Preparation for abdominal MRI


Diseases of the abdominal organs in medical practice occur very often and require a timely diagnosis. In some cases an ultrasound or x-ray is very difficult to determine the damaged organ so that the doctor sends the patient for an MRI to confirm the diagnosis. In this case, the patient arises the question – what is preparation for MRI of abdomen? What can I eat before the procedure? How long is the scan?

In order to answer the question of how to prepare for magnetic resonance imaging of the abdomen, you need to know what organs are diagnosis. Examines the gallbladder and biliary ducts, liver, large intestine and small intestine, stomach, spleen, kidneys with adrenal glands, pancreas, and lymph nodes and soft tissues of the anatomical region.

The MRI procedure does not require the patient’s significant efforts in preparation for the procedure, but the study itself may require patience – the scanning takes at least an hour and requires complete stillness from the subject.

Preparation for examination of the abdomen – what to bring?

The key to successful scanning is to respect patients all the necessary requirements, the most important of them is the immobility during the procedure. To ensure comfort, you must care comfortable clothes — it is desirable that it was a loose-fitting clothing without metal objects and do not squeeze the body.

Please have all documentation – the direction, an extract from the medical history or treatment records, results of previous studies (signing, pictures, or disk), passport and medical insurance policy. Do not leave in the pockets of clothing mobile phone – under the influence of a powerful magnetic waves it can fail. Bank cards with magnetic strip is also best left outside the office.

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Parents of children who will undergo the procedure of scanning, it is possible to bring disposable diapers, a spare diaper, if necessary – the baby’s bottle to feed the child after recovery from anesthesia.

Diet before the test

Preparation for abdominal MRI is considered the most difficult of all types of surveys. The scanning of the stomach and intestines is done on an empty stomach – filled digestive can be layered on top of each other and create a shadow, and enhanced motility during digestion, lubricates food image.

Preparation it is best to start 2-3 days before the procedure. You need to eliminate from your diet foods that promote gas formation in the intestine – is not recommended to eat raw cabbage, legumes, fresh pastries, sodas and dairy products. In that case, if you plan to study pancreas, spleen or liver, should follow a carbohydrate-free diet (eliminate the potatoes, sugar, fruits except citrus, alcohol) to dump these bodies. The last meal before magnetic resonance imaging should be 6 hours before the procedure and should include easily digestible foods (cereals, vegetables, lean fish). If the test is scheduled for the morning, then Breakfast should be abandoned, if the dining room hours – Breakfast tea with toast. Almost the same rules apply to the treatment of drinking – you should refrain from taking liquids 4 hours before the scan.

In that case, if the patient suffers from constipation, you can eve do a cleansing enema or taking a laxative drug. For these purposes is not suitable common medicine «Duphalac» — it promotes flatulence. Patients with flatulence before the test you need to take a carminative, such as «Espumizan».

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An hour before the examination can take the drug, relieves spasm of smooth muscles of internal organs. This can be the well-known «no-Spa» or «Spazmalgon».

Preparing for MRI of the abdomen with contrast is fundamentally no different from preparation for conventional MRI. Some patients with a complicated allergoanamnez spend allergodil to contrast – it consists of enough allergenic gadolinium.

These rules of diet and General training apply to older patients. This group of patients to take a sedative medication prior to scanning. Before the procedure you need to go to the toilet in order to avoid unpleasant situations.

Preparation of children for the MRI procedure

Young children MRI of abdomen is preferably carried out under General anesthesia, since it is impossible to the kid for so long to keep perfectly still — for at least half an hour.

Be sure to psychologically prepare your child for the procedure, to convince painlessness and safety of the procedure, explain how long it will take study. Preferably at the time of submission of anaesthesia and exit to be with the baby.

Parents need to know what is the weight of the child. It is necessary to calculate drug dosages.

Some clinics require prior to MRI under anesthesia in preparation to do an electrocardiogram and General blood analysis. You should clarify this point when writing to the procedure.

Like adults, children need to follow a diet before the examination. Children who are breastfed, get the chest for three hours before the scan. The mother adjusts her diet by all the rules – can’t have any gas-forming foods. The children are already introduced complementary food, the last meal is also carried out for 3 hours before the study. Older children and adolescents prepare for MRI by the same rules as adults.

It is advisable to take a vasoconstrictor drops, the child should be free from mucus nasal passages.

These simple rules will eliminate the need to undergo costly re-examination by the fault of the patient. After the procedure, the patient should wait for the test results, the doctor should have enough time to analyze the obtained images, as it is necessary to describe the status of all bodies.