require at work, if this period coincided with the passage of preventive medical examination. Or an expectant mother simply have not passed such examination, and now, preparing for conception, she will have to do it.

Another option is x-ray examination – the treatment of teeth. Before pregnancy it is desirable to conduct a complete reorganization of the mouth to eliminate the infection foci. Often for dental treatment, especially in case of problems with your teeth, you want to make an x-ray.

There are times when for full examination before conception, a physician, in addition to the directions for tests, assigns x-ray examination of abdominal cavity organs. Especially need this procedure when you need to check the patency of the fallopian tubes.

X-ray of the fallopian tubes before conception

If up to this point to get pregnant failed, the doctor may suggest obstruction of the fallopian tubes. And in this case x-ray study should be performed. Because of this factor depends on, the long-awaited pregnancy, or not. If the tubes have adhesions, then the fertilization while it may not go.

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To learn about the condition of the fallopian tube, the doctor can only after x-rays. This procedure is performed using a contrast agent, which allows you to display images in the condition of the pelvic organs. In addition to patency of the tubes, x-ray examination gives information about the presence or absence of fibroids, polyps and other formations that is of great importance not only for the health of the unborn child, but also the women.

Quite often it happens that after carrying out such research the woman becomes pregnant.

It is possible to find an explanation. The contrast liquid used for the procedure, introduced under pressure, contributes to the divergence of adhesions. As a result, the patency of the fallopian tubes can be restored.

Such a moment must be taken into account when planning pregnancy and the passing of such a process. We can not allow the conception occurred in the same menstrual cycle, as the egg has received a large amount of radiation exposure. What to do? If x-rays are scheduled for mid-cycle or last third (sometimes this period can get pregnant), you should take care of prevention of pregnancy at this time, despite a great desire to have a child.

The features of the x-ray before pregnancy

A situation may arise when a woman, having passed x-ray examination, later finds out was already pregnant at the time. The realization of what happened, and the fear of «what will happen?» do not give rest. In this case, you should know the terms of the procedure and the date (at least approximately) conception.

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The fact is that if radiography was carried out in the first third of the menstrual cycle (1-8 day), when the egg has not matured or did not work, it’s nothing to worry about. If were exposed to the egg after ovulation, that is when it has left the ovary (second half of menstrual cycle) and conception occurred, the issue of preservation of pregnancy a woman should trust the doctor.

Everything will depend on how strong was the radiation, how often it had to do what it was intended. So, if you are planning of a child expectant mother will do an x-ray of the tooth, that is one (of no irradiation of the oocyte is not necessary to speak). But if carried out radiographic examination of the pelvis, Yes, more than once, of course, it may have a negative impact on already existing pregnancy, and planned. In the second case it would be better if the conception will happen in a month after the procedure.

Can you trust the hardware?

To date, for carrying out x-ray studies using modern digital equipment. This, of course, does not negate the x-rays, but many doctors believe that the minimum irradiation received after the procedure, no harm in planning a baby will bring. Besides, by itself the x-ray is quite informative diagnostic method that can identify a pathology, so ignore it.

However, many, especially older people, believe that after x-rays in the unborn child can occur with different diseases and abnormalities. However, if the child is, where they come from? If you are very nervous about the upcoming fluoroscopy or x-ray examination of the teeth, you can ask the doctor the protective apron. His way, and so give, especially when the survey was conducted on the equipment of the old model.

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What about the doctors?

Doctors there is no consensus about the effects of x-ray radiation on the unborn child in the planning phase. Some argue that it’s perfectly safe, and no harm will not cause.

Others say that a certain percentage of the negative impact is still there, but it depends on the frequency of exposure for any period of time.

What do you do if at the planning stage of pregnancy should visit a Cabinet x-ray? How many times can you think about conception? It is clear that testing is still needed, and there’s no escape. Therefore, it is best to count days menstrual cycle. Not recommended to do an x-ray in the second and last third. However, this applies to x-rays of the pelvis or lower spine. If you are a very insecure man who avoids tablets, microwave ovens and computers, we can postpone getting pregnant until your next menstrual cycle, not to worry then in the next nine months.