Preparing for colonoscopy bowel flit Fosfo-soda


  • Special instructions
  • Many patients wonder how to prepare for a colonoscopy? Preparation of the bowel prior to colonoscopy is a mandatory step in the procedure. Usually recommend patients to follow a particular diet for 2-3 days prior to the scheduled study, and to use drugs or enema to clean the colon from the remnants of food. In the latter case, the best results show the different medicines that drink for 12-24 hours before the study. Preparing for a colonoscopy using a fleet Phospho soda, it is recommended that a large number of patients due to high efficacy and safety of this drug.

    Information about the drug

    Drug flit acts by increasing the osmotic pressure in the intestine. This leads to the increased secretion in the lumen of the intestine liquid and increase of its contents, and mediates a good laxative effect. This process is physiological and can not lead to the development of any side action, while observing the indications and contraindications to the use of the drug.

    The process of preparing for the procedure can be divided into several stages. Information about this can be obtained from your doctor.

    2-3 days before the procedure

    All patients aimed at the study of the large intestine is necessary to avoid eating foods with a high content of fiber: a variety of vegetables and fruits and meals based on them, beans, mushroom products, berries and bread made from durum wheat.

    It is recommended to eat light soups (on the basis of meat, chicken or vegetable), boiled meat, fish products, cheese, white bread. If the patient has constipation, it is necessary at this time to start taking laxatives prescribed by the attending physician or which the patient drank earlier.

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    This approach allows physiologically to cleanse the bowel for the procedure and facilitate its implementation.

    It is important to follow the scheme outlined here when using the drug, instructions for use of the fleet. Otherwise, the effectiveness of the medication can be very low.

    To research one day

    This day begins the preparation with the help of flit. For Breakfast the patient eats nothing and drinks one glass of clear liquids. Now you need to take the first dose of the medicine. The fleet is prepared immediately before use. One vial of the drug is dissolved in pure water with a volume of 100-150 ml of the Prepared solution immediately drink, and drink water in sufficient volume.

    Lunch this day. Is allowed to take only fluid or «light» broth on vegetables or chicken.

    In preparation for colonoscopy fleet, if the procedure is scheduled for the morning, in the evening the patient takes a second dose of the medication. Another bottle of the drug dissolved in the above-described amount of clean water and drink. It’s also essential to drink sufficient fluid.

    The effect of the drug begins, on average, within 1-6 hours. When you do this, put an enema, the patient is not necessary the bowels are to be cleansed by the action of the drug.

    The day of the procedure

    In the morning before the procedure, allowed to drink a light clear broth. This meal does not affect the ongoing procedure and additionally allows the patient to gain strength and feel better.

    Used enemas in preparation for colonoscopy and the application of the flit is not required.

    No enemas before the procedure step is not required, as the fleet has shown good efficacy in all patients.

    Special instructions

    When using the drug fleet in many patients the question arises how to take medicine correctly? In addition to the above-described algorithm of reception, you should carefully consider the two most common mistakes that lead to the development of side effects or lack of effectiveness of the fleet:

    1. Patients at a time take both bottles, which contributes to the development of severe diarrhea, but poorly prepares the colon for the upcoming study.
    2. Many people who had previously taken the drug Fortrans, prepare the fleet by analogy with it: dilute the contents of the vial in one liter of water and drink the entire amount within one hour. To do so is impossible. These drugs are different in time of development effect. In the case of using the fleet to receive it in accordance with the instructions.

    Drug fleet allows you to quickly and effectively prepare for your colonoscopy one day. This completely eliminates the need for the use of enemas, which is an advantage of this method. Before using the drug you should consult with your doctor.