Preparation for ultrasound of the prostate gland (prostate)


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  • Ultrasound of the prostate in men is the informative method of examination. With ultrasound, you can learn almost everything about the condition of the prostate.

    Ultrasound of the prostate is recommended to do after 40 years as a prevention. It is also possible and even necessary to undergo ultrasound of the prostate, if there are problems with potency, fertility or urination in men.


    First, I would like to note that ultrasound of the prostate in men is of two types:

    • Transrectal.
    • Transabdominal.

    Transrectal study of men has several advantages over the other method. This is because the rectum is introduced the sensor so that the prostate is separated by one wall of the gland. Through this it is possible to obtain complete information about condition of the prostate.

    The second method is that the condition of the prostate is visible through the skin on the abdominal wall. Typically, this option is resorted to in severe cases, when it is not possible to see rectal gland.

    Depending on how experts will use, depends on preparation of the patient.


    So, let’s talk about what training needs to be in the transabdominal examination prostate.


    Preparations for the diagnosis of prostate includes:

    • Before ultrasound of the prostate is necessary to do an enema. This is important because this is the only way to cleanse the bowel. If this is not done, then the stool will interfere with visualization of the gland, and can also bring patients great discomfort.
    • The next step before the procedure is filling the bladder with water. The examinee is required to drink plenty of pure non-carbonated water (1-2 liters). After this, prohibited urination.
    • To obtain a more accurate result if the lumen of the intestine will not be the accumulation of gases, but you have to avoid food that causes flatulence. These are products with crude fiber (radish, sorrel, radish, dates). The processes of fermentation promotes black bread, kvass, beer.
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    Preparation for ultrasound, which is held rectal, includes several other actions. Is it possible to have the day of the procedure, which is held rectal? It is advisable not to do so, it is better to limit yourself from eating, and if diagnosis is made after lunch, the Breakfast should be easy.

    Moreover, the preparation starts even earlier for a few days. You must stick to food that is not conducive to gas generation. You should exclude such food groups: legumes (peas, beans, lentils), dairy, some vegetables and fruits (carrots, onions, apples, bananas), bakery products, beverages containing a gas. The use of these products may interfere in the study, so at least for the few days they have.

    An ultrasound will be performed correctly and then when the enema is assigned to drugs that promote bowel cleansing (fortrans, lavacol).

    To prepare for the study of kidney and prostate should be about the same. Ultrasound provides detailed information about the state of the kidney and prostate: shape, contour, size, structure, presence of tumors.

    As you can see, to prepare is easy, the main thing to do what was advised by the specialist.

    To sum up, in 2-3 days, it is necessary to refuse from food, which causes fermentation, 1 day to do a cleansing enema and a day not to eat at all.

    Useful tips

    The study is not carried out rectal in some cases, the acute phase of hemorrhoids, intestinal obstruction, chronic fissures in the anus, as well as the postoperative period in diseases of the rectum. In such cases it is possible to carry out transabdominal diagnosis.

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    The above recommendations apply to those cases when the examination is scheduled, if needed to investigate the prostate in case of an emergency, no training is required.

    It should not be forgotten that these recommendations is a common requirement, but in each case may need individual approach, so we can safely ask the doctor questions, because this will depend the correctness of the survey.