Preparing for colonoscopy colon: how?


Patients who will undergo this procedure, you must know how to prepare for colonoscopy bowel at home. For the most thorough examination of the bowel performed endoscopic examination, colonoscopy. It allows you to identify inflammatory diseases, neoplastic processes of different nature. Today, the procedure is the most reliable test for early diagnosis of cancer, Crohn’s disease or ulcerative colitis. For true research requires proper preparation for colonoscopy, which will be discussed below.

Indications and contraindications for the procedure

Strictly speaking, the basis for a colonoscopy can serve as the slightest suspicion of the damage or the presence of diseases of the colon. It is possible to identify some of the key readings:

Discomfort during manipulation cannot be avoided. But they can be minimized if you properly prepare for a colonoscopy, and follow the advice of the doctor and medical staff.

After examination of the patient, the doctor will issue a memo about how to prepare for a colonoscopy what to do and what to take with you.

The patient can do everything to reduce the chance of discomfort with colonoscopy! Compliance with the recommendations on preparation and following the doctor’s instructions are guaranteed to assist in performing the procedure.

There are several options for preparation before colonoscopy. The first is based on compliance with a special uncindery diet. For this you need to eliminate from the diet for three days vegetables that contain a lot of fiber and foods that cause fermentation: potatoes, cabbage, peas and beans, rye bread.

On the day of the manipulation is allowed only colorless food liquid: broth, water. The day before to go for a colonoscopy in the middle of the day you need to take about 20 grams of castor oil. Preparing to study the night before (about 20 hours) you must do 2 enemas with an interval of one hour for an additional emptying of the colon. Each enema should be the 1.5 liter water at room temperature. 12 hours later (morning) enema should be repeated at least 2 times, to clean water.

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Long preparation diet convenient when you cannot taking medications for bowel cleansing.

Fasting prior to the manipulation is optional. Allowed to drink water, weak tea and broth. The intake of medicines are also allowed, in addition to activated charcoal and of iron, they will give a bad image in the study.

The second option involves the use of means Fortrans. This drug is intended for bowel cleansing prior to various diagnostic procedures. The advantages of this form of preparation for colonoscopy:

  • No need for cleansing enemas.
  • Additional laxative becomes unnecessary.
  • Dietary restrictions need to be observed for fewer days.
  • The possibility of self-training, without the involvement of outside help.
  • The lack of discomfort.

The solution facilitates quick cleansing of the bowel. Due to the composition of Fortrans is not disturbed electrolyte balance of the body. There are two options how to prepare for colonoscopy bowel using Fortrans:

  • One-step preparation. The day before the colonoscopy excluded the above vegetables and foods. On the day of the manipulation is allowed only water. Fortrans is taken in quantity calculated based on how much the patient weighs. Up to 45-50 kg is 2 sachets, if the patient’s weight up to 80 kg, then you need to take 3 bags and above 80 four. A solution of the desired amount of the drug consumed on the day of the procedure, starting from 5 am up to 10 hours, small portions based drink in 15-20 minutes. Additionally, you can drink water. The discharge of the chair in this case, you can expect about an hour after the start of the reception. Before the colonoscopy you need to wait 4 hours since the last portion of Fortrans.
  • Two-step preparation. In this case, the drug is divided into two days: the day before the direct manipulation and day manipulation. Calculation of a preparation similar to that described above. 1 sachet of should have about a liter of water. The day before the procedure, you need to have a means from 5 to 9 PM in small amounts. And then, in the morning from 6 o’clock to drink a liter of media. Before the study should also take about 4 hours.
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Other drugs that are used in the preparations before the manipulation:

  • Endophilic.
  • Lavacol.
  • Fleet phospho-soda.

Immediately before colonoscopy, the patient should remove clothing from the lower part of the body. He then lays on the table on his left side, hugging her knees to her chest. The algorithm colonoscopy established and verified, so careful observance of the instructions allows you to do a study fairly quickly.

Colonoscopy results normal

Provided that the rules of preparation of patient to the survey were fully met, the results will be easy to evaluate and they will be true. The specialist will simply evaluate the condition of the internal structure of the body.

Mucosa should be pink or pale yellow. In the case of diseases may appear erosion, ulcers and other mucosal lesions. Also important is the availability of gloss of the inner lining of the colon, if it frosted, it is possible to suspect the presence of pathological changes.

Surface of the inner layer should be flat and smooth. The surface changes in the form of «cobblestones» characteristic of Crohn’s disease. Vascular markings also assessed during the colonoscopy, because of the proliferation of blood vessels, changes in their speed can signal the presence of a malignant process.

In the intestinal lumen should not be any pathological overlaps in the form of fibrin, pus or even necrotic masses.

Alternative to colonoscopy

Currently there is research using the capsule. The patient swallows a small capsule, which carries photos and video during its progress through the intestines. Advantage can be considered as the complete absence of unpleasant sensations for the patient, but the downside is that the capsule may not capture all parts of the body, it is possible that some will remain blind spots.

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Specialist can examine any suspicious area, but still may take a biopsy of this area. The apparent advantage of conventional colonoscopy can be considered the ability to remove polyps or small benign tumors during the study.