Preparation for computed tomography (CT)


Computer tomography – a procedure which get the layered image of the study area or the entire body. Unlike x – ray machines, MRI gives less radiation exposure due to the narrow x-ray beam. After scanning the data collected by the scanner are sent to a Central computer where there are processes of interpretation and improved image quality.

What to do before the procedure?

To obtain the most informative images before computed tomography, the patient need to consider some General points. First- can not eat or drink in the next 4-5 hours before the CT scan food products cause the formation of gases in the gastrointestinal tract that distorts the results of the study.
Second, the patient is required to find out if he is allergic to products containing iodine (shrimp, marine fish, iodized salt, seaweed), so as to clarify unclear diagnosis may require a contrast agent, which includes this element.
Immediately before CT scan you need to remove all metal items — jewelry (rings, earrings), as they may affect the accuracy and information content of images.
Prior to the diagnosis in the office or office, where the CT examinee should carefully listen to the advice of the doctor, as he will point out some nuances that you need to follow the patient, before preparing for the CT (the behavior during the procedure, individual advice).

For CT specific organs and systems of the patient requires some preparation:

  • For CT scan of lymph nodes zabroshennogo space the patient needs to drink two 200-ml Cup of a solution of contrast material (20 ml of the contrast diluted in 1 litre of boiled water). The first glass you drink it an hour before the procedure, and the second immediately before imaging.
  • Before computed tomography scan of the bladder, 5 hours before, was required to drink 200 milliliters of contrast solution in the same concentration. Before the test the doctor empties the bladder through a catheter and enter through a 150 milliliters of oxygen, after which the catheter is pinched by a clip at the time of the study (to oxygen).
  • To prepare for a CT of the female pelvic organs, the patient to prepare for the procedure, 5 hours before, namely, to drink a contrast mixture. Right before the procedure is introduced into the bladder a solution of contrast medium and distilled water. For more informative your doctor may prescribe intravenous contrast (if needed).
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  • For computer tomography of organs of male pelvic also 5 hours before the need to drink a solution of contrast. Feature — the research must be carried out at a full urinary bladder. The radiologist may also prescribe intravenous contrast.
  • Need to know if the patient performed computed tomography of the gastrointestinal tract with barium mixture, the subsequent CT scan of the abdomen can be done not earlier than 3 days.

When training is not required?

Computed tomography can not be carried out in such cases:

  • If the patient has severe and complicated kidney disease.
  • For serious cardiovascular diseases.
  • Allergy to iodine-containing products, as it can provoke allergic reactions up to anaphylactic shock.
  • Fear of closed spaces (claustrophobia).
  • General serious condition of the patient.
  • If the patient has a weight that the scanner cannot withstand (the exact limits depend on the model, you can know directly from the institution where you want to carry out research; as a rule up to 130 kg);

  • Children until 14 years (only on the strict condition).
  • If you have already conducted a CT scan in the next 3-4 months (with the exception of the condition that threatens the patient’s death).

Computed tomography informative method of research. It is often used in modern diagnosis because it has many benefits. But it is not always advisable to use this procedure because CT can only be performed by the treating physician and compliance with the rules of preparation will make the research most effective.