Preparation for colonoscopy with Lavacolla, if the procedure in the morning, afternoon, evening


One of the best ways studies of the colon is colonoscopy, which allows your doctor to visually assess the condition of the bowel wall. However, before a colonoscopy you must perform a number of the recommendations, allowing to increase the information content and the quality of physician data. For this the patient should follow an appropriate diet and to clean the intestines. The last may be performed, or regular enemas, or using modern medicines, such as Lavaca. It is a laxative drug manufactured in a convenient powder form for solution preparation. The patient must know the indications and contraindications to its use, and consult with your doctor about the use of this drug.

As Lavacol work?

Lavacol is used to cleanse the colon of food residues and feces, which is necessary for colonoscopy and other medical procedures. It colon cleanse is a key factor that allows to obtain an informative image and put the exact diagnosis on their basis. In addition, when untreated intestine can lead to intestinal infections or the development of various complications. Lavacol can prevent these problems.

Use Lavacol for colon cleanse can not only in the framework of the preparations for the colonoscopy but for other medical procedures related to the study of the digestive system. However, in any case, you should consult with your doctor about taking this drug.

Contraindications to the use of the preparation:

  • The patient has a perforated bowel damage, and prohibits the use of any laxatives.
  • Intestinal obstruction is any causation (tumor, fecal stones, etc.).
  • Acute infectious lesions of the intestinal or peptic ulcer disease.
  • Disease with kidney damage.
  • Dehydration of any severity.
  • Patient age less than five years.

Before using medicines, be sure to consult with your doctor about possible contraindications to the use of Lavacolla.

Application Lavacolla

Drug Lavacol is available in a package with fifteen bags of the drug. All of the bags designed for a single preparation procedure. The average duration of action of the drug is 14-16 hours.

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The suspension is prepared as follows: one sachet of the drug in a glass of ordinary drinking water. Because of the unpleasant taste, Lavacol you can drink a sugared water or citrus juice. Drug drink one glass every 20 minutes. I.e. on average, every hour the patient should drink four cups Lavacolla. The action is over an hour and a half after the first batch, finishing two hours after the last administration of the drug. An important advantage Lavacolla – no need for simultaneous production of an enema.

Each subsequent intake of the drug can cause a growing feeling of nausea. In this regard, many patients will be advised simultaneously and have a lemon wedge in order to reduce the unpleasant sensation of salty taste.

Colonoscopy may be appointed or morning, or evening. Depending on this, the scheme of using Lavacolla may differ:

  1. Preparation for colonoscopy with Lavacolla done in one stage, if the procedure is scheduled for the morning. Drugs take the night before starting reception 4-5 PM and ending at 9: 10 PM. Dinner is then canceled.
  2. If the procedure is scheduled for lunch time, the preparation is carried out in two stages. Entire dosage Lavacolla divided into two doses. One is the night before the study, and the second is between 6 and 9 am.

Before preparing for a colonoscopy is advised to consult your doctor for optimum dosage and frequency of administration of the drug.

It is important to note that to complete the reception Lavacolla need at least four hours prior to the survey. In addition to the use of the drug, you need to pay attention to the nutrition of the patient, otherwise, the effect of training absolutely will not. The patient is required to refuse to accept fruits, vegetables, durum wheat, bakery products, carbonated drinks and milk for two or three days before your colonoscopy. The study day allowed to drink only pure water or nenavistyu chicken or vegetable broth.

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Lavacol has earned good reviews among physicians and patients. 4-5 hours of taking the drug, the colon is completely cleaned from food residues and feces, that allows them to do a colonoscopy and other methods of examination authority. In this regard, the use of enemas fades into the background and, more often, not used to preparing for such procedures.