Preparation for sigmoidoscopy Microlocal


Sigmoidoscopy is an endoscopic technique for studying the lower part of the sigmoid and rectum. Manipulation is performed using a flexible catheter, inserted into the lumen of the intestine. A diagnostic study is quite informative, but requires special training. Training involves adherence to a cleansing diet, use of enemas and medications with a laxative effect. Very often we hear that a possible preparation for a sigmoidoscopy, Macrolactam. Is it really so? If it would work in this case? And how better to cleanse the bowel before the examination? All in good time.

Diet before the study

To begin preparation for sigmoidoscopy is to comply with the special diet. The diet in this case should include the so-called «uncindery» products. Food should be easily digested and assimilated, without stopping for a long time in the digestive canal:

In addition to dieting, to release the intestines from slags and gases used laxatives. For example, an effective remedy for bowel movement is Fortrans, Forlax, Lavacol, Transipeg. All of these drugs contain as the active substance, the substance is macrogol.

Macrogol retains water which makes the stool more liquid and facilitates their excretion.

Also with this goal may apply the preparations containing lactulose. These include Duphalac, Evict, Lactulose-Teva, goodluck, Normase, Leveluk-PB, Portalac. Drugs have the consistency of syrup. Assigned to funds in age and weight dosages. Lactulose stimulates peristalsis, increases significantly the volume of intestinal contents. In addition, medicines on the basis of lactulose have properties prebiotics.

To reduce the process gas used drugs on the basis of simethicone: Espumizan, Ûniènzim MP for children cough syrup, Subcomplex. To reduce the symptoms of flatulence with the help of drugs-sorbents: Enterosgel use adsorbents, POLYSORB, Activated carbon, Filtrum STI and others.

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Microlax to prepare for sigmoidoscopy

Some medical sites contain information about using Microlabs to prepare for the sigmoidoscopy. Consider the drug more. Microlax in its composition contains sodium citrate, sodium laurylsulphate, a solution of sorbitol and the excipients. The combination of active ingredients stimulates the flow of fluid into the intestine. As a result of medications, there is a softening of the contents of the intestine and its rapid evacuation from the gut.

Microlax has no contraindications except hypersensitivity to the active substances.

A significant advantage of this drug is the possibility of its use in pregnant women and newborn children. Microlax «works» exclusively in the lumen of the intestine and has no systemic effect on the organism.

Instructions for use of the drug contains information about what Microlax may be used for bowel preparation for rectoscopy. However, the reviews about the drug talking about the low effectiveness of the drug in bowel cleansing before endoscopic examinations. This is because Microlax works very gently and is unable sufficiently to ensure the bowel clean. This is especially true of those occasions when you want to prepare for diagnostic procedure of an adult with errors in diet.

Cleansing enemas

The day before and the day of the study, with insufficient bowel cleansing, shows a cleansing enema. Cleansing the bowel is performed using a special probe, a mug Esmarch and rectal tip. The procedure is quite simple and consists in introducing a certain volume of fluid in the intestines. After which the water remains for some time in the gut, and then goes along with the remnants of feces.

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High quality cleansing of the intestinal lumen – the key to a successful diagnostic procedure. The stool being in the rectum, preventing to assess the real picture and accurate diagnosis. Therefore, when the preparation of the study should comply strictly with all recommendations of the doctor. This will avoid repeated diagnostic tests.