Preparation for colonoscopy with Dualcom


  • If a laxative is not effective enough
  • Reviews about Duphalac
  • Colonoscopy is the endoscopic examination of the large intestine, which is performed by a doctor using special medical equipment. The colonoscopy is performed in case of suspected intestinal bleeding, cancer, and chronic constipation, intestinal obstruction and other indications. Colonoscopy requires a mandatory training which consists of cleansing the bowel from feces and intestinal gas.

    Diet to reduce gas formation

    You need three days to research a special diet aimed at reducing gas formation. The diet should include lean meats, fish, cheese and yogurt with low-fat milk, buckwheat porridge, boiled rice, bread of wheat flour, mild meat and chicken broth, diluted vegetable and fruit juices, tea without sugar, honey. It should be avoided the following foods: legumes, cabbage of all kinds, raisins, and nuts, milk, mayonnaise, pearl barley, wheat porridge, coffee, bananas, peaches and apricots, beer and grape wine. It is very important that the last meal was not later than 12 hours before the study. Diet is of great importance for the result of the colonoscopy, because the cleaner the colon, the more accurate diagnosis.

    The next stage of preparation for the study is the appointment of laxatives for bowel cleansing. Laxatives drugs help to soften your stools and effective cleaning of the colon and rectum. What drugs are prescribed for this purpose? Usually, doctors recommend tools such as Fortrans, Endophilic and Duphalac. Duphalac operates more smoothly than other drugs and is therefore suitable for cleansing the colon in children and the elderly.

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    Duphalac as active substance contains lactose, which has a pronounced laxative effect. Luctuosa has the following properties:

    1. Stimulates peristalsis.
    2. By lowering the pH, lactose increases osmotic pressure, which in turn leads to an increase of the intestinal contents.
    3. Shows probiotic properties, which leads to the growth of beneficial bacteria.

    Duphalac little absorbed in the digestive tract. The drug is almost completely cleaved in the intestine. A small part can be displayed in an unmodified state.

    How to use Duphalac during bowel prep before colonoscopy? This syrup should be taken for 72 hours prior to the procedure.

    Doctors recommend to dilute the syrup with water, or wash it down with a large amount of liquid.

    For example 45 ml of product diluted in 250-300 ml of water and take small SIPS immediately after taking in food once a day. If at once to drink the whole volume of the mixture does not work, you can divide it into two doses. Use Duphalac colonoscopy in children is carried out in lower dosages specified in the instructions for use.

    In some cases, the use of Duphalac banned? Duphalac has a number of contraindications and limitations to use. These include:

    1. Conditions associated with intestinal obstruction in the acute period.
    2. The risk of perforation of the walls of the digestive system.
    3. Lactose or intolerance to the excipients of the drug.
    4. Liver disease in the active phase.
    5. Pregnancy and period of breastfeeding (limited).
    6. Colostomy other artificial intestinal openings.

    Use Duphalac in pregnant and lactating women is possible, but with care.

    Studies have not demonstrated the ability of the drug to affect fetal development during pregnancy or to have an impact on the child’s body, breastfeeding. Recommendations for use caution related to the fact that the syrup contains small amounts of ethanol in the composition of the flavoring component.

    If a laxative is not effective enough

    If the bowel using laxatives cleaned well enough, the night before the study, and shown in the morning a cleansing enema. The procedure is performed using a mug Esmarch, which is filled with 1.5-2 liters of water. Water for cleansing enema should not be cold or hot. The optimum temperature is 30-32 C. After the introduction of fluid into the intestine, it must hold for 10-15 minutes. Then go to the toilet. Along with the water will leave the remaining fecal mass, undigested food remnants. Through 1-1,5 hours it is necessary to repeat the procedure. After the second enema, usually from the gut comes out almost clear water with small fecal particles.

    Reviews about Duphalac

    According to specialists, Duphalac effectively cleanses the intestines in most cases. However, sometimes there are situations where its application is insufficient and requires the appointment of cleansing enemas or reschedule the procedure for another day. This is due to the fact that Duphalac works gently enough in the intestinal lumen and is not always able to cope with highly «scored» clearance.