Renal ultrasound: preparing for the study


Many diseases are diagnosed today using ultrasound equipment. Speaking about the examination of the abdominal cavity, it is noted that patients easily tolerate the procedure, the preparation which is not too difficult. This applies to ultrasound of the kidneys. Thanks to the timely examination can reveal the presence of stones, cysts, vascular problems, tumors at an early stage of development and to take the necessary measures for the treatment of diseases. However, even such a simple procedure requires a high-quality preliminary work. How to prepare for a renal ultrasound, explained in detail later.

The undeniable advantage of ultrasound is the lack of side effects. This creates the opportunity to conduct research with such frequency, which will allow you to track the retreat of the disease. Analysis of kidney using ultrasound not only detects disease — he also is a preparatory step before computed tomography.

Before going to the hospital the patient have to prepare some documents, patient card, data about the last passed tests, records professionals with regards to the state of the kidneys. Because never are guaranteed a great service, the right solution would be to have a sheet (to lie on) and a towel and a few containers with water, if there is a long queue. Ultrasonic device, exploring kidney condition, for the human body, which is pre-applied gel; towel to it to remove it after the inspection bodies.

Kidneys — a filter for the body, which is simply to prepare for a thorough examination. However, it is important to focus more on nutrition. It is to a lesser extent affects the accuracy of the results, rather than liquid, but suddenly appeared bloating due to ingested food will seriously complicate the process of obtaining information.

Features power

Visitor health institutions will be able to get a comprehensive result ultrasound examination of kidneys, if you are paying attention to food intake, 2-3 days before the event. So, three days before examinations it is prohibited to eat:

  • black bread;
  • cabbage of all kinds and types of treatment;
  • dairy products;
  • raw fruits and vegetables;
  • chocolate, sweet pastries and other foods with a high sugar content.
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The main purpose of changing the mode of power — exclusion from the diet products, can cause bloating. Proper preparation for a renal ultrasound involves the use of activated charcoal for three days prior to visiting a specialist. The drug must be taken twice a day from calculation 1 tablet on 10 kg of body weight, with water.

You can use coal 1-2 tablets at a time, but more often — about 5-6 sessions per day.

The advantage would be the use of antigas medications (drops, festal, Pancreatin) — they will reduce the likelihood of bloating. Despite the fact that the stomach has nothing to do ultrasound of the kidneys cannot exclude the importance of drugs. Swollen the gastrointestinal tract can increase due to the expansion of blood vessels, pressure on the kidneys than is barely noticeable deform them. Later on, the filter will take the original dimensions, but the result will be inaccurate.

One day before the renal ultrasound is to eat dinner early (17-19 hours) light foods like porridge. There is no need to drink less than usual, but the liquid should not be carbonated. The nice thing is the fact that in the morning before the procedure, you can have Breakfast (porridge again, preferably) and don’t limit yourself regarding the drink without gas. Pay attention to the «canteen hygiene» — eat of washed glassware tested food and drink liquid from a pure vessel.

The above briefly presented the main requirements, which will allow you to get the most accurate result of the examination of the kidneys using ultrasonic equipment. The rules are the same for most people, but some groups should devote a separate section.

Training different groups of people

Factors influencing the accuracy of ultrasound, you can call age, the body condition, gender, body type, pregnancy. Key rules of the preparatory stage relating to specific groups of persons listed below.

  • Pregnant women

Examination of the kidneys can be done on any month of pregnancy without worrying about the consequences. Painless process, coupled with the use of safe equipment will not cause complications in women. Need to do ultrasound of the kidneys in pregnant women, even if they are taking drugs prescribed for the quality of other studies.

  • Children

No restrictions for kids no sooner at a young age will be revealed violations in the work of the kidneys, the more likely parents will be able to take measures to normalize the state of the organ. The main thing that parents can do is to make sure the child does not eat a lot of sweets and not tried to drink carbonated beverages.

  • Overweight people

Fat to some extent hindered the measurement of the kidneys, so after dinner on the eve of the visit of a specialist fat people are recommended to do a cleansing enema. Also they should carefully follow the diet, drink more than usual liquid, by following the above tips relating to as weaker sex and men.

  • The elderly

Largely due to the presence of chronic diseases persons of advanced years are not prohibited as the preparation for an ultrasound to take medication prescribed by the attending physician. Not all diseases and the most serious coronary disease, vasculitis, colitis, ischemia of the spleen (the last three diseases of the abdominal vessels), diabetes, high or low blood pressure.

If you cannot comply with the requirements of the preparation phase, it is possible, some degree of inaccuracy in the final results. Unlike other ultrasound of the abdominal cavity, it can reach 10-15%. The maximum effect of the study of the kidneys with ultrasound will be obtained on an empty stomach.

To fulfill the conditions to prepare the body to ultrasound of the kidneys simple — they almost do not limit human amount of food, even the morning of the test can be tightly eat and drink water or other beverage. It is important to regularly conduct a survey of kidney — then you can prevent development of serious diseases like stones in them, cirrhosis, tumors. Pay attention to your kidneys 1-2 times annually, as the work of cells, tissues and blood vessels of the filtering organs has an important influence on longevity and General health of the person.