Preparation for colonoscopy with Fortrans, if the procedure in the morning, afternoon, evening


Conduct pre-colonoscopy requires a thorough bowel cleansing. The fact that it affects the reliability of the obtained in the process of diagnostics results. The purging, usually done at home the day before the study. One of the methods of self-purification is the preparation for colonoscopy with Fortrans.

The basic rules of training

How to prepare for a colonoscopy? The procedure should be taken seriously as insufficiently purified of the intestinal wall dramatically reduce the quality of diagnosis. The specialist will not be able to clearly examine the surface of the mucous membrane, which will cause a chain of negative actions, ranging from raising the wrong diagnosis and ending with the development of complications. In addition, the need to carry out the procedure of cleansing and diagnose again.

Means Fortrans, which is based on macrogol, used for complete cleansing of the lumen and mucous membrane of the intestines from food debris and feces throughout. The mechanism of action is based on the quality of the product to contact the water and hold it. When the volume of fluid in the intestine reaches its maximum, the receptors of the intestinal wall and carried his release.

Fortrans does not form metabolites and is not absorbed into the systemic circulation. Use of this cleanser does not lead to the violation of water-salt balance in the body. In addition, for bowel cleansing before colonoscopy with Fortrans doesn’t need a help.

Who do not use the Fortrans?

As Fortrans requires the use of a large volume of water, the body is under a significant load. Therefore, to use the product for bowel cleansing is contraindicated in these disorders as:

  • heart failure;
  • intestinal obstruction;
  • cancer;
  • ulceration of the mucous membrane of the intestine;
  • kidney failure;
  • intolerance to the components;
  • severe dehydration of the body.
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Side effects of the drug

You need to clearly follow the instructions for use. Otherwise, you may experience side effects.

  • Nausea and vomiting. If you hurry up and try to drink the solution in less amount of time, the liquid will overflow the intestines, resulting in vomiting may occur.
  • Headache. This effect occurs only in 15% of cases. It is due to the changes in blood pressure. Usually the headache disappears 30 minutes after taking the drug.
  • Allergies. In case of intolerance of components may occur an allergic reaction, symptoms of which have individual character.
  • Irritation of the anus. Happens because of frequent urge to defecate.

How to use the drug Fortrans?

How to accept Fortrans? You should start by Fortrans at the pharmacy, a package of tools contains 4 packs, each of which is designed for a body weight of 20 kg. to prepare the solution required for each batch of funds to get 1 liter of water (soda or mineral water to use for this purpose impossible). The liquid should not be cold or hot, the best is water at room temperature.

Next, you mix the required (by body weight) number of packets in the corresponding volume of liquid. When receiving solution should not rush, taking it in small SIPS a glass (200-250 ml) per quarter hour. That is, the duration of the whole process of cleansing the colon will take approximately 4 hours.

How to take the Fortrans, to slightly ease the condition? Allowed to combine the taking of Fortrans and a small amount of acidic juices. They can be added directly to the solution, and you can drink. Best juice of lemon or orange, fresh and clarified (wait asserted). If it is not possible to prepare juice, you can just seize the solution of lemon.

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If reception suddenly had a feeling of nausea, it is best to briefly stop using the Fortrans. In most cases, to unpleasant symptom has passed, enough for half an hour.

How to prepare if a colonoscopy in the morning?

Make Fortrans before the upcoming colonoscopy should be depending on what time of day the procedure will be performed. If the procedure in the morning, preparation for colonoscopy with Fortrans is performed as follows.

  1. In two hours of the day (the day before the procedure), before to drink Fortrans, you need to eat. Lunch should be very light, such as soup.
  2. In 4 hours you should start cleansing. The first liter of solution take within the hour.
  3. In 5 hours the first portion is over, you need to begin receiving a second liter of Fortrans, for hours.
  4. At 6 o’clock on the third portion.
  5. At 7 PM – the last fourth portion of the funds. It is optional for those patients whose body weight less than 60 kg. otherwise, accept the fourth portion of the solution should be before 8 PM.

Evacuation occurs several times, as of admission, and may continue for 2-3 hours after the last glass of.

After bowel cleansing with Fortrans necessary in the enema not.

Preparing for a colonoscopy scheduled for the afternoon

Another scheme of reception of Fortrans used if the colonoscopy is scheduled for the afternoon. In this case, the drug is carried out in two passes: the day before the procedure, and in the day when it is assigned.

  1. On the day prior to the procedure a colonoscopy, the last meal shown 3-4 hours in afternoon. In the same way as in the previous diagram, it should be a broth.
  2. Three hours after a meal you need to start to make a solution of Fortrans. It is necessary to prepare in volume equals half of the total. Admission is carried out in the same way that glass in a quarter of an hour.
  3. The next morning, which is assigned to the diagnosis, to drink the morning portion of the solution. You should start cleansing early to bowel movements after taking the funds over to visit a specialist. For example, in the diagnosis of 12-13 hours of the day, it is necessary to carry out the procedure from 7-8 a.m. to 9-10.
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It should be noted that in fact, and in another case allowed a light meal immediately before the colonoscopy bowel (light broth). Affect the results of the study it can not. After diagnosis over 2-3 days you will need to stick to light food, gradually introducing into the diet of conventional foods.