Preparation for ultrasound of the liver in adults and children


The liver is a unique organ in the human body. One of the main functions of the liver is to neutralize toxins from food, water.

It is the only organ in the body is capable to complete recovery of lost plots by partial resection. Due to this property can be transplanted portion of a liver from a living donor to the recipient. But this is only for healthy hepatocytes. If the tissues of the liver are formed by areas of fibrosis, the body can not help.

Indications for ultrasound of the liver

Tests are often prescribed for the following pathologies:

  • suspected cirrhosis or liver fibrosis;
  • suspected cancer of the liver, whether there are other education – cyst, hemangioma, calcification;
  • hepatitis – inflammation of pecadillos etiology;
  • steatosis;
  • syndrome Budd-Chiari – violation outflow of blood and lymph from the liver;
  • planned tests in combination with other digestive tract.

Preparation for ULTRASOUND diagnostics of the liver — General rules

Preparation for ultrasound of the liver is a prerequisite for obtaining a correct result of the survey.

There are General rules for all categories of private patients and recommendations for different age groups.

How to prepare for ultrasound of the liver an adult:

  1. Examination do on an empty stomach. The stomach must be empty. The last meal – not later than 6-8 hours before the procedure. Water you can take with you and drink after the test. In urgent cases, ultrasound is performed without preparation.
  2. Flatulence creates challenges for diagnosis. A few days before the test will have to follow a diet. Excluded from the diet have Kale in any form, peas and beans, milk, high fat, vegetables and fruits raw. Drinking carbonated beverages are prohibited.
  3. If the patient suffers from constipation, a few days before the procedure can and should take mild laxatives and/or enzyme preparations.
  4. Some patients, after listening to people’s advice, like to clean the liver with oil, lemon or put enema. You can not do that! For the correct diagnosis of such actions will not help and will only hurt you! Don’t experiment on yourself!
  5. If you take medications, put a doctor in popularity. Before the test is not carried out endoscopic examinations of the stomach and colonoscopy. There are no other restrictions.
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Ultrasound of the liver in infants and pregnant women

For children and infants in preparation for the study of the organs of the peritoneum are subject to the same rules as for adults:

  1. Come for an ultrasound strictly on an empty stomach. You can eat for 8-12 hours before the procedure. A is allowed to take a sandwich and water, so the little meal after the examination.
  2. Stick to your diet, eliminating flatulence. Drinking carbonated drinks is strictly prohibited.
  3. Infants can not starve. Enough to feed the baby for 3 hours before the procedure and pass an examination just before the current feeding.

Preparation for ultrasound in women awaiting baby depends on the duration of pregnancy:

  1. In urgent cases, the examination is carried out without preparation.
  2. In the 1st trimester – you are allowed to drink before the ultrasound that if it is necessary to examine mochevyvodjashie system and the pelvic organs.
  3. Is before the procedure is prohibited. The standard diet for liver ultrasound. Foods that cause flatulence, is impossible.
  4. In the 2nd and 3rd trimester, even if it is necessary to examine the kidneys, to drink and eat before the examination is prohibited.
  5. A cleansing enema or other attempts to cleanse the bowels during pregnancy not to do! This may cause increased tone of the uterus and provoke early labor.
  6. Any other restrictions in preparation for the examination no.

The preparation for testing is simple. The main requirement for the patient to come strictly on an empty stomach!

If you suffer thirst not, then it is sufficient to rinse the mouth with water. Do not swallow! This will reduce the feeling of thirst.

To reduce the waiting time sign up for a liver ultrasound in the morning.