Preparation for barium enema the Fortrans: how to take?


  • The progress of the barium enema
  • Barium enema is a highly informative x-ray examination of the colon. It is safe for the patient, not time consuming, does not require complex training and provide the doctor with enough information to accurately determine the specific pathology. Since the research involves moderate exposure, it necessarily recorded in the medical history or patient card – this allows you to not exceed the maximum allowable number of such surveys.

    Who is a barium enema?

    The study of the intestine is assigned to the case presentation of a patient with the following complaints:

    High-quality visualization of the bowel by radiological methods is only possible with qualified training. Before the barium enema it needs to be as free as possible from the stool, otherwise, the result of the study will be incorrect, and the doctor would fail to make an accurate diagnosis. Training consists of two stages.

    1. Special uncindery diet.
    2. Cleansing drugs.

    Earlier it was widely used bowel cleansing enemas, today, more preferred is the use of medicines. It is not only more comfortable for the patient, but also allows you to make the purification procedure more qualitative.


    This is an important part of training and it largely depends on the quality of bowel preparation to the study. She has been nominated for 2-4 days prior to study hard enough, but to follow it requires. Not allowed use of any leaning, sodas, whole milk and cheese. In addition, will have to give up:

    • bakery products from wheat flour or bran;
    • potatoes and legumes, and pasta;
    • barley and oat groats;
    • cabbage, apples and other plant foods with plenty of fiber;
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    • nuts, chocolate, black tea and coffee.

    Give preference to cereals, lean meat and fish. Allowed home/natural yogurt.

    Medicinal cleaning

    Of all medicines for bowel preparation for barium enema the most widely Fortrans. It is well tolerated by all patients, does not cause spastic pain, disorders of the chair subsequently allowed its use during lactation. Is not used only in cases of excessive mucosal lesions, severe dehydration and heart failure.

    Preparation for barium enema the Fortrans, if the procedure in the morning, means the last meal for up to 14 hours of the previous day. After 2-3 hours of this food is taken by the drug itself. How to take tell the doctor Fortrans is dosed according to body weight. Each package of the drug is designed for 20 kg, and diluted with one liter of warm water. The total amount of liquid you have to drink 3-4 liters. Of course, take all at once will not work, and not have half of the solution is consumed in the evening, the remaining dose should drink from 7 to 9 am. This drug is not the most pleasant taste, so after every meal you can put in your mouth slice of your favorite citrus.

    It is impossible to breed all packets of the drug in 1 liter of water – it is not only the remedy, but and drinking plenty of fluid. In that case, if the patient is obese or has a tendency to constipation, the total volume of fluid intake may be 5-6 or more liters.

    The progress of the barium enema

    In the case of patient compliance tactics training, the bowel is completely cleared, and the procedure does not take much time. It is held on a special table in the x-ray Cabinet, and consists of the following steps.

    1. Sigmoidoscopy to examine the state of the rectum.
    2. The patient is positioned on a tilting table in position Simps.
    3. Into the anus introduced flexible tube.
    4. Under continuous fluoroscopic guidance into the intestine introduces a pre-calculated amount of suspension of barium acts as a contrast agent.
    5. The patient at this time is warned about the possible unpleasant feelings and the urge to defecate – calm deep breathing through the mouth usually resolves this issue.
    6. After the introduction of the solution the patient needs to repeatedly turn from side to side to evenly distribute the contrast.
    7. The review is done.
    8. The patient goes to the toilet for bowel movement.
    9. After this is done re-shot.
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    If was appointed barium enema double-contrast, in addition to the suspension of barium injected into the intestine of the air – apparatus used Bobrov. Stretching of the intestine allows more detail to examine its topography, which is important in the diagnosis of diverticulum, tumors, polyps – in the standard contrast could be easily missed.

    Complications in this study practically does not occur. Rarely can be observed allergic reactions to the contrast agent. All the unpleasant feelings associated with the introduction of large amounts of fluid and air in the intestine, as a rule, completely disappear the next day. Return to the usual diet is recommended gradual.